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Top 7 Motion Graphics Ideas for Your Business

Top 7 Motion Graphics Ideas for Your Business

Graphic Designs, including animations & motion graphics, are very powerful tools for businesses. We at Draftss are obsessed with them & if you want to get into it too. You’ve come to the right place. 

Top 7 Motion Graphics Ideas for Your Business

Here, you’re about to discover 7 MIND-NUMBING motion graphics ideas. So, read the entire article till the end to find inspiration!

1. Morphing

Top 7 Motion Graphics Ideas for Beginners

A visual effect technique that smoothly transforms one shape into a completely different shape is called Morphing. Nowadays, morphing logos, characters, images, etc., have become very popular.

Using morphing techniques on your website can attract users & increase their time spent on your website. This significantly boosts your site on Google’s search engine due to increased engagement & interaction. 

2. Combining 2D & 3D

Top 7 Motion Graphics Ideas for Beginners

Mixing 2D & 3D is still relevant & many graphic designers use this technique even today. When done right, it’s still very enjoyable for users & has proven as an effective technique. 

In this technique, graphic designers combine hyperrealistic 3D animation with paper cutout 2D animations. Typography, website design & illustrations are a few examples where this technique is primarily used. 

Motion graphics ideas, such as this one, do not cost much at all. Also, it’s time-saving. 

3. Liquid Motion

Top 7 Motion Graphics Ideas for Beginners

With technological advancements, computers are able to do a lot many things that were impossible before. Due to this, liquid motion is now possible & is very popularly used.  

Basically, liquid motions are water-like animations. Any flowy effect that liquids have, such as ripples & waves, comes under this graphic design style. It’s a pretty cool effect that designers will never stop using. 

4. Kinetic Typography

Top 7 Motion Graphics Ideas for Beginners

Graphic designers have to work in detail on the text fonts. And animating those fonts is a great way to enhance users’ experience. Generally, people are afraid to use non-conventional techniques, but sometimes it’s worth it.

Kinetic typography is one such non-conventional motion graphics ideas you can use to modify your text that grabs user attention. You can stretch, distort, twist, bend, morph the text, etc. The options in this technique are limitless.  

5. Animated Logos

Top 7 Motion Graphics Ideas for Beginners

A brand’s logo is one of the key aspects that describe what the brand is. Brands are now incorporating animated logos instead of static ones. A fine-designed animated logo can make any brand stand out from the crowd due to its lively & dynamic design. 

Also, 3D graphic designs have made it possible for brands to see how impactful animated logos are. 

6. Vertical Animation

Top 7 Motion Graphics Ideas for Beginners

Almost 6 billion people use mobile phones worldwide. It’s a very big number which continues to grow. Making graphic designs for mobiles is inevitable & very important due to this. Gone are the days when graphics were only limited to a 16:9 ratio. Now, vertical animations & designs are super popular as they are mobile-friendly; no business should forget that.

7. Isometric Shapes

Top 7 Motion Graphics Ideas for Beginners

Isometric design is a 2D design that represents a 3D design. This type of design that motion graphic designers use attracts attention to objects & is one of the great motion graphics ideas. It adds style to your designs while looking simplistic at the same time.

These are our TOP 7 motion graphics ideas to scale up your business. You can also subscribe to an Unlimited Graphic Design Service if you want to get tons of motion graphics design. Check out our blog for more articles related to Graphic Design, Coding, etc.