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Designing Filters to Trend on Social Media

May it be businesses, influencers, or big brands, social media platforms have turned out to be a magnificent place. Social media handles such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube have emerged as a marketing trend. These days, filters on social media are in style. Brand awareness is established by engaging directly with the audience. The more entertaining content helps in reaching out to maximum number of people.

We all know how popular Instagram is in the world of social media these days. It has gained its very own place in every other mobile phone. Isn’t it? This application has so many features that always have a good place in the hearts of its users. The features like IGTV, hashtags, boomerangs, and DMs have been a sure shot hit. The banning of Tik Tok has resulted in the up-gradation of Instagram reels which is a perfect replacement for Tik Tok. This feature adds up to Instagram, giving a boom to the world of social media. 


How filters on social media can enhance brand awareness:

Come, let us see how these eye changing features of the filters will increase your fan base and global reach:

> A long list of filters and AR effects makes it popular in the eyes of users. Firstly, AR stands for Augmented Reality. This AR makes the usage contemporary and fun. The main feature of AR effects is to enhance real-world objects or selfies by using computer-generated graphics.

A clear example can be the dog filter, devil signs or hat filter, and many more by Snapchat. Although these filters are not only limited to the fun. But, if used professionally by the businesses can bring a good amount of consumers. However, customization here is a key factor.   

> Helps in building a connection with the targeted audience group. The filter has to be both interactive and entertaining. It helps in increasing engagement as interactive filters reach out to a wider audience through stories. Approximately, 500 million accounts engage via stories.

So, a filter should be designed in such a way keeping in mind the business strategies, brand identity, and a message that the brand is up to conveying to the general public. Additionally, sharing these filters by uploading stories can hike up the engagement.

For instance, contests could be held to boost engagement through filters. Audience or followers can be encouraged to tag your brand on their stories using the same filter. They should be encouraged by seeing the attractive, entertaining, and creative filters to participate in the competition or contest.

> Unique brand identity finds a way to be showcased. It helps in creating a great corporate identity. A customized AR filter depicts the tone and message of the brand. Additionally, if brand logo or mascots are used within the filter, helps in creating brand awareness.


Examples of creating Filters to trend on social media:

Instagram has a wide range of filters for each category of mood. But how does filter help in boosting up the marketing tactic? So, what goes unnoticed in this something more unique. How can filters tend to be unique? So, sometimes we post stories on Instagram to gain engagement.

It has a long list of filters, like the starry night, fire crown, big mood, and many more. It has the filters that suit your mood well, that is funny filters for a hilarious touch in the picture, and selfies effects too to enhance your gorgeous appearance.

Moreover, brands do not use these moody filters for dreamy selfies. They create the filters for their brand. This is the smartest way to engage with the audience group.

  1. Quizzical attraction, or the QNA filter: The Q&A filter is in constant trend. The series of questions are asked by the pages and further answered by the users as well. This filter can be a novel way to engage customers.
  2. Games: Game filters are so popular these days. A spark is added to the glowing selfie while adding a twist of games to make it more entertaining. This can be used to drive a mutual benefit. Brand awareness is established and an entertaining element attracts the consumer.


How to create filters to trend on social media:

Filters are today’s necessity. Or it can be said that filters are tomorrow’s digital landfill. Now how can we boost up our reach using these AR filters? So, to add value to the brand, how filters can be designed creatively to enhance brand awareness. Let us have look at how aesthetic and AR filters can be created

  1. Spark AR Studio allows the marketer or user to create an AR filter. Hence, download Spark AR Studio.
  2. To get familiar with the platform, its usage, and interface, take a tutorial from the learning center within the application. Endless experiments can be made while learning as well.
  3. Meanwhile, a sample can be created as well. Adding twists, like 3D objects, can also be facilitated. The simulator can be used to preview your work. Additionally, the screen panel can be used, where you can edit your filters.
  4. Some templates can be used to create a project that you find interesting and relatable. Experiment using audio, creating certain glitch effects, face tracking filters for certain responses too can be a great hit.
  5. The filter is now completed. It can be tested by uploading stories on Facebook or Instagram. However, Spark AR Player Application can be used to preview and test.
  6. As soon as you press the Upload button in the bottom left-hand corner, the effect won’t be published. The screening of the filter takes place. The filters only get published, if it meets the policies and guidelines of the Spark AR.

Most importantly do not forget to impart unique values and elements of your business. The message that you as a brand are trying to deliver to the targeted consumer group using social media should be fulfilled.