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Want To Increase Conversion Rates? Find Success In Banner Designs!


Conversation rate and banner design: Know a little more! 

Now, matter how many times things are repeated and told, we tend to forget them. There is no denial of this universal truth that design is the energy of any website. Your content may be brilliant, yet if you don’t surprise users, you lose the game!

Ever heard of a thing called banner advertising? Well, surely you must have! It’s basically a new and recent innovation in the marketing world. Under the conventional advertising norms, physical banners were put up. But under digital advertising, small rectangular shaped banner ads appear on your screen. They are embedded into a website and appear on a web page. After that, whenever a customer clicks on it, he/ she is directed to the main website.  

Now, this is where the conversion rate as a concept comes in! It refers to the number of visitors who successfully complete the desired goal. That can include a thing like signing up for your site or simply visiting it. Websites most often grapple with this problem: They keep trying to increase it yet it doesn’t. But do you know one secret to do that? If you want to, then read the below tips! 


Banner Designs Tips 


  • Choose a proper size

Now, as mentioned before in the introduction, banners are largely rectangular. Yet they can vary in their dimensions. So choosing the right size becomes very important. How will you do that-? You can easily hire a good graphic designing company for the same task. The main sizes to choose from are as follows: 

  • 728×90px — Leaderboard
  • 300×600px — Half Page
  • 300×250px — Medium Rectangle
  • 336×280px — Large Rectangle 

Once you are done with choosing an appropriate size, you can ask your graphic web designer to start with the  colors choosing and other processes. 



  • Use logos and social proofs

Does your website have a really aesthetic logo? Or if not that, does it include testimonials on the banner? Well, the answer to both these questions should be in affirmative. Adding your own logo or your famous clients’ logo on the banner is extremely important. This creates an impression that your site is very famous and people will click on it! Your logo should be clear and beautiful. You should choose good graphic designs for logos. You can take help of some banner makers too.

Besides that include testimonials too. In an interview with ConversionXL,  growth marketing expert Angie Schottmuller said, “If quality social proof  buffers notable uncertainty, get ready  for some remarkable conversion impact in some cases up to 400% improvement.” So get ready to reap benefits! 


Now some of you may ask what are these terms? Well, value proposition shows the service you provides. It then calls attention to itself with attractive offers. So you must have seen things like ” Very High quality” or “39% off” or “Limited offer.” This should take up the most space in your ad. This way the viewers will surely visit your site. And

call to action is the text or button that invites users to click. These buttons should accompany your banner ad. This way it will be easier for users to visit the site. Words like “Click here” or “Watch Now” are some examples. You can choose other alternatives too! 


  • The Colour Choice, Contrasting and Borders

And now comes the most crucial aspect of every design. No matter you miss out on one thing, you can’t afford to miss on a good colour choice. For this, you should take professional help. You can create some beautiful banner Designs by using online tools like Canva also. Just make sure that the purpose of your site is in tandem with the colour. For example, if it’s a cooking-related site, it should contain colours like green etc. If it’s an ethical hacking site, you should include black. One can even choose a contrast ratio tool to measure if it’s correct! Now coming to the part of borders of it! The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) states that ” display ads must have clearly defined borders and not confused with normal web content.”

Thus the border should be clear and precise. It should make things hassle-free to be seen. 


  • Animation and a lot more 

If you are still grappling with this question: How to boost conversion rates? , then follow the animation mantra. It’s said that animated ads are more appealing. According to Adobe’s 2015 report on the State of Content, with 15 minutes to consume content, 66% would prefer to view something beautifully designed. And the animation is the key to it! So just grab a good company that offers unlimited graphic designing services. That’s the best way to design banner. Besides that, focus on small details like fonts, spacing etc. You should also ask your designer to look at buttons on the banner carefully. More or less, it’s the game of the buttons that your rates get increased or decreased! 



So finally, we have looked at how conversion rates are a powerful yardstick showing a company’s success. Obviously, there are other ways to increase rates. Yet the most subtle and simplicity to do is through a banner design! It’s just so hassle-free and doesn’t even take much money and time. You just need to grab a good web designer. That’s all!