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How To Create Stunning Social Media Graphic Design

Social media has become a matter of integrity for businesses over the past few years. Your presence across multiple social media websites is a key digital marketing strategy to promote your brand. And that doesn’t end there! Your followers are exposed to a lot of creative content and hence expect you to be as competitive, unique, innovative, and have the best graphic designs. Gone are the days where just a Shutterstock image with a contrasting font on it looked stunning!

Here are the tips to make impressive graphic designs for your social media community.

Template Your Brand with Uniqueness

Be true and ethnic to your brand. Spectacular graphic designs are made to put your brand name into the customer’s mind. There is no point if you have top-notch graphics and yet not recognized. That’s why to choose a template that reflects your brand. Limit yourselves to the set of colors, graphics, and fonts used. Most of the brand’s top brands have templates inspired by their logo. This is an easy way to inscribe your name amongst the viewers. If you want to take up the challenge of being eccentric and quirky in design, go ahead and do that. Amul, one such brand which was backed by exceptional generations of artists who rendered their uber-creative minds to create witty graphic content. Off late, Paperboat, an Indian beverage has also attained reasonable success with its unique art illustrations on its social media pages.

Amul's new ad on coronavirus outbreak divides Twitter - Creativity or insensitivity? | The Economic Times
Amul Cartoons
Monsoons meant cups of hot chai and samosas magically appearing every time it rained! | Childhood memories 90s, Childhood memories quotes, Childhood memories
An Instagram Post by Paperboat

Go Bright to Captivate

Customize your color palette with bold colors. By bold what we mean is the quality of colors used. It should capture the user’s attention with fresh brightness. Messing up with a color palette can make things worst. This is because social media users are habituated to the top-notch color palette. Graphic designs with bland and appalling color schemes don’t even get a second glance. Therefore choose each color wisely with purpose. Ensure that fonts, background, and other graphic elements sync to give the best visual appeal.


Content is still the king

Content is king whatsoever, period. No matter how good your graphic designing creativity is; sans compelling content, it will be ineffective. Good content is something that urges people to read, share, and come back for more. Content is the best marketing tool.  It can be witty, funny, thought-provoking, or something related to current affairs but stay within your niche. Additionally, ensure your content is positive. Write words that inspire and excite people. Avoid content that criticizes or vehemently opposes anyone.

Use Data Visualizations

There is way too much information to be told. Morphing them into infographics, maps, diagrams, etc. is the best way to change complicated stats to understandable pieces of information. They are persuasive, memorable, and intriguing. It is an august way to interact with your followers and disseminate the stats with your watermark on it.


boAt's Inforgraphic Post


Prioritize Legibility

Your content must be short and to the point. At the same time, it should have a voice that reiterates the personality of your brand. This will allow people to connect with your brand emotionally. Another important tip to improve readability is that allow content to take the spotlight. So, design graphics that are unassuming yet tasteful.

Customize You Graphics

Customization is the best way to create your identity. Create exclusive GIFs emojis, stickers, filters, etc. Sit down with your graphic designers and discuss the ways in which you can be a part of users’ day-to-day lives via social media. Social media is not a traditional advertising medium that needs a lot of money. Your creativity is the limit. Therefore, go ahead and try to customize graphics as much as possible.

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