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Draftss vs Limitless Designs: Review of the Two Leading Design Teams

A number of brands are coming up with different services to offer in the market. Making up these brands requires a lot of effort, skills, and resources. One of the major requirements for the building of a strong brand is graphic designing and the outlook of the brand. That is something the customers are going to notice before anything else and form a perception about the brand to a great extent. Draftss and Limitless Designs are doing the the great srvice with great skils and resources for the brands arounf the globe. You pay a flat monthly rate & get the unlimited design projects worded out for a month!

With packages being offered by these service providers, it becomes less difficult for you to have a brand that is not just good but great! Graphic designing packages bring a very hassle-free and smooth experience to the building of the brand. With a number of factors eliminated, like the hiring of the graphic designers, management of the processes, and making the best out of it, the service provider alrady have the best designers for you & takes care of the rest. There are a number of businesses who have been looking forward to availing these services but stay confused with whuch option to go ahead with and choose a service provider which can fulfill the specific needs of the brand. Hence, we did another in-depth review of Draftss & Limitless Designs to analyze the services & process the two service providers have to offer.

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In this guide, we put the amazing Limitless Designs against the great Draftss to help you choose the better one for your requirement between either of the two unlimited graphic design services.

The evaluation in the given review article is based upon the factors like the variations and quality of the portfolio of the two service providers, ease of the process followed by the two agencies & the process of designing, the quality of the designs produced, the average turnaround time, as well as upon other add-on services offered by the two.

Draftss – Overview

Draftss is a graphic design and web development service provider which comes with some of the most lucrative and amazing deals for its clients to opt for and fulfill their requirements with perfection. It also offers you to have a complete designing team at your service without you hiring any graphic designer on the basis of subscription packages.

Thus, it serves to be a great option for founders, developers, startups, freelancers, and design & development agencies to get their projects worked out without making any efforts.

Drfatss is cost-effective, efficient, and an easy to subscribe option for the brands looking out for some amazing services and thus it makes up for the scarcity of good resources on the end of the brands. Further, the subscription package for graphic designing services starts at just $89 per week. In addition, Draftss is backed by a number of reviews, for its flexibility, consistency, & speedy services.

Limitless Designs – Overview

Limitless Designs is a service provider which caters to a number of types of brands and domain of the industries. With low-cost packages and a graphic designing team, Limitless Designs has fetched a good name for its services in the market. Limitless Designs claims to offer a good support service for its clients and has just one type of service – unlimited graphic designing service. It also equips the clients with a dedicated designer who can be asked for an unlimited number of designs for the time period the package has been subscribed for.

Limitless Designs has been in the industry for quite some time now and has a good and broad portfolio. The pricing is however competitive and the services seem to be qualitative too but are limited.


Pricing  – Draftss vs Limitless Designs

Draftss comes with a subscription-based pricing model – a model which is completely based on subscription lets the service provider, as well as the client, enjoy the freedom. The subscription model lets the clients enjoy the flexibility to downgrade, upgrade, or cancel the package at any moment.

Both the services charge a one-time fee, for different intervals at Draftss as it comes with weekly, monthly, as well as Quarterly subscription packages. Another major difference being in this factor analysis is how competitive the monthly fees for the services are.

Draftss Subscription Cost

Draftss has a great pricing model. It lets you enjoy the flexibility as well as the weekly plans which makes it easier for the client to get the short term projects worked upon. It offers its clients to subscribe for Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly & specially customized Annual Plans.

Do you know that Draftss just rolled out its free trial option for its monthly and quarterly plans!

Draftss also equips its clients with unlimited tasks & revisions in all of its packages. While every other competitor in the market equips the clients with just one designer, Draftss comes to rescue its clients from bad designs with a dedicated team of managers & designers. With a very wide range of services like human illustrations, web & app UI/UX, & much more at just $89/week, Draftss serves to be a one stop solution for the many needs of the clients.

Draftss caters to everyone and it clearly is visible over the pricing section which has a number of options for the packages to choose from. Draftss caters to established businesses of all sizes as well as startups. In comparison with all the other services, the subscription prices are fairly low and affordable which makes it easy for the clients to subscribe and get the projects worked out swiftly with a highly skilled team.

Limitless Designs’ Subscription Cost

Subscribing to a package at Limitless Designs is easy and a little cheaper. But cheap is not always the best one. With less cost associated with the packages at Limitless Designs, it comes with some compromises a client needs to make while getting the value out of the package thus subscribed. For instance, a number of service providers start to lag in the quality of the services, turnaround time, number of designers, additional services, and other similar services. Limitless Designs comes with a subscription fee that is lower than that of Draftss but has to compromise on the services which Draftss gives like a team of graphic designers, quick turnaround time, dedicated project manager, and other exclusive benefits. It also comes with just one designer to help and assist the client and work over the designs.

Limitless Designs offer two packages which are unlimited graphic designing service packages with two pricing tiers. The first one comes at a price of $179 monthly while the other one comes to the clients with a price of $299 on a monthly basis. At the same time, Limitless Designs comes with another package for just $49 to work on just one project to take care of the clients with only one specific need. Although it might not be a good option when compared with the weekly package of the Draftss which in turn would give out more value.


Services Offered by Draftss & Limitless Designs

Need designs? Firstly, you need to get on a portal. Secondly, put in your time, efforts & in some cases, subscription costs of the portal too. Thirdly, you might hire a freelancer, put in your time, effort, money, & finally, you might get a good design.

Offerings by Draftss Design Team

Draftss comes in a very simplified manner with all the services and management in place. Due to a number of support services it has got throughout the process, working with Draftss becomes very easy, compact, and a smooth structural workflow in making great designs. Smoothness and ease additionally add to the speed and quality of the designs being worked out.

With a complete design team comprising of designers who hold expertise in a number of domains, clients get to have great designs in multiple formats and options to choose from. With a very comfortable, open, and wide range of collaboration tools and platforms, the complete process becomes effortless for clients & assures nothing less than great designs! The on-boarding process at Draftss make it even more easier for the clients to quickly get on-board with the platform.

Offerings by Limitless Designs Team

The original designs offered by Limitless Designs seem to be decent. Limitless Designs seems to have a good structure of services to offer to its clients and is equipped with resources to work on a number of services. But more important is to know which aspects it doesn’t cater to.

Services OfferedDraftssLimitless Designs
Letterheads ✔️✔️
Branding With Brand Guide✔️
Human Illustrations✔️✔️
T-Shirt Design✔️✔️
Book/E-book Cover Design✔️✔️
Banner Ads✔️✔️
Social Media✔️✔️
Pitch Deck✔️
Podcast Cover✔️
Photo Retouching✔️
Web UI/UX Design✔️
App UI/UX Design✔️
WordPress Development✔️
White Labeling Services✔️
Album Covers✔️✔️
Amazon Graphics✔️
Background Removal✔️
Label Designs✔️✔️
Business Cards✔️✔️
Menu Cards✔️✔️
Post Cards✔️
Powerpoint Templates✔️
Promotional Items✔️✔️
Hero Images✔️
Gutenberg Builder✔️
Beaver Builder✔️
Divi Builder✔️
WP Bakery✔️
Visual Composer✔️
Oxygen Builder✔️
Landing Pages✔️
Trade Show Graphics✔️
Email Designs✔️
Wireframe Template✔️
Billboard Designs✔️✔️
Sticker Design✔️✔️
Google Display Ads✔️✔️
Blog Design✔️✔️
Photo Manipulation✔️
Disk Cover✔️

Draftss acts as a one-stop solution for all the designing as well as coding needs for its clients with a vast range of services & offerings. It offers services like Graphic Designing, Logo, Web UI/UX, App UI/UX, Complex Illustrations, Pitchdecks, Podcast Covers, Banner Ads, etc.

Draftss also serves all the technological needs of the clients by supporting a wide variety of software programs like CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, Powerpoint, Keynote, WordPress & Page builders.

In other terms, Draftss can get anything done for you if it is possible to design it in the supported software programs.

In addition, Draftss has been in the industry for the last 10 years and has successfully served a number of leading businesses. The best quality of Draftss is:

  • Highly responsive
  • Fast in its services
  • Equipped with a very strong team of designers and coders

The service provider supports its clients with not just one designer or two but with a complete team of designers and a dedicated manager that works on the designs without any efforts from the client’s end. The client is presented with a number of design concepts before the team starts working on one and hence keeps up with the requirements of the client.


Portfolio  – Draftss vs Limitless Designs

An impressive portfolio is integral to let the visitors, who can be your potential clients, know that you’re great at what you do. Portfolio images are a great way to tell them that they can rely on the services and the work done in the past is itself the testimony for it.

Portfolio of Draftss

Draftss has developed a portfolio that is highly extensive & versatile. With a very wide range of services Draftss works into, the portfolio itself becomes very rich and diverse with multiple types of designs as well as concepts to look upon. Some of the great designs on the portfolio of Draftss come from logos, packaging, branding, characters & illustrations, web & app UI/UX, merchandise, & merchandise.

Each of the presented artwork is a masterpiece. Also, some of the past clients and their testimonies are enough to know how well has Draftss been able to work on the project allotted to it and has enhanced the brand image for itself in the market with great designs and comfortable services with highly affordable cost. Not only the designing team at Draftss is highly reliable but the detailed development of the designs also adds to their value.

Portfolio Of Limitless Designs

The irony is that Limitless Designs has worked on some very limited projects. At least that’s what their portfolio seems to say about them. Although they’ve covered very few but significant areas of the requirement of graphic designing, it isn’t enough for the clients looking for a complete package of solutions. Therefore, graphic designing at Limitless Designs might be good but the portfolio lacks the strength to talk about it and say it loud.


Quality – Draftss vs Limitless Designs

Quality at Draftss

Draftss believes in producing great designs & not just good designs. Draftss thus has got a team of designers with each one of the designers holding expertise over some aspect of designs and not all. This makes it easy for Draftss to transfer the request of the design to the designer who is an expert at it and not to the one who is just good at everything. This helps the clients to get every design worked at Draftss as a masterpiece and have the best of the quality designs in the industry.

Draftss also serves its clients with amazing customer support. Draftss collaborates with the clients over a number of platforms which makes it easier for clients to collaborate, unlike other platforms. Keeping the clients updated and completely in the loop of the designing process makes it easy & reliable for clients to have the designers at their service. Draftss also let the clients avail the facility to talk to the designer over the voice call for better understanding and to deliver the best experience for the customer support throughout the process.

Quality at Limitless Designs

Limitless Designs seems to be trying to become the master of all. With the amazing customer support, it claims to have, good designers on-board it has got according to its statements, and fair testimonies it has received, it showcases itself to be a great choice for the ones looking to have some really good designs. However, it would be an amazing time to see if it can stand to what it has to claim.

Limitless Designs also promises a very quick turn-around time, highly skilled designers which will be allocated to each of the clients, as well as the easy process of designing. The major problem that the clients might have to face in between the process of designing is that the designers allocated to the clients might not be very skilled and expert at the what they do, and the service provider may not be able to equip you with the expert designer again and again as the domain of the design keep changing. There is also a possibility that the service provider might not even be able to allocate a designer who works well over a certain task if is already occupied with something else.


Design – Draftss vs Limitless Designs

Both the service providers claim to offer a highly skilled and expert design team with different clauses and terms. On one hand, where Draftss delivers highly qualitative graphic designs and quick services, Limitless Designs claims to have the best of the designers available worldwide to assist their clients.

Design at Draftss

Designers at Draftss are dedicated and very attentive to whatever they are working on. Attentiveness and sharpness are the two major skills the designers at Draftss possess. Designers from Draftss seem to pay more close attention to the details of the designs. All the details and expertise of the designers can be clearly judges by having a look at the portfolio with highly refined particulars where you can see how much attention has been put into all the designs by the designing team at Draftss.

Every subscription package of Draftss also comes with an entire creative design team working for the clients. Thus, it becomes easy for the clients to have only the best designer for the task working on it and not someone who possesses expertise in a different domain.

Design at Limitless Designs

On the other hand, Limitless Designs comes with three design packages, two out of which are unlimited designing packages and the third one being the one for the singular requests. Although the subscription packages are good and seem to offer quality with fewer costs involved, they fail to offer value. On one hand, where Draftss seems to offer a complete design team for the clients to their service with an additional dedicated project manager with not limitation of the range of designs, Limitless Designs comes with just the one designer allocated each of its plan as well as limitation bat each step while talking about the range of the designs.


Development – Draftss vs Limitless Designs

Development is another major aspect of comparison for the two leading service providers. Draftss makes it easy for its clients to do more upon the same platform. It helps the clients on both the fronts of design as well as web development of the design. On the other hand, Limitless Designs seems to lack on the front of the development among several others.

Development at Draftss

Draftss not only designs apps & web UI/UX for startups, founders, entrepreneurs, & businesses but also helps in the development of the designed particulars. This feature is very unique to Draftss and can be found rarely with any competitor agency. Draftss works well on the critical factors of designing, speed, mobile responsiveness, & overall health of the digital platforms of its clients. Further, the list of services of Draftss helps the clients build upon the software programs like HTML/CSS, WordPress, Page Builders, & Elementor, among many others. Thus, providing the solution for the development of the designs & web platforms, Draftss has a big edge here over other similar service providers in the industry. A business may avail both the facilities from Draftss and may not have to look for two different options to get a design from one and get the development done from another. 

No Development at Limitless Designs

Limitless Designs comes with a limitation, that is web development. Although the service provider might provide good designing services, it does not serve its clients with the web development of the web designs developed. Therefore, it becomes a little difficult for clients to expect more from Limitless Designs.


Process  – Draftss vs Limitless Designs


Every business runs on hectic schedules and wasting time is no option for any businessman either. This is the major reason why the tasks of graphic designing and coding which requires extreme attention and carefulness needs to be outsourced.

The on-boarding process at Draftss is therefore very easy! One can go upon the website and fill up the on-boarding form with the subscription package of choice. Best thing here is that Draftss offers you a weekly plan which is rarely available with the competitors. Draftss will get back to you with your dedicated project manager and the design team. Further, do nothing else! Sit back, watch your ideas getting designed, & finalize whenever you think it’s what you want.

The process of onboarding at Limitless Designs is similarly easy too. One can go upon their website and choose a monthly plan. Sadly, Limitless Designs has no weekly plans available. Next is to fill up the on-boarding form and start requesting your designs over the emails.

Task Submission

Draftss believes in making things easier for the clients and thus it has a channel for all and operates on a number of platforms. Therefore, one can use E-mail, Trello, Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, and just about every other project management tool that you have been using OR the submission form by Draftss to submit your design tasks. Thus, Draftss makes the submission process very handy & easy for the clients.

However, Limitless Designs operates only through email. Thus, it accepts the design request only via these channels. This process of task submission makes it a little less handy and less easy for the clients to submit their requests and communicate more frequently.


The clients of Draftss are highly satisfied with the services and have been very positive about the graphic designs and development services they’ve been served with. It’s not necessary that the first design Draftss puts before you is the one you like. Therefore, Draftss has a policy to offer unlimited revisions. You don’t like it? No problem! Draftss will revise it.

Limitless Designs also offers to get as many revisions done as required. Although, the revision process takes additional time taking even longer to complete the task.


At Draftss, until the design is not satisfactory, the design is not finalized! The design is delivered in the most suitable format mentioned upon the platform through email, dropbox, or google drive.

Limitless Designs delivers all the designs as soon as they’re finalized but only through the email. They offer a fair choice of formats for the designs to be available in.


Communication – Draftss vs Limitless Designs

Communication plays an essential factor to keep the design process smooth and hassle-free. Especially when the two competitors are competing over the service of unlimited graphic designing packages, communication and the factor of time become even more critical to the value that a client can expect to get out of the services being provided and the price being paid. One who has a high number of design projects, miscommunication only delays the schedule which means less number of designs. 

Communication at Draftss

Having one platform for collaboration with your team of designers plays a very important role in the smoothness of the design process and delivery of great designs. To provide ease and not confine the clients with limited options, Draftss offers its clients to communicate with the design team over a single chain of E-mails, Slack, WhatsApp, & a number of other project management tools.

This plays a major role in keeping up with the expectations of the clients going ahead in the right direction in close coordination with the clients. The design team is highly responsive & quick to provide the required assistance. Customer support never fails to satisfy and always tries to deliver the expected value out of each package you choose. The expertise of the design team also helps the clients have their specific design solutions delivered on time making their experience better.

Communication at Limitless Designs

Limitless Designs doesn’t come with a dashboard as every other service provider in the industry does. It accepts all the design requests via mail and take the process ahead over the mail thread. Therefore, one can only expect to be served via mail and to work with their team & go along the designing process with them. The team claims to have a good customer support but sadly does not offer any means to talk to the designers through any other channel of verbal or textual form.


Turnaround Time Per Task 

When we talk about unlimited designing services packages, time has a very important role to play in the fulfillment of the services and customer experience. Turnaround time is inversely proportional to the number of designs worked as lesser is the turn-around time more is the number of the designs that can be expected by the service provider.

Turnaround at Draftss

Draftss provides a realistic turnaround time for the most common design tasks and for other specific tasks, it depends on the complexity of the design. Although, Draftss does not take more than approximately 2-3 days on an average to finish most of the graphic design tasks, smaller tasks may be delivered even earlier. Simpler tasks take lesser time, complex tasks take more time. You can checkout the turnaround time for all types of tasks here.

Turnaround at Limitless Designs

Although the service provider claims to have a turn-around time of 24 hours, a number of users claim to have experienced long delays in the delivery of the tasks and not being able to avail the complete value from a subscription package. They also mention upon their web platform that although they try their best to complete a design within 24 hours, they might experience longer waiting hours to complete the design based on the complexity of the task.


Whitelabel – Draftss vs Limitless Designs

White Labeling Services at Draftss

White labeling services provided by Draftss is a big add-on service for its partners. New businesses are often dealing with strict budgets and shortages of resources. This may give the firms only two choices: first is to hire better designers and coders and bear extra costs or the second one which is to outsource the task to a firm that is already packed up with expert designers and coders.

Thus, Draftss lets the partner firms use its design & development services with the partners’ mark upon the services. The services to the partners are offered at a very affordable subscription price. The entire team at Draftss works as a team of the partner before the clients with full dedication. This helps the client to have the efficiency & quality assurance of Draftss to bring goodwill for the partner with no heavy budgets and no extra efforts. 

It is always a good idea to outsource while the partner firm gets ready to bring in the required resources and a team of designers. It helps to avoid the resources of the firm getting diluted by spending huge on the designers who possess absolute brilliance to design and work out the tasks without compromising on the quality of services like Draftss. Thus, partner firms need to make no upfront investment, need to go through no hiring process, and require no design team. The partner just needs to serve the clients with just a very quick & highly affordable subscription!

Draftss comes with an affiliate program also which is very easy to sign up and get enrolled into. Hence with the great services of Draftss and the skills of the affiliate, one can make plenty of profits through the program.

White Labeling Services at Limitless Designs

Limitless Designs does not offer any white labeling service but it comes with an affiliate program that can be applied for through its web platform. The service provider gives out 15% commissions for every deal made and thus pays the affiliates.


What to Choose? 

Draftss and Limitless Designs wasn’t much of a competitive review. With a number of limitations in working out the projects, Limitless Designs has definitely got some disadvantages to offer for its clients in exchange for the packages lesser in price.

Draftss seems to make the process of communication highly smooth and easy by allowing the clients to communicate through a number of channels. Clients always have an option to talk to the team over a call which is not available with Limitless Designs.

In addition, Draftss allocates a complete team of designers where specific designers can perform specific tasks while Limitless Designs may compromise on it by allocating just one designer for all the tasks to cater for a client. Thus, the close attention & specific details Draftss & the designers cater to gives it an extra edge over Limitless Designs. 

One of the major problems a client may face would also be the turn-around time taken by the designers at Limitless Designs. Not receiving a task on time is actually a big turn-off for the clients. Also, the subscription packages of Draftss are highly attractive and affordable in comparison with Limitless Designs even after being a little higher on price.

Therefore, the quick service and keeping up with the promises makes Draftss a great choice for clients of diverse backgrounds and fields. Also, the wide range of services & very easy on-boarding with Draftss makes it a one-stop & easy solution for the business, startups, & entrepreneurs to go forth with their highly affordable & diversified subscription packages. 

Limitless Designs only offers monthly plans while Draftss also offers weekly subscription packages. These packages tend to enhance the feasibility and cost effectiveness for the clients. Weekly subscription packages can be used to get designs quickly without holding on to the long term packages being left unused for rest of the time and thus stay a burden on the budget. A number of clients tend to fail to be able to get complete value out of their monthly packages because of the less requirement they have for the designs to be worked out.

Now that you are here, Draftss has got a present for you! Avail a discount of 25% OFF with Draftss & enjoy the amazing designing & development on any quarterly or monthly plans! Use the coupon code “BEST” to avail this offer on your first subscription.

To subscribe for plans & packages offered by Draftss, sign up here!