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Design UI UX for InfluxDB & Prometheus as a Service

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on demand design and code as a service (updated screenshot)

Hello Founders,

We are covering Fully Managed and Hosted InfluxDB and Prometheus as a Service for our feedback round. Here are a few suggestions to improve the current version of the landing page UI/UX:

  • To start with, I think the header of the website is the best as compared with other sections of the website
  • You should reduce the empty space between “Use you favorite StatsD lib…” and the text box
  • Change the color of ‘Get Started’ button to Blueish Purple Color that can be seen in the Logo
  • Did you try a version of the landing page where the sample code on the right-hand side has a color theme? Maybe using a default color theme of Sublime Text so that more developer can relate to it as a friendly and easy code to use.
  • The signup button on the nav bar should have rounded corners
  • The nav-bar should have links to the features section which scrolls down to the features section
  • The dividing line above the ‘We take the hassle out of it!’ could be smaller. No need to stretch it till the end of the page

“We take hassle out of it” section:
— Increase the line spacing in the title ‘Focus on your product…’
— The features below could be bigger so that less empty space is visible
— The list of features inside, like “setting up can…” and other similar ones can come in bullet points or relevant icons before them
— The image on the right should have round corners

“Get up and running in under 15 minutes” section:
— Increase the size of the icons
— Add descriptive text underneath all the 3 titles just like you have it for ‘Watch your Data stream’
— Change the “and” in the section title to “&” so it looks shorter.
— Change the color of section title to white

  • “You want to get the job done…” text looks very cramped up… maybe reduce the text or add more line spacing
  • Change the color of the red fish to blueish purple from the logo
  • Remove the extra space from the top and bottom in the ‘Ready to get started’ section
  • Change the font of ‘Most Popular’ to something else. No Comic Sans Please! 🙂
  • Personally, maybe try re-doing the complete pricing section
  • The footers seem like it has been left out. Maybe add a white version of the logo in the footer and some contact details and social links

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