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How does Graphic Design for Startups Help in Growing Business in 2023

Many ventures worldwide are still grappling with the economic blow brought by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. Small businesses aren’t exempted – the future is visual, and to be in the strongest position, you should look at small business graphic design.

A study says that around 43 percent of small businesses temporarily halted operations, with employment falling by 40 percent – an economic impact of this magnitude hasn’t been seen since the 1930s Great Depression.

So, as entrepreneurs, there’s no use crying over spilled milk. With the initial lockdown over and industries adapted to the new normal, it’s time to get back to work. That said, small businesses need to bounce back and be strong.

Are you still figuring out your revenue recovery plan? Whether it’s graphic design advertising, graphic design branding, or marketing graphic design – we have the tips and tricks ready to put your small business back on the market.

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Graphic Designs Needed To Bounce Your Small Business Back

  1. Branded Assets

If you haven’t set up your branding or if you’re planning to revamp it, now is a great time to do it. With the COVID-19 pandemic pressing the reset button on the economy, rebranding now offers several benefits.

For one, it will give your venture a fresh image as you go back to the battlefield. Moreover, it can maximize impact as you reintroduce new products, services, or systems in the new normal. Here are branded assets to keep in mind:

Logos. Be sure to have various versions designed, including full-colour and monochrome.
Marketing visual materials. Traditionally, this includes letterheads, business cards, and stationery. Today, however, this includes social media profile photos (usually a version of the logo), banners, cover photos, and other related materials.
Templates. This includes template graphics for videos, pitch decks, and other materials you’ll be using on the regular.

  1. Digital Advertisements

Online shopping has been the norm for many people, even before the pandemic’s onset. However, consumers realized the benefits of eCommerce even more during the health crisis.

That said, in order to strengthen your digital ads as a small business, you need strong, eye-catching graphic design. A design for business has to be both informative and alluring – no good having a fancy design if your products or services aren’t clear to the customer!

Most people turn to their mobile phones, tablets, and laptops for the products and services they need. So, online channels have become one of the best ways to get through to one’s audience.

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  1. Social Media Graphics

A study found that approximately five out of ten Americans have been using social media more since the COVID-19 outbreak began. The increased usage could be due to several reasons, such as keeping updated on the news and checking up on loved ones. However, it can also be an excellent chance for users to learn about brands that can make their lives easier amid the new normal.

With that in mind, your small business graphic design should be sharable, attention-grabbing and easily understandable. People don’t have time to decipher a hard-to-interpret logo, so make it easy for them!

  1. Digital Collaterals

Even without lockdown policies, many consumers try to stay indoors to avoid exposure to the virus. Because of this, many ventures have turned to digital platforms to sell their products and services.

With mom-and-pop restaurants offering curbside pickups and fitness gyms now providing virtual classes, small businesses need good design more than ever.

Here are some digital visual assets ventures may typically need, depending on their business nature:

Online menu. Consumers are most likely to order in than to risk going out for meals. And when creating your online menu, it shouldn’t be a mere list of the dishes you offer. It should also reflect your branding as a business and show photos enough to make your audience crave and salivate.
Rate cards. With people being more cautious about stepping out these days, they’re more likely to check out businesses online before going to the physical store. In this case, it’s best to have a rate card available on the website.
Downloadable documents. For ventures that typically distribute brochures, booklets, and other documents on-site, downloadables are now the way to go. It’s more convenient and helps avoid virus transmission. Not to mention, it’s more environment-friendly than printed ones.

  1. Email Marketing

As any marketer would know, email is an effective way to reach out to one’s consumers. It’s like having a direct line to your audience through an intimate channel – their very own mobile device.

The first goal of email marketing is to have the receiver open it, so the headline copy is of utmost importance. Once in, the copy must work well with the email template design to lead the viewer to the landing page.

  1. Traditional Advertisement

Despite the prominence of digital media, traditional media isn’t dead. If you listen to the radio, watch TV, or browse magazines, you’ll still find loads of ads. Why? Because, old school as they may seem for digital marketers, traditional ads still work.

If you’re trying to maximize your reach and touch base with a demographic who may not be very active online, going for traditional ads is an ideal step.

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The Takeaway
What can we say – the future is visual. Small business design has the power to reverse the pandemic’s effects on finances. When planning out your campaigns, here are a few tips for your venture’s post-crisis recovery:

For maximum impact, make sure that your graphic designs are professionally crafted. After all, a badly designed image, though better than nothing, can make your brand look amateur. And spending power affected by the pandemic, most consumers would rather go with a brand they truly trust.
Getting professional design services doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need to spend an arm and a leg – if you’re like most small businesses whose revenue got affected by the crisis, every cent counts. Local graphic designers can be great to reach out to: they’re familiar with your location (so they’ll know what’s working) and can offer you a tailored, personalised experience for your business.
Or, you may be looking for something more permanent. At a flat monthly rate, Penji offers an unlimited graphic design service – their fixed rate making it easy to stay within your budget.
Wittiness has always been a great tool in catching audiences’ attention. However, with many people going through hard times as they struggle with the effects of the pandemic, it’s best to be extra sensitive to your messaging. You can always be witty without being tone-deaf.
Without a doubt, the pandemic has been a hard time for all ventures, big and small. But if we can’t just sit idly and let it get the best of us. As agile entrepreneurs, we must learn everything we can from the challenging months and use those lessons to make our business flexible enough to adapt to the changing times.