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Becoming A Professional Graphic Designer: Tips & Tricks

Graphic design is a young form of art with rising popularity. Young Graphic Designer aspirants are joining this field almost every day. For designing, you only need to make a one-time investment into a tablet or a laptop. A Graphic Designer needs to learn the basics of graphic designing software, and with a little practice and a dash of creativity, you will be able to master professional designing skills in no time!

There has been a massive demand for graphic designers, especially after the worldwide pandemic COVID-19 rendered human contact almost impossible. Packaging industries, advertisement industries have resorted to digital illustration for advertisement and other related tasks.

Since there is a vast availability of jobs, let’s get started with improving your designing skills and how to transform yourself from an amateur to a professional!

Don’t Be Discouraged with Initial Hurdles

One of the major things to keep in mind is not to feel discouraged or inferior if you are not an art practitioner. You don’t need an art college degree or even a designing degree to excel in graphic design. Neither do you require any formal training or any degree for this task.

You need to practice with the software applications and look up the designs of professionals and experts for inspiring ideas and input into creating your designs!

There are multiple designing software that you can use create your designs

Choosing a Color Palette is Important for Graphic Designer

Some of the best designs make use of fantastic color palettes comprising unique and elegant shades. You can look up for different shades and textures to incorporate into your creations too. However, it is advisable to remain careful that your color depicts emotions. Therefore, incorporate them wisely.

Moreover, graphic design colors do not have a quality loss, not until they are printed. Therefore, the color you see on the palette will appear in the same way on your design, unless you use a different shade.

For logo designs, it is advisable for a Graphic Designer to use a maximum of two to three colors. When you receive requests for web page designs, it is recommendable to incorporate the same colors as their company logo.

You might often get requests for enhancing colors or effects in different images meant for social media ads or posts. It is advisable to listen to your client’s requirements before you start editing or working in those cases. Since social media pages are essential for creating a brand reputation, your clients might have special needs. Pay attention to those.

Don’t Overdo Your Fonts!

It might be a little overwhelming to see different fonts and to select from there. However, it is advisable not to utilize more than two font styles in a particular design.

Using multiple font styles is amateurish for a Graphic Designer, and you probably want to look like a professional. Therefore, it is recommendable to overcome the initial excitement as soon as you can.

There are several ways to make use of typography. You can use 3D effects as well to be more attractive and stylish. While designing for logos, you can incorporate a single but unique writing style, up to and including conjoining of alphabets.

In webpages or blogs, it is preferable to limit yourself to two types of font: one for headings and the other for the main body. Moreover, it is recommendable for a Graphic Designer to use only legible writing styles while writing blogs, articles, or web pages. The chances are that viewers will be reading the content, so you need to be artistic yet legible.

using appropriate fonts can help in elevating the design quality.

It’s a Good Idea to Leave Space

Sometimes, it is a good idea to leave gaps or room in your design. Not every area has to be shaded or written into them. Leaving a white space or a blank can go a long way to make your designs more unique and stand out among the rest.

Often, a white space can aid you in creating unique design structures.

A Graphic Designer Need Ideas

Sometimes it is a wise idea to take concepts from other designs from professionals or experts. You can easily find different styles or structures on the internet from which you can borrow ideas or techniques.

However, do not entirely crib from the design you are using as a reference. It is recommendable to consult two to three sources while using references for your work!

Graphical design is used for a variety of purposes by companies. It could be for advertisements, packaging, promoting new businesses, creating book covers, or designing pamphlets. The main issue is to discuss the requirements of your clients beforehand before fixing on a price.

In case you are providing unlimited designing services, please make sure that your clients know all the terms and conditions beforehand. When designing commercially, it is advisable not to give freebies for “friends” or “friends of friends.” To expand your business, you need to act professionally.
It is worthwhile to check out other successful graphic design companies if you are unsure about starting your business. Draftss is a company well known for providing quality designs to their clients for unlimited packages. You may consult their webpages or blogs to get an idea about how to improve your designs or gain more customers.

Wish you a happy learning and an incredible journey in your graphic designing career!