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Graphic Designing And Online Events

Are you feeling you are at a dead end because all your company events got cancelled? Now you have no place to grow and reach out to more collaborators, more volunteers, more participants for promotion? Is this pandemic situation creating a dent in your business expansions?

Maybe this is the perfect time to try out creating online events. This is not only safe but also will help you in reaching out to a large number of people. If your participant numbers were restricted due to your geographical location, well now you can reach out to the majority of the people all over the world through online events.

Now, you must be wondering that in order to create an online event you must need graphic design services. You will need to create posters for your event advertising and build your website such that a lot of people will want to participate. Since a lot of people will be viewing you online so your design will be the one that speaks for you. So your illustration has to be one that is sophisticated and aesthetic to appeal to a large number of people. Most people would go for photoshop or illustration software applications to create a design for websites. However, those require some amount of expertise. If you are a beginner then here are some software you can use as an alternative.

Online events is a great platform for bringing a lot of people from different tastes together.


This is a great application software for beginners who want to try something new while maintaining good design quality. Canva has a great user interface, and there are many templates, stock photos, vectors you can choose from. This application can also be used on your iPhones or uploads as well while travelling.


The chief attraction for this software is that it has an inbuilt social media sharing option and you may also embed your website links through HTML code. Other than these you get templates which you may edit as per requirements.


In case you want to focus more on image editing then this software is best, to begin with, for your online events. This app allows you to use certain features for free while some advanced features may only be unlocked through purchase. Other than these, it also contains numerous tutorials that would guide you to create designs that look professional.

Different software applications can be used for editing and creating designs

Going live for your online events does require a lot of efforts and designing performs a great role in there. If you are not confident enough at the moment to do this on your own, then it is a good idea to contact a graphic design service provider. Draftss is a company that has an agenda of supporting small companies do they can provide you with quality designs for a reasonable price. So go ahead and try creating online events to boost your business.