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When Design Gets Boring. Try Animation & Give Life to Your Designs.
Create a New World with Motion Graphics.

Your Motion Graphic Team Starting at $599.

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Animated Ads & GIFs

Simply put, animated ads are short commercial cartoon videos meant to promote a company’s products or services.

Monthly Subscriptions. Cancel any time.

Typography & Explainer Videos

A music video. A sequence of images processed electronically into an analog or digital format and displayed on a screen with sufficient rapidity as to create the illusion of motion and continuity.

Faster Turnaround Time of 1-3 Days

Animated Logos & Brandings

Sometimes referred to as a production logo or vanity card, an animated logo brings your logo to life using original animation styles.

Faster Turnaround Time of 1-3 Days

Your Motion Graphics Team
That is Expert at Everything

Founders, Developers, Startups, Freelancers & Agencies.
We’ve got all of you covered with our design & code plans.

Explainer Videos
Logo Animation
Typography Representative Videos
Gif Animations
E- Learning Videos
Simple Character Animation
Testimonial Videos
Video Editing
Animate Static Design
FAQ Videos
Display Loop Videos
Social Media Videos
UI Animation
Text Overlays

How the Heck this works?

Just like you owning an offshore design & motion graphic team.

Submit Design Requests

Tell us exactly what you need to have designed.

Give Feedback,
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Review your designs and request revisions as you need to.

Approve & Download

Approve the design to receive your source files.

Submit Design Requests
Tell us exactly what you
need to have designed.
Give Feedback,Get Revisions

Review your designs and
request revisions as you need to.

Approve & Download
Approve the design to
receive your source files.

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Tony Eppright

1 Review

Dec 2, 2021

Overall very good experience

Overall very good experience, so much so that I decided to renew a 1 year plan with them.


3 Review

Nov 1, 2021

Great graphic design company!

The Draftss team work quick and efficiently. They take all feedback and come up with the exact designs we need.

Nathan Parkey

1 Review

Aug 5, 2021

Quality team, quality work, great communication

We’re saving a ton of time and money without sacrificing any quality with the work. I tell every new entrepreneur I meet about them!

Gunnar Mein

1 Review

Oct 28, 2021

Great work and great value!"

When it came time for to make our brand look professional, we hired The process was easy, the designs are striking, and the value cannot be beat! I will absolutely hire them again!

Devin Shurtleff

1 Review

Jul 28, 2021

Love working with the Draftss team!

They have replaced the need for another designer in our office. We can rely on Draftss to put together concepts, products, fliers, and really anything visual before deploying teams on them. It's been a cost effective model for us to help scale production.

Kamri Cordero

1 Review

Oct 19,2021

Nothing better than Draftss

All designs are high quality and delivered in a timely manner. They are easy to work with and always ensure to get the designs just how you like them, no matter how many edits you ask for.

I will keep using this platform for as long as I can!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Motion graphic is animated Graphics or Illustrations. Motion Graphics is used to create more impact on your Audience as it leaves a long-lasting impression.

Motion graphics evoke a more emotional response from the user. It helps to emphasize the character of the User Interface.

Motion Graphic is included in every package except the Shared Graphic Design package & Dedicated Graphic Designer Package.

With Draftss, You can request many types of Motion Graphic Videos like Explainer Videos, Logo Animations, Typography Representative Videos, GIF animations, E-learning Videos, Character Animations, Testimonial Videos, and much more.

You should provide a proper brief of what is needed in the design including all the required assets like Logo files, Fonts, Brand colour, or any other specification. You can also include the references of the design you like or if you require any particular images.

Our turnaround time is 1-3 days on Shared Team Plan & Same Day on the Dedicated Team Plan. But it may vary depending on the complexity of the task.

You can request videos in any format. We usually provide the completed files in Mp4, Gif, AIFF, AVI, DPX/Cineon square, IFF sequence, JPEG Sequence, Open ExR Sequence, PNG Sequence, Photoshop Sequence, QuickTime, Radiance Sequence, SGI sequence, TIFF sequence, Targa sequence.

Yes, We do provide voice-over as per the requirements. You can send us the script and we’ll get a voiceover done for you.

Still got questions? Ask us.

Describe your requirements we’ll provide you with ideas.


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