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From Around the Web: Fabulous Infographics And Startup

In this busy and fast-paced world, most of the time it becomes difficult for people to go through every written word in any document or blog, or website. Whether it is an important office meeting or some content in your weblink to promote your sales, you must have noticed how attaching digital graphs or relevant graphics captures the attention of people more than just written paragraphs? Well, this is the power of infographics!

If you happen to own a start-up company, then you should be well aware of how graphic representation can alter the concentration level of individuals! Let’s take a look at some of the fabulous designs used by Startups for their graphic design of websites!

Landing Page of Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is a website that is used for the purpose of booking hotel rooms. One of the major attractions of their landing page is the “global parallax” of its layout. This webpage has a smooth UI that allows users to understand and navigate smoothly. This benefits the company as more people start using it and sends links as a recommendation to friends and family members. Therefore, it is the infographics of the landing page of this startup company that helped out to maximize profits!

Blockscore scoring with their website

The sole purpose of this website is to investigate in case someone’s identity gets stolen. They have a uniquely textured style that also provides a “birds-eye view” of cities with black and white icons and text, which makes the graphic design colors pop out! All these can readily capture the attention of the viewers.

Expose yourself to storytelling with Exposure

We all know how much everyone loves to hear stories. Even more when they are told with the help of visual aids! Exposure gives you the platform for storytelling with the help of images and an amazing UI that invites the readers to read. This startup company definitely knows how to keep its readers and storytellers engaged with the help of infographics!

Virb giving you the right vibes!

This website is designed to help you with learning more about photography and photo editing. The webpage has a unique elegance in its design that keeps the viewer’s concentration as well as allow them to stay motivated!

The variation in design is what often keeps your viewers intrigued and come back to your website or your landing page more often! Therefore, it also becomes necessary to often update your encouraged designs and user interface to keep it up to date and user friendly. In case you don’t know how to have good infographics on your startup’s landing page, there are graphic design service providers as well! Draftss is a company that will provide you with graphic design for websites at a reasonable price package. So you may check them out as well!