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Landing Page Feedback: MonocleReader.com

monocle reader branding and logo design
blob design style landing page ui ux

Hello Everyone,

We are covering MonocleReader.com for our feedback round. Here are a few pointers for the current version of the landing page:

  • I couldn’t understand why is there an “i” inside your logo?
  • Since the majority of your landing page is center aligned, your logo should also be center aligned.
  • You should also add the URL underneath the logo so that people remember the URL which would help in the user remembering your brand better.
  • I see that the whole website is placed inside a container/panel. It would look much better if you could eliminate that panel by removing the drop shade from the left and right side and making the current container/panel having full width.
  • Read the internet text could be bigger and you could add a full stop at the end to make it look more like a statement.
  • Add line spacing in the sub-title to make it more readable.
  • I really loved how you’ve implemented to show the dark theme of your product to the reader on the screenshot hover. What if the size of the screenshot slightly increases on hover too?
  • Add the title “Roadmap” in the respective section.
  • I think the footer could be redone better.
  • Maybe you could add a few testimonials from your early customers.
  • Probably add a FAQ section too. I am not sure what kind of questions your users would have for an RSS reader. But I am assuming if you are targetting a regular internet user who might not necessarily know what RSS or Feed is; a FAQ would be helpful for him.

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