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The Anatomy of a Great Landing Page Design

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The importance of a landing page is common knowledge to any avid business owner. It is a quintessential part of drawing more attention from consumers and getting them to commit to the action that you want them too. However, despite having a landing page if those golden engagements aren’t making an appearance, maybe it’s time to update your design.


There’s  certain anatomy to a landing page that performs exponentially better than others. While your landing page may be doing fine as it is, here are a few tips to level up and make it all the more wholesome.



1) Keep Your Content Loud And To The Point

A very important aspect of a landing page in itself is its concise and pinpointed information display. A good landing page will highlight this, and present data in an easily readable format. 


The main focus should be on five factors, the heading, subheading, call to action, benefits for the audience and the lead generation forms. The heading and subheading should project a simple, defining explanation of your purpose. The call to action tells the visitor what exactly you want them to do. Make sure your value proposition and the benefits of your service are known. Lastly, keep your lead generation forms short and simple.

2) Keep Your Layout Simple And Effortless

In this case, a minimalistic approach is your best friend. Simple and clean designs tend to present information in a clear format, thus leaving no room for confusion. A layout with large fonts and a lot of white space is ideal. It draws the visitor’s attention towards the information in focus.


Yet another reason to adopt a minimal design is to not increase your page loading time. The overall effectiveness of your website is quite heavily dependent on your design.



3) Make Sure To Display Amazing Visuals

Images are crucial in the way that a visitor interacts with your webpage. Providing alluring images can attract your audience’s attention. Moreover, using visual prompts can help in providing additional information in an easily understandable format.


Take the help of a photographer or use great graphics to display the product or service that you’re offering. The more attractive you make your landing page to be, the more people will be compelled to use it.

4) Make Your Visitors Trust You

It is always important to sell your brand. The key to this is to get your visitors to trust your brand. The best way to do this is through testimonials, trust marks, and badges. Several landing pages use testimonials to assure visitors of the authenticity and overall effectiveness of the product or service you’re offering.


Essentially, the trust badges and testimonials function as stamps of approval that will encourage your consumers to engage with your page and build confidence in your brand.



5) Highlight Your Social Media Platforms

A visitor has come across your page and has become intrigued by the service you’re offering. How do they find out more about the services you have to offer? Here, social media platforms come into play. These outlets are extremely important for you to build your business.


Therefore, when you are building your landing page, make sure to include social sharing icons so that your customers can spread the word about your brand. In terms of design, display icons of the platforms that your target audience uses. This will avoid cluttering. Don’t forget to add an email sharing option as well!

6) Don’t Ignore Mobile Users

It’s a very well known fact that almost half of all web activity comes from mobile users. So naturally, it’s important that your landing page design should be inclusive of mobile users. It should be responsive to help increase your conversion rate.