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Top Productized Services List for Unlimited Content Writing

top productized service list for unlimited content writing & graphic design service

Productized services, or subscription services, are becoming one of the most popular business models across the globe. Over the past few years, several businesses in different countries have been productizing their services and selling them on a subscription basis. Productizing your services is a great way to get more of both time and money, which is exactly what entrepreneurs and freelancers are looking for these days.

One of the top services in the domain has been the service for content writing, aka ghostwriting. Ghostwriting has been highly successful and has been widely famous gaining huge traction in various different sectors and domains. What if you don’t have time to brainstorm ideas and write them, hiring a ghostwriter always helps!

We have shortlisted top 12 productized services for unlimited content writing, so that your team can brainstorm ideas and get everything they need to grow your business.

Here’s a list of top 12 productized services for unlimited content writing.

1. GrumpyText

URL: https://grumpytext.com/

GrumpyText is a really good online blog content service. The services offered by this company basically include posts for your business blog, affiliate content, posts for your academic blog, SEO copywriting, keyword research, etc. You can get top-notch authors and writers from GrumpyText, who will compose your content for a monthly fee.

Detailed GrumpyText pricing is given here: https://grumpytext.com/pricing

2. Content Sherpa

URL: http://www.contentsherpa.com.au/

Based in Sydney, Australia, Content Sherpa is a popular content creation service, which plays Tenzing Norgay to your Edmund Hillary. They specialise in medium to long-form text-based communication and offer you contents that will assist you in reaching your business goals.

You can get in touch with Content Sherpa to know about their pricing here: http://www.contentsherpa.com.au/contact/ 

3. Sweet Fish Media

URL: https://sweetfishmedia.com/

Sweet Fish Media is arguably the best podcast creation service for B2B Brands. The service provides by the company basically allows you to partner with your ideal clients to create industry-based contents and interview-based podcasts. Important companies like Seismic, Acumatica and Unbounce have used this service for their podcasts and have rated them very highly.

You can get in touch with Content Sherpa to know about their pricing here: https://sweetfishmedia.com/#contact

4. iWriter

URL: https://www.iwriter.com/

iWriter is a prolific content and article writing service which allows you to order content, based on 5 simple steps. With iWriter you can have your content written quickly, professionally and affordably. iWriter offers four plans and there is a reliable rating system for the writers.

Check out iWriter pricing here: https://www.iwriter.com/pricing

5. Audience Ops

URL: https://audienceops.com/

Founded by Brian Casel in 2015, Audience Ops is a popular content creation service that gets you custom blog posts and leads magnets that will resonate with your audience. Audience Ops allows you to get evergreen content in front of your visitor’s eyes with a comfortable and plug-and-play way.

You can check out detailed Audience Ops pricing here: https://audienceops.com/ 

6. Copify

URL: https://us.copify.com/

Copify is the leading platform for online marketing professionals to get contents created from a pool of qualified and approved copywriters. The service provided by Copify can help you with your website content, blogging, press release writing, article writing, email writing and eCommerce content.

Detailed Copify pricing is given here: https://us.copify.com/

7. Ghost Blog Writers

URL: https://ghostblogwriters.com/

Ghost Blog Writers is a reliable content creation service which offers blogging services for small, medium and large businesses. Users have rated them highly for providing professional, punctual and kind services. The posts created by Ghost Blog Writers include Title, SEO optimization, images and upload in your CMS.

Check out Ghost Blog Writers pricing here: https://ghostblogwriters.com/

8. Brand New Copy

URL: https://brandnewcopy.com/

Run by Jamie Thomson in Edinburgh, Scotland, Brand New Copy is a copywriting studio that provides excellent copywriting services. They help businesses of all sizes with their copywriting needs. Besides copywriting, Brand New Copy also helps brands with their product descriptions, content marketing and product description copywriting services.

You can check out detailed Brand New Copy pricing here: https://brandnewcopy.com/about/faq/

9. Human Proof Designs

URL: https://www.humanproofdesigns.com/

Human Proof Designs has been described as a complete solution for building an affiliate website empire by its founder, Dominic Wells. The services offered by Human Proof Designs are of a wide variety, like – ready-made niche sites, monthly article subscription, article packs or eBooks, and also, a range of SEO-related and training services.

Check out Human Proof Designs pricing here: https://www.humanproofdesigns.com/services/

10. FullService

URL: https://fullservice.co/

FullService is the outcome of a collaboration of two agencies who turned into a startup. They provide excellent services to startups, busy freelancers, digital agencies, e-Commerce stores, bloggers, etc. FullService strives to help others to be more productive and get their businesses higher than the highest skyscraper.

FullService pricing is given here: https://fullservice.co/services/

11. Copy Masters

URL: https://copymasters.co/

Copy Masters is another popular copywriting studio which provides unlimited copywriting services. It is basically a team of professional copywriters who help scale your content marketing and generate leads. Copy Masters also offers its users a fourteen-day money-back guarantee. They contribute to famous publications like the Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post and KISSmetrics.

Detailed Copy Masters pricing can be found here: https://copymasters.co/pricing/

12. Godot

URL: https://www.godotmedia.com/

Godot is a remarkable content writing service that helps all kinds of businesses with a number of content-related tasks like – copywriting, product descriptions, blog writing, media and more. Their services are professional and surprisingly affordable with guaranteed first order discount.

Check out detailed Godot pricing here: https://www.godotmedia.com/pricing/

In the product-led era, it is really important that you are close to your users and customers. Productizing your services is probably the best way to ensure that. Besides, productized services come with many benefits of their own. Therefore, the list above will help you to grow your business and get it to a new height. Also, if you have already used other productized services, do not hesitate to tell us about them in the comments section below.