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Designing your business with Draftss

draftss graphic design service

There has been a lot of buzz about the graphic design services the industry has been producing. With over a hundred new emerging brands, every other company is looking towards the success and reaching up at the peak. The decade is turning around and so is the marketing. Digital marketing had taken the world to storm and now is the time, Graphic Design does it again.

Among the many names that have popped up into the industry, Draftss is the name that has come up with a storm of packages, plans, options and opportunities. With over a bundle of packages and plans, diversified portfolio and easy-quick services. Draftss has been successful in making its clients feel the need to come and make it happen for the organisation again and again.

draftss logo design

What is Draftss?

With a package owned, you can do wonders with the services they provide. You put a design request, which goes into the system and is assigned to a professional designer. Approvals, edits and implementations, everything on your fingertips.

How could you not love a company with the services so easy and hassle-free. To add the ease to your experience, you even get a dedicated project manager for you with unlimited revisions of your designs.

Things you won’t get anywhere else:

Design Team:

draftss graphic design team

How about getting a team for all your designs and brainstorming ideas? Don’t run after people, just get a package from Draftss and you get a team ready for all your designing tasks. Draftss provide a team of designers that work and brainstorm for your requirements to ensure the best results for you.

Dedicated Project Manager:

draftss project manager

A dedicated project manager, only for you is what you get complementary with the package you purchase. To make the experience better and smooth with a process hassle free, there’s nothing more than a person dedicated for your task with the know-how of the dimensions.

Unlimited Revisions:

unlimited graphic design revisions

You finalised it for you and later realised if it could have been better. You need to worry only if you do not have a package with Draftss. Make it again and again, and as many agains you want until you aren’t satisfied. Draftss equip you unlimited revisions for your designs until you finalise it and are ready to showcase it before your audience.

Diverse Portfolio:

Art isn’t something you can choose from a limited optioned slide and this is what Draftss has eradicated for you. With a diverse and varied form of portfolio Draftss has in its bucket, to you stops no boundary and your imagination is free to fly with the wings Draftss give to you.


Draftss care for you, with not only your designs but also with your needs. To support the better designing services for your business, Draftss has come up with a varied range of plans and packages you can choose from, stuffed with services no other platform can imagine of. From small businesses to the grown-up ones, we at Draftss have it for you.


The customer service gracious, friendly and attentive is something which adds up to your experience with Draftss. Being equally friendly and professional at the same time is something Draftss has mastered upon. They have that young, fun entrepreneurial vibe.

The power in your hands:

  1. Logo & Branding
  2. Stationary
  3. T-shirt Designs
  4. Social Media Graphics
  5. Web UI
  6. Mobile App UI
  7. Packaging Designs
  8. Infographics
  9. News Letters
  10. Quote Cards
  11. Banner Ads
  12. Post Cards
  13. Books & CD covers
  14. Illustrations
  15. Icons
  16. Flyers & Posters
  17. Brochures
  18. Blog Post Images
  19. Power-point Designs
  20. Merchandise
  21. Billboard Designs
  22. Background Removal
  23. Restaurant Menu Cards
  24. Everything else you can imagine!

The only thing you need to do to avail the long list of features and services is to get the package, submit your request, revise and finalise. For everything else, we at Draftss are always there to help your designs out for you.