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Website Review for Ecommerce side project

ecommerce website graphic design, and web development with optimizing ui ux wireframe
ecomm side project test website

Hello Founders,

We are covering a side-project prototype for our feedback round. Here are a few suggestions to improve the current version of the landing page UI/UX:

  • To start with, I think the header image could be something better and more relatable to your audience. Something that shows your target audience interacting or your product or both.
  • The icons above the ‘Stay active, Stay connected, Improve the quality of life’ can be improved and have 3 different colors for 3 different icons so that the landing page feels more like “smile”, “active”, “fun”, “engaging”
  • You can add emojis instead of the bullet points in the ‘What’s inside the box’ section
  • ‘What’s inside the box’ section feels too black currently, maybe you can try using, a grey or a bold or different color for the title so that it doesn’t feel boring.
  • ‘What’s inside the box’ section is the section that your audience would want to know about your proposition. This is the section where most of your selling needs to be done. Maybe adding some images on the right side would help make it better.
  • For the 3 points inside ‘How it works’ you can use the same colors that you use for the icons in the ‘stay active, stay connected, improve quality’ section
  • Reduce the space between ‘Get notified when…’ and ‘A perfect gift for your parents…
  • The submit button could have a different color other than red.
  • The K Mug/Cup image on the right can better. Something that connects more with your audience.
  • Create a logo for your brand and use it in the header and footer.
  • Create a favicon from the logo and use it in the tab icon.
  • Contact details in the footer should be bigger so that your product feels more reachable.
  • Add live chat to the website. It helps in converting prospective customers quicker.

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