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Webflow vs Divi – Differences, Comparision, SEO, Speed & Reviews 2021


Webflow vs Squarespace

This is a modern way to build for the web. It empowers designers to create professional websites with great visuals and without the help of any code. It allows the development of production-ready websites. Also, enables us to show the company in a sophisticated way. 

It is very easy for a company to build, launch and grow using Webflow. Launching means going fast and on a hassle-free network with just a click. Grow here means to start a new marketing campaign directly on the website using WebFlow tools. 

Resource of Webflow 

Fast and Reliable 

It means that the website which has been created will have all the fundamental services and also blogs on Webflow gives insight into how to succeed using the services. 

It has three components:- 

  • University

A user can search hundreds of in-depth videos, lectures and courses to get details about the services and controls. 

  • Blogs¬†

Articles will help to get details about the trends and many other things. 

  • Showcase¬†

You can see other websites built by the members of Webflow. 

Webflow is free until the user is ready to launch. The users have to add site plans for more pages and a custom domain. But there are services which have two plans:-

  • Site Plan- It is basically for personal websites, blogs and business websites.¬†
  • Account Plan- The starter pack of this plan is free but lite and the pro pack will cost you some money.¬†

Webflow Review 

Webflow is a powerful DIY website builder which has a lot of customisation. It is used for empowering the designers as well as creating the best for the web. It has many features as described above to showcase the best web pages with flexibility. The overall use of Webflow is quite easy and the services provided by it are decent. 


Webflow vs Divi

This is a WordPress theme builder as well as the ultimate page builder. This can be used or accessed just by the browser. This is the main flexibility of this tool. Divi is a full design framework that allows users to customize every part of the website. The user has control over everything. This allows creating the best website for any business. 

Divi speed is amazing. You can develop and create websites in a flow and with accuracy. It is not only a theme builder but a website builder which can take your work to another level. Divi builds SEO friendly websites. There is a wide range of SEO plugins available and the setting is also there to use. 

Characteristics of Divi 

Webflow vs Divi 2

  • Drag & Drop Building¬†

No coding is required to change the position of any element on the website. Users can delete, add or change the position of elements very easily. 

  • True Visual Editing¬†

Users can design the page in real-time and see the outcome at the same duration. Visual control can help to customise and create pages. 

  • Custom CSS Control¬†

Creators can without much of a stretch join Divi’s visual plan controls with their custom CSS. Divi’s interface is fundamental yet not specified.¬†

  • Responsive Editing¬†

It is easy to build responsive websites. Divi gives full control over how the website looks on mobile devices. 

  • Design Options Galore

There are a huge number of unique page elements as well as thousands of design options available on Divi. There is full design control on Divi. 

  • Inline Text Editing¬†

It is very easy to type on Divi. Just have to click. Editing is very easy. Users can draft pages on the front end and can see the outcomes promptly. 

  • Save & Manage your Designs¬†

There are unlimited custom designs that can be saved and managed very effortlessly. It can be reused by jump-starting new pages. Advanced design systems can be created.  

  • Global Elements & Style¬†

Global Elements allow managing your entire website’s design and setting to help to change different aspects of the website. Divi is a full website design-builder.¬†

  • Undo, Redo and Revisions¬†

Everything can be done easily and also Divi works as a modern software application. Mistakes can be Undone and redo. Revision can be done an unlimited number of times. 

Divi Modules or Elements 

Webflow vs Divi 2

Divi has more than 40 elements. Here are some of them:- 

  • Blogs¬†
  • Sliders
  • Galleries¬†
  • Testimonials¬†
  • Forms¬†

Divi Review 

Divi is a wonderful tool that is used on WordPress as a theme builder. But it can also be used as a website builder. Also, this tool is easy to use and no coding knowledge is required to work on this. Also, Divi is helpful to design pages for the websites. 

Webflow vs Divi 

Webflow is good for designing pages as well as creating beautiful websites. Using Webflow doesn’t need you to be professional. Anyone who is starting as a new user can work on Webflow. There are a huge number of templates and themes available on Webflow.¬†

Divi is a straightforward WordPress theme that can also make beautiful websites. Design elements of Divi are wonderful. It needs little practice to work on Divi as some of the things are complicated. But can be learned if given some time as there is no coding needed.  

Conclusion and Comparison. 

Both Webflow and Divi are used to make beautiful websites. Many features of these two look similar. Also, the working style is quite identical. 

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