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Podcast Website Design Feedback: ZenCast.fm

zencast logo design icon
podcast website design html css flocksy thumbnail

Hello Founders,

We are covering ZenCast.fm for our feedback round. Here are a few suggestions to improve the current version of the landing page UI/UX:

  • The logo can be better.
  • In the navbar, replace “Get started” with “Sign up”.
  • The title “Host and publish…” is not aligned with the logo.
  • The opening title is pretty good. It explains your product pretty clearly in one go.
  • I am not sure why is there a green “Get started” button, whereas everywhere else you’ve used blue for your branding/buttons.
  • “Get straight to grow…” can be bold, bigger and have a different color.
  • “No technical skills needed” title can be bigger. Repeat this for all other similar titles.
  • There should be Pricing Plans above “Start your free 14-day trial today”. I would want to click here, but I would like to know your pricing and then decide if I would like to get the 14-day free trial.
  • Add a reference ID to every button to determine which of your CTA buttons are performing better.
  • All feature titles should be bigger and bold. (Fast & unlimited hosting, Understand your listeners, etc.)

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