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Brands And Their Christmas Advertising

During Christmas people around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a joyful time for everyone.

To keep up with the festival, companies come up with different kinds of advertisements related to Christmas. It not only encourages people to buy their products but also makes good money out of them. 

These companies are clever, they will do advertisements related to festivals to make them more interested in their products. 

But these advertisements don’t make it in a day. It takes a huge amount of time. Not only this, companies have to hire graphic designers as well as artists who can make these advertisements more breathtaking and enjoyable. 

These ads are not just for advertisement purposes but also inspire humor and sometimes make us cry. The story they use has all the necessary details of life which make people love them and at last make them buy their products. After all, it is not a bad effort to put so much light on society and life and earn some from them. 

Let’s have some of the best Christmas Advertisements from the brands:-

1. Burberry, ‘From London With Love’, 2014

Christmas 1

It was a beautifully choreographed short film related to a couple who fall in love with each other and get cleared up by the temperament of Christmas against a lovely London setting. 

The mission by British design house Burberry consolidated the wizardry of Christmas with genuine star power. Victoria and David Beckham’s child Romeo made his on-screen debut in the main job, close to British models and artists Hannah Dodds and Anders Hayward. Embodying something other than whatever Burberry sells, the film portrays a way of life, taking watchers on a heartfelt and unconventional excursion through excellent music, dance, shocking set plan, and, obviously, modern style. Also, because of the cast of the short film, the advertisement got worldwide appreciation. 

It not only provides the story but also a soundtrack composed exclusively for the film. Also, the choreography was related to classical music which everyone likes.

2. Iceland Foods, ‘Choose a Christmas Without Palm Oil’, 2018

Christmas 2

In this ad, the company is trying to befriend a light girl who has no place to live because of the cutting down of trees to make palm oil. This advertisement was narrated by Emma Thompson. 

The mission was a repurposed Greenpeace video that Iceland Foods used to advance its restriction on palm oil items. While it was restricted from TV for being excessively political, it has since turned into a web sensation via web-based media on account of verbal. Furthermore, a request to return the advertisement on the air has as of now been endorsed by 750,000 individuals on

The main thing related to this advertisement is that the company successfully managed to bring a political issue with which people’s emotions have been locked. There was also some backlash as the story was related to a public issue. 

The graphic design and the colors used in the story were incredible. Also, the layout, figures, and textures were top class. 

3. Coca Cola, White Christmas, 2014 

Christmas 3

This was generally for the people of Singapore as they receive tropical heat being the order of the day for their Christmas period. This was created by Ogilvy Asia. This campaign shows and makes people show how they experience Christmas. Also, as we all know how powerful this brand is. So, in this advertisement, they have used that tactic. 


4. John Lewis, ‘Buster the Boxer’, 2016

Christmas 4

This advertisement was about a girl who wanted a trampoline for Christmas. Her dog enjoyed it more than her. It is just a basic advertisement telling many things about family and how dogs are loved. This was a good advertisement by John Lewis as people are very much attracted to their dogs and they treat them as their family. So, they were able to connect with the advertisement. 


5. Sainsbury’s, ‘Christmas 1914’, 2014

Christmas 5

This advertisement is the true story of Christmas day during WWI

This advertisement was made in partnership with The Royal British Legion. It portrays the two days that the German and Allied soldiers quit battling to recognize and observe Christmas. The slogan utilized in the mission, ‘Christmas is for Sharing’ advances the soul of those occasions. Sainsbury’s pre-owned this as a message that sounds accurate 100 years after the fact. This advertisement got attention from people because it brought one of the well-known war stories on its 100th anniversary


The advertisements made by brands are not only for seeking their products but also to throw some light on social issues and societal problems. Also, some of the advertisements are so good that people get emotional because they can connect themselves with those ads. Christmas is a very famous festival and brands all around the world showcase their talent using these ads in this digital world. This creates a great place for digital marketing as well as social media marketing. This provides more revenue to the brand and also it gets recognized by people all around the world. 

Apart from that graphic designing is one of the key elements used in these kinds of advertisements. Arts, pictures, themes, colors, and VFX have been used in these advertisements to make them more breathtaking and realistic

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