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Top 11 Alternatives to WebFaction

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WebFaction is a solid web hosting service provider, or simply a host, created with developers in mind. It is a London based company that was co-founded by Remi Delon and Richard James Cooper in 2006. Since then, it has served as an excellent host to millions of users. However, with the emergence of new and better modern hosts,WebFaction is looking to say goodbye to its web hosting days.

With WebFaction shutting down, you need to find worthy replacements for it. While doing so, you are bound to come across several rotten eggs and not to mention, the huge amount of time the searching process will take. So, we have done some work for you and shortlisted some really good hosts.

His a list of top 11 alternatives to WebFaction.

1. Heroku


Founded in 2007, by James Lindenbaum, Adam Wiggins and Orion Henry, Heroku is a cloud platform as a service supporting various programming language. It is one of the first cloud platforms, which initially supported only the Ruby programming language. Heroku now supports Java, Python, PHP, Go, Scala, Node.js and Clojure. Therefore, Heroku is a polyglot platform and has features for a developer to build, run and scale applications in a similar manner across most languages.  

Detailed Heroku pricing is given here:

2. Opalstack


Opalstack is the latest alternative to WebFaction. It provides managed hosting services for developers and small and medium businesses. Users of WebFaction are quite hyped and really anticipating the release of the full version of Opalstack with all its features. Some of the revealed features of Opalstack include SSH access to a user’s own home directories. Opalstack has a great support team which consists of a small but dedicated team of smart people who love web hosting.

Opalstack pricing can be checked here:

3. SSD Nodes


Founded by Matt Connor in 2011, SSD Nodes is a cloud hosting provider, from which you can extract the maximum value for your money. The excellent VPS platform of SSD Nodes is a combination of speed, simplicity and resilience to help you get back to growing your business or developing the next great experience on web. SSD Nodes provides also a very stable service with outstanding support. The users have described their hardwares as top-notch and prices, ridiculously low.   

Check out SSD Nodes pricing here:

4. DigitalOcean


DigitalOcean is a well-received American cloud infrastructure provider which has its headquarters in New York, with several data centers worldwide. It was founded by Ben and Moisey Uretsky in 2011. The company provides developers with cloud services which allows them to deploy and scale applications that run simultaneously on multiple computers. Users can manage DigitalOcean by using doctl command line or simply through a web interface. 

DigitalOcean pricing is given here:

5. PythonAnywhere


Founded by Giles Thomas and Robert Smithson in 2012, PythonAnywhere is a popular online integrated environment and web hosting service based on the Python programming language. PythonAnywhere offers in-browser access to server-based Python and Bash command-line interfaces, along with a code editor with syntax highlighting. It has been expressed as the simplest way to deploy web2py applications in the official book on the web framework.

You can check out PythonAnywhere pricing here:

6. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud


Released in 2006, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service which basically allows users to rent virtual computers to run their own applications. It was initially designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers. The company’s simple web service interface now allows you to obtain and configure capacity within minimal friction. Amazon EC2 even provides you with complete control of your computing resources and lets you run on secure computiong environment of Amazon.

Check out detailed Amazon EC2 pricing here:

7. Vultr


Founded in 2014, Vultr is on a mission to empower businesses and developers by simplifying the deployment of infrastructure via its advanced cloud platform. Vultr is strategically situated in 16 datacenters around the globe. It provides frictionless provisioning of public cloud, storage and single-tenant bare material. Vultr has been offering high performance and reliable cloud and SSD servers across the world.

Check out Vultr pricing here:

8. Linode


Whether you are just getting started with your website or deploying a complex system, Linode makes launching a cloud server easier. Linode offers the fastest network and solid hardware with scalable environments. The customer support team of the company is standing by the users 24×7 to answer any of their questions. Linode also provides high performance SSD Linux servers for all kinds of infrastructure needs.

You can check out Linode pricing here:

9. Exoscale


Launched in 2011, Exoscale is a popular IaaS cloud platform for individuals, developers and businesses worldwide. It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, with several availability zones across Europe like – Zurich, Frankfurt and Vienna. Exoscale offers a wide array of infrastructure services with fast computing instances powered by SSD, S3 compatible object storage, DNS and more.

Detailed Exoscale pricing is given here:

10. DreamHost


DreamHost is a Los Angeles-based web hosting service provider which was founded in 1996. It has received various awards for its web and WordPress hosting services where you can get your brand new .xyz, .life, .online, .tech, or .store domain. The most popular feature of DreamHost is the Remixer – an intuitive web builder that takes only minutes of your time and allows you to attach a fully functional site on the web without resorting to any third-party service.

You can compare DreamHost pricing here:

Here’s a comparison between Dreamhost and site ground.

11. RamNode


Since its birth in 2012, RamNode has been providing affordable VPS with powerful features. RamNode has the hosting experience as both client and provider. This has inspired the company to offer the kind of hosting that clients want at the kind of prices clients want to pay. In addition to great hardware, each RamNode server comes with features like free DNS hosting and optional DDoS protection for all locations. RamNode also provides an excellent customer service which is available 24×7.

Check out detailed RamNode pricing here:

Selecting a host is an important decision for the growth of your startup or business. WebFaction, the hosting veteran, offers one of the best unlimited web hosting services whether you are looking for cPanel access, cloud hosting, or affordability. However, with WebFaction shutting down, you can turn to any of the alternatives mentioned above. If you are already an user of a different host, feel free to leave a review about it in the comments section below.