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Making the Best Landing Page: Tips and Tricks!

The landing page of any website is the mitochondria of it. A mitochondrion is basically the energy manufacturing part of the cell. On similar lines, the landing page serves the same function. It’s the page where all your clients land for the first time. Thus the maxim of ” First Impression is the Last Impression ” operates over here. If your customer will like your landing page, he/she will continue to avail your service too. 

Thus, all you have to focus on is making your landing page in such a way, that the client is compelled to sign up. And then head to your home page.

 To make your task easy, here are some tips cum hacks for you all: 


  • Keep it Minimal

This is the most important tip to keep in mind. Most often what one sees is overburdening on the page. Website creators literally put everything on Earth in it. This creates a crowd like a scene and the customers get confused. They don’t want to see a page that is ambiguous. Clarity on the page is important. Thus, keep it minimum and only put the most important details. 


Make a clean page with natural navigation and no pop-ups. A good landing page provides all the necessary information needed to encourage visitors to convert, but nothing extra. Provide only the essential information that will guide visitors to your site. 


  • Add more visuals

Needless to say, any client would love to see the phone models of a website that deals with phones. Similarly, if you deal with personalized gifts, they would wish to see some of your products. This means visuals make half the task easier. A good landing page design maintains a clean and attractive visual impression while still allowing visitors to catch the required information.  Another way to add more visuals is by using videos. Videos can actively engage the viewers. So go ahead in hiring a good graphic designer. It’s usually a boon and advantage to have one. 

Most of them provide unlimited graphic designing services too. 


  • Use Header with Offer Value

Now a header is very important to advertise and promote your website and products further. It’s basically an offer that is given by the company. It gets highlighted on top of the landing page. A good landing page should have a strong offer. Besides that, it should be able to explain why the offer is valuable. The most effective landing pages are the ones that confirm the offer with the headline. In order to explain the offer further, they also use the sub-heading. This only makes things authentic and clear to the customers. 

The time that clients usually spend on landing pages is of a few seconds. Thus, you need to take help of professional graphic designers to plan accordingly and capture attention.

  • Use more Trust Signals 

Now some of you may ask this question- What are trust signals? Well, they are certain documents and images that provide credibility to the website and company. Good landing pages make abundant use of trust signals. They are crucial as they indicate to visitors that their offers and brand are trustworthy. There are various form of Trust signals : 

  •  Testimonials
  • Endorsements
  • Feedback forms 
  • Awards 
  • Certifications
  • The number of followers on social media profiles like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. 


  • Make Your Page Mobile Friendly

In today’s times, connecting of landing page with devices is important. Thus, your landing page should be such that it’s easily surfed on mobile. It has been shown that a mobile-friendly site can double your conversions. Thus, your landing page should look great! Rather, it needs to be par excellence. It should be easy to navigate and must be fast loading. 

Then only people will be willing to check it out! 


  • Ease the Sign-Up Process

Now one thing that’s mostly present in all landing pages is a sign-up form. This is the form that the customers are expected to fill to avail further services. Try making it as easy as possible for your visitors to convert. If you ask very stupid questions or very personal questions, customers won’t sign up.  The more things you ask them to do, the less likely they are going to convert. 


It is extremely important that you make users fill out as few form fields as possible. The more fields you ask a visitor to enter, the less chance you have of them filling out the form and completing the desired conversion. If your conversion requires a form, only ask the essentials of what you need.

Besides that, make sure that signing up is a one-click process. Just with one click, the customer should be able to access the form. And then go-ahead to the website. 


These are some of the tips that one can follow to create an effective landing page. More or less, the only deciding factor in the success of the landing page is its visual appearance. So grab a good visual designer and start creating your own landing page with best graphics!