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How Can A Business Leverage Infographics for SEO

Infographics with fruitful SEO drives stellar results for companies. Over the last decade, Infographics have gained immense popularity on the internet and have become a popular medium to spread brand awareness and increase social shares.

Customers today demand interesting, innovative, and unique content. With 140 million tweets, 1.5 billion unit contents, and 2 million video uploads every day, it has become challenging for digital marketers to make exclusive and unique content. That could contribute to the marketplace and make it feasible for their potentials to find them online.

In such a case, Infographics comes to the rescue and helps companies stand out in market place. It supports companies to mount their brand’s awareness so their target audience can locate them and follow their call to action.

How Infographics Impact Your SEO

Using graphics, animations, images that hints or explains the idea or complex data with proper keywords and other SEO factors enhances your webpage and its content and improves your marketing strategy for the search engine.

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The perfect Infographics can outperform dull or complex content into an exciting one. The visual information that the Infographics include gives life to your content and keeps the reader captivated throughout their read as humans like visual content, and 67% of the audiences believe it’s easier to digest visual content and is more effective than written one.

Infographics can positively impact your search engine rankings. Engaging in the relevant ones in your blog posts can provide web admins with an excuse to backlink your website while delivering value to your visitors.

According to Beth Noll, “the second way in which Infographics improve your ranking is that they increase the dwell time or time spent on the page, which is an important ranking factor. If readers spend along on your webpage, then clearly, the page must be meeting their needs.” He added further.

Here are the ways Infographics spice up your blog and drive a successful marketing campaign with fertile search engine optimization.

1.     Boosts Brand Awareness

Using Infographics amalgamated with proper keywords and other SEO dynamics has become a crucial digital marketing tool. No matter how good and effective your services and products are, if you are using a written content that is informative, in-depth, and unique, it won’t have the same impact and maintenance as the visual content.

The Infographics on your site provide a better understanding of your brand through engaging visual content. According to digital marketing experts, if designed accurately with relevant information, including logo, contact details, and website address, Infographics can be a truly effective way to increase your brand awareness and boost website traffic reaching out to your targeted audience. Digital marketers have also revealed that this digital marketing tool alone is capable enough to increase your website traffic by up to 12% at least.

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However, an Infographic that keeps you on the top of your readers’ mind and search engine result page must have the following qualities.

  • A clear concept
  • A valuable message
  • Attractive illustrations
  • A professional layout

2.     Fetches Target Audience

Infographics in your marketing plans help you to reach your target audience easily. As said earlier, Infographics are humans’ favorite. 90% of the information that is easy to acquire by humans is visual. Since Infographics are also pictorial and serve to teach and educate visitors, it helps the company connect with their potential consumers easily and rapidly than text content.

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The visual elements in Infographics like charts, pictures, and graphs perform better than scripted content and succeed in capturing your target audience’s attention.

As referred by dissertation services the UK and quoted by, these graphics and texts, when incorporated together, become a great communication tool and helps your target audience understand complicated concepts.

The perfect and relevant Infographics in your content makes the customer think that you understand their intents and are willing to go the extra mile, resulting in customer retention and generates more leads with better conversions.

So. One of the main excuses for Infographics is to make your visitor’s understanding better. The better they will understand your content, product, and services, the greater are their chances to click the ‘order’ button. These visual elements in your content increase your viewership and easily fetch your target audience.

3.     Keeps Content Minimal And More Understandable

A full-page written content takes away the interest of your audience, and they leave midway. So, to optimize your page to rank high in search engines, add a decent number of Infographics. Don’t horde it but also don’t ignore it.

Add in the Infographics that have a handful of information in them and provide critical data and statistics that capture your audience’s attention throughout the read. For that, you can use SEO-friendly keywords, etc.

To optimize your SEO Infographics, you can take these steps to make the most out of every infographic you create,

  • Do keyword research
  • Label your file accordingly
  • Add alt text
  • Augment header tag
  • Focus on your article URL
  • Write meta description
  • Add in a healthy word count

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Add in graphics, graphs, images, stats, keywords, etc., and eliminate long-tail keywords. This practice will make your content precise and concise and help keep your viewer’s custody.

4.     Perfect Link Building Asset

Keeping SEO in mind, Infographics are one of the best assets for link building today. It can produce a significant number of backlinks than other link-building methods on the web that can exceptionally boost your search engine rankings.

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Writers often rather than reading a lengthy blog, scan the Infographics, check sources, craft their own content, and add these relevant Infographics in it. Many don’t even publish the original Infographics; they just link back to the actual one for the attribution process. This practice of them linking back adds reliability to your site and helps you rank high on search engines.

5.     Makes The Content Go Viral

According to a custom essay writing service, visual elements in content generate 94% more views than just text only. The report also highlighted a 14% increase in page views obtained by adding Infographics in the plain blocks.

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Apart from this, we have also noticed a 48% increased viewership after combining text with Infographics, which helped the visitors get a clear sight of the content and were much appealed to like, comment, and share across their social site that helped contents go viral.

6.     Accelerates Sales

Complete, accurate, and precisely perfect Infographics are your great marketing tools. If your Infographics have all the genuine and comprehensive elements, your viewers may outpace your competitor and choose you over them.

These are great gears for your leads and potential customers and hold significant importance in generating more leads and conversions.

It Makes Your Targeted Visitors Stay Longer

If your Infographics are serving your viewers to the maximum, there are high chances they will stay hooked till the end and might fill the cart.

The better your Infographics relation with SEO is, the greater it will get its recognition. Also, it is one of the most excellent ways to get your site to rank higher on search engine result pages.

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