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Graphic Designing For Product Packaging

In this 21st Century, the markets are stocked with a humongous amount of products of all categories. A consumer visiting a supermarket is bombarded with a huge pile of products of a category available on the shelves. They will only choose the one product that stands out among them. Now the question here for the brands and product manufacturing companies is- how to attract the customers to their brand. The best way to do that in this super-competitive market of today is to make the looks of your product as graphically beautiful as possible and to do that one needs the expertise of the graphic design services.

A graphically designed package of a product uses its unique designing capabilities to address a whole gamut of marketing criteria like- Logo designing, brand making, designing for sales growth and ultimately boosting the brand power in the market.

The phrase ‘Don’t judge a book by its covers’ signifies that an average person is definitely inclined to look and choose a product based on it appearance. Therefore, it becomes quite imperative to cash on this psychological phenomenon of attracting human eyes.

What goes into making a great package design?

Colour Choices:

How to Use Colors in Marketing and Advertising

Colours are an amazing piece of design which can make your particular brand stand out among the competitors on the shelf. Colours give your brand an ‘identity’ which when collaborated with an amazing graphic can turn your brand into a winner. Colour choice for the packaging also communicates the underlying message that each colour speaks.

Telling a story: The colours can evoke a particular emotion in your customers therefore, you need to select a colour for your packaging which relates to the message your brand wants your customers to understand.

Let’s understand what each colour signifies on the packaging:

Black: Power, Strength, Elegance, Boldness, Richness and Sophistication

White: Freshness, Goodness, Hope, Purity and a Cool vibe

Blue: Calmness, Trust, Stability, Faith, Peace and Integrity

Green: Environment, Eco-friendliness, Freshness, Soothing, Safety and Relaxation

Red: Energy, Excitement, Love, Passion, Hunger and Style

Yellow: Warmth, Cheerfulness, Optimism, Joy and Attention

Orange: Happiness, Engaging, Youth, Standing-out, Attraction and Health

Pink: Tenderness, Beauty, Sympathy, Sensitivity, Care and Romance

Purple: Creativity, Magic, Mystery, Wisdom, Luxury and Royalty

Grey: Strength, Authority, Stability, Maturity and Security

Logo Design:

Logo design is a usually a one time job for any brand and therefore, is something which must be handled by experts who work in this field of design. Any company looking to take their brand further will need to get their logo designed by a good graphic designing firm. A Logo is the ‘identity’ of the brand, so utmost care should be given to it while designing. It must speak of the product that you want to market, the idea you are selling, the story that your brand wants to tell and also stand out on the material of packaging being used.

The above highlighted examples of Logo designs for different brands by Draftss, shows each brand logo in a different light. The font choice, colour choice and accompanying design speaks of the uniqueness of each brand they represent.

Unique Product Packaging = Unique Designing

It is often forgotten while designing the graphics of the package, the way in which the product will be packaged. A particular design that works well on a metallic round can might not work in the same way for a cardboard box or a plastic package. One also need to understand the packaging material choice and its texture- Is it plastic? metal? a fabric? cardboard? or even a new type of material.

Canned Drink design:

In the above image of a canned drink’s outer design, one can see how the designer has approached it. The choice of the colour yellow is apt with the product being packaged and also the name of the brand. It evokes in the consumer emotions such as cheerfulness, joy, freshness and optimism. The upper-half design of the can contains the graphics of fruits and flowers and lower half, the brand’s logo and product name. It even contains a kind of accompanying motto “You can taste”.

Poly-Packets design:

We all know that there is a huge competition in the salt manufacturing and packaging industry. So, in this next example of a salt package design, the designer has used all the tools at his/her disposal and has come up with a unique design for this brand. Such a design can make your product stand out on the shelf where numerous other salt manufacturers have placed their product. The choice of the colour orange evokes the emotions of happiness, health and youthfulness, which is what this food product should convey to its customers. The use of graphics in showing the different vegetables all around the package is also great.

Metallic Box design:

In the above metal pencil-box design, the image graphics of a sitting Buddha conveys joy and happiness to its customers i.e. kids. The colour choice of red, pink and white which evokes the emotions of excitement, tenderness and hope is also amazing. The uniqueness of the package(metallic pencil-box) has been take taken into consideration with the right placement and alignment of the image on it.

Zipper Pouch package design:

In the above package design, the designer has used pastel colours which symbolizes sophistication.  The colour Green evokes freshness, the colour Pink evokes tenderness and Orange evokes health. The overall look of the package is quite modern and attention grabbing. The packages of different categories of the same brand have been designed uniquely. The texture of the material has also been understood well by the designer which shows up in the finalized package. The story of the brand of eco-friendliness and environment has been well conveyed.

Squeeze packet design:

In the above example of a tomato ketchup squeeze-up package, the colour red has aptly been used which symbolizes the fruit Tomato and also evokes in the consumer the emotions of energy and excitement. The colour red is also a huge appetite enhancer which works well for a food brand. The graphics of fresh tomatoes is a great add-on by the designer. This makes it more appealing for the consumer to go for this particular brand. The unique packaging for this liquid and viscous sauce has been taken care of by the designer. This can also be implemented in unique ways for other viscous materials’ packaging like mayonnaise, chilli sause, salsa sause, etc.

Takeaway points:

  1. Great package designing leads to the sales growth of your product.
  2. Graphic designing services are a great way to outsource the designing of your product packaging. They bring with them their unique design experience and ideas. Some graphic designing firms offer Unlimited design services for your company which is a great feature if you are planning a range of products to be floated in the market.
  3. Colour choice is an important area of product packaging. It evokes in your customer emotions that you would want them to relate to your brand.
  4. Attractive packaging will catch more eye balls towards it and will make your brand stand out among the prevalent competitors.
  5. Tell a story on your packaging. A story can take the brand to the farthest corners of the world and in turn boost your brand power.