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Product Launch: GetFeedback by Draftss

get feedback by draftss product launch

⛵ GetFeedback by Draftss was an insight from our Draftss.com landing page. We received many responses from founders appreciating our landing page or wishing they had an equally cool landing page as ours. What we did, we helped them make their landing page better than ours.

To validate the product, we tested GetFeedback by Draftss with an MVP a few months ago. We helped more than 100 founders in improving the UI/UX of their landing page.

? Today, we’re finally shipping GetFeedback by Draftss where founders can get constructive feedback for their landing page UI/UX. We would love to know your thoughts on how we’ve been doing, and would you find us useful. We’re happy to answer some questions too!

Check it out: http://draftss.com/getfeedback