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Your Graphic Designing Speak For Your Personality

When you are into graphic designing jobs, sometimes your designs speak volumes for the kind of personality you have. The type of designs you create, the kind of fonts you use, the type of colors you apply, leaves a personal touch and tends to speak a lot about you! So how do you manipulate this fact to your benefit? How should you attract more clients for yourself? One of the chief ways is to understand the requirements of your client beforehand, and add the flavor of personal touch to your Graphic Designing & digital illustrations accordingly!

When we talk about personality, we often mean the aura we project when we are communicating with another human being. It could be your family, your colleague, or even your friends! The ways other people will perceive you depends a great deal on you project yourself before them. That constitutes a part of your personality! However, your personality is not simply based on other’s opinion! They can only perceive those aspects which they can see. As a result, it is likely that your family will interpret you in a different manner than your friends. The way you make decisions, handle crisis, the way you dress up, do your work, all form small components out of which your entire personality is created.

Understand the Impact of Colors in Graphic Designing

Colors have often been the vehicle for kindling emotions. Usually, several designs have created a persona for themselves based on color alone!
Graphic Designing with shades of pink and related colors has been defined as “cute” by most of the viewers. In fact, colors such as red, green and orange have further contributed to feelings of “freshness” with its proper application!
These types of color combinations exhibit a joyful and enthusiastic personality! It is advisable to apply them over advertisements of nutritious food, fruit juices or healthy energy drinks.
On the other hand, colors such as yellow tend to have a positive effect on the viewers. It enables them to feel uplifted. You can use this fact to your advantage by incorporating them in appropriate places!
Darker shades such as purple and blue tend to create a futuristic outlook. It has been observed that since dark colors evoke a sense of mystery and the future happens to be mysterious, this color suits the required mood perfectly!

The Choice of Fonts in Graphic Designing

Your choice of fonts is going to reflect on how you are viewing the project. A cursive font denotes an elegant style, while a wider cursive font often expresses a “romantic font”.
Sometimes, you need to manipulate these font styles to create a personality for your designs, which in turn, would lead your viewers to perceive a personality of you!


Web designing and logo designing often calls for your personal styling. It is recommendable to add a little personal flair to them according to the mood! You may opt for a minimalist layout or an aesthetic one according to the requirements of your client.
However, you can still incorporate personal designs and motivational figures to make your digital illustrations stand out!

If you provide unlimited graphic design services, then it might require you to be more attentive towards them when you add your personal style, as similar styling on too many places can render your designs mundane.
However, with adequate practice and handling of projects you will be able to achieve the perfect balance!