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Admission Consulting Web UI/UX Design Feedback: MapleToIvy

logo design
many pixels vs design pickle

Hello Founders,

We are covering MapleToIvy for our Design feedback round. Here are a few suggestions to improve the current version of the landing page UI/UX:

  • The current website looks beautiful. However, there are few UI fixes that could be done.
  • Increase the contact number in the navbar slightly. Since it is not a link, you would want your customers to read the number and call you. Increasing the size would act as a better visible aid.
  • Align the navbar website as per a container such that the whole website is aligned to the same left alignment.
  • Increase the size of “Book a free consultation”.
  • Increase the font size of title “95% of our students…”
  • “The competition to get into…” paragraph which is currently bold should have an increased font size and have a different color to it.
  • You should have only one CTA instead of two in “Beat the odds.” section.
  • In the above section, the right icon and content look pretty amazing. But it can be better if you only use 3 line description for all icon content.
  • In the “Attract the top..” the “Enroll now” button can be next to the “Book a free consultation”.
  • You have used “Book a free consultation” and “Enroll now” button everywhere. Instead, you should use the contact number as a CTA in “Turn your reach schools…” section.
  • Social media icons seem to be missing.
  • After the “Follow in the footsteps” there should be a small FAQ section having a few questions and a button to read full FAQ.

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