Is Minimalism Always Preferred in Graphic Design?

Jobs in the Graphic Design industry are rising in demand day by day. However, this results in a massive competition of the design and among all the designers out there. In case you are a new designer venturing upon the path of digital art and design aesthetics, one of the significant pieces of advice you might have received is probably opting for minimalism.

Before deciding on how to apply minimalism, you may have wondered what it is exactly. Or why is it so high in demand? Let us take a brief look around the use of minimalism in graphic design to explore this. The other question that most designers often find fostering inside them, is minimalism always preferred?

To answer that, we should take a look at what minimalism generally implies in graphic designs. Then what is required considering is what precisely a professional designer should opt for while collaborating with clients.

What is minimalism in graphic design?

Graphic design requires the use of software and tools to create illustrations. The visual aesthetic of a minimalistic design lies in the use of less style and more of the principle of design. Usually, minimalism uses only the essential tools and shapes and a minimal palette.
The sole objective of a minimalist design is to create a unique design using fewer elements. In other words, less is more!

Going for minimalism can bring much aesthetic appeal to your designs. It can make you stand out if you can think outside the box and use less material to depict a powerful and engaging content.
The most vital thing one ought to remember is to use less but meaningful designs. Thus, the white space you are providing into your illustration should be planned and impart a sense of utility. When you are deliberately opting for fewer materials, use only those strokes which add to the utility!

A minimalistic design can speak volumes where a lot of strokes or colors fail. However, it is important to be strategic regarding the placement of colors and strokes.

Designing the outlook of a webpage or a blog

While most of the designing hacks would probably suggest you to go for minimalism whenever applicable, what you require understanding is that the mood or purpose of your design matters.
While creating a landing page layout for any website or blog, your chief motive should be to project its agenda through your design. In other words, it is recommendable to have a design that suits the mood of the product or service being provided.

Take, for example; you are designing the landing page of a tour company. Let’s say they are seeking clients for a vacation to any tropical islands or somewhere like that. Your design should speak or reflect a holiday mood in this case. If you put up a somber and minimalistic design, it might not attract many potential clients!

Some landing pages are more suited for minimalism while others are not.

It is not to say that a holiday mood or a party mood can only be created through a jumbled assortment of fonts and images! However, it is best if you reserve a minimalistic outlook for a more formal setting.

Incorporation of colors

While it is a fact that too much of anything can spoil the whole setting, but underusing of elements might not always have the desired effect either.

It can be more effectively understood for a logo design. While it is recommendable that you should limit the number of colors to a maximum of two to three, however, a minimalist logo design would demand you to limit it to one.

What You Can Do?

In case only one color suits your logo’s purpose and can be used to depict the brand agenda in the desired manner of projection, then it is recommendable to go on with it. However, there are cases there only one color might appear bland or have a missing visual appeal. In those cases, it is wiser to incorporate two or three colors to project the required vibes.

Often, more colors can be incorporated according to the needs and requirements of the company. Minimalism is not a rigid rectangular box within which you have to stay confined. As a designer, it is up to your discretion to afford to use a minimalistic principle and where you should not.

Do not shy away from using different techniques to explore around!

It would be completely wrong to state that minimalism is the best designing technique for any graphical illustration. Minimalism in graphic designs is only one of several strategies you can use to grow as an artist.

It is advisable to aim for a perfect blend of different types of aesthetics as per the requirements. In case you want to provide unlimited graphic design services, it becomes essential that you practice various kinds of designs and use your creativity to master them!
Ultimately, designing is an art. Just like any other art form, there is no right way to do it! If your style is a minimalistic one, and if you can pull off different moods and aesthetics with that, then that’s fine. However, if you cannot, it is recommendable not to fret over it. Better to harness your creative skills to explore other illustration principles as well!


Creating A Corporate Identity With Graphic Designs

If you are a new entrepreneur in any industry, you must be aware of branding’s growing need. Customers are drawn more to any manufacturer or service provider’s corporate identity before purchasing or signing any contract.

Being an entrepreneur, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that your target consumers receive the image you want them to. It forms an essential basis for the branding of your company. Taking it one notch further would be to create a complete corporate identity with graphic design!

Displaying yourself to the targeted set of audience through a visual identity comprises a successful corporate identity creation! In this case, it is advisable to bear in mind that your firm should have a separate identity, different from its owner(s).

The presentation of the firm depends on the graphic solution you can provide. It is recommendable to have it recognizable and could be told apart from your competitors. It is wise to avail of graphic design as a service for this purpose.

There are notably three main components in creating a corporate identity for your company! They are the logo design, business cards, and memorandum. However, certain secondary elements also include designs in notebooks, pens, T-shirts, envelops, and other merchandise.

However, the critical feature lies in establishing a particular style and connecting all your graphic designs according to it. Under this light, it is better to hire a permanent designer or unlimited graphic design packages from designing companies!

Designing the logo

Your logo is the symbol with which the potential clients will associate your company. There are specific features a logo should endorse.

The first thing that is advisable regarding logo design is that it should be simple yet engaging. An average person should be able to comprehend most of it in one look. If your logo becomes too intricate and difficult to remember, the chances are that your potential clients may forget about it.

On the other hand, creating a simple design does not mean it has to be bland. The design should be engaging or have an elegance about it that would draw the layman’s eyes.

It is advisable not to leave the logo to any amateur. Since it is a symbol for your company name and the way you wish to be viewed, it is recommendable to handle it with utmost care. Please hire professional designers who provide custom logo design services to ensure the graphical representation’s rich quality!

Moreover, it is recommendable to make changes to your logo with time. You cannot stick to the same design forever. Making subtle changes to your logo to show a sense of upgrade helps in acquiring several potential customers! It promotes a sense of progress and keeping up with the times.

The key to a good logo is that it should be remembered

Landing pages are not to be missed!

Okay, so once your potential client remembers your logo, sees your advertisement, what do they do? They probably lookup for your company name in a search engine or social media accounts!
The second most essential feature of a corporate identity is having a remarkable landing page, whether for your websites and blogs or your promotional social media pages. It is because the first impression you are going to create is through the landing page.

It is advisable to keep the outlook suitable for the kind of services you provide. In case you are giving home décor products or furniture, make your page aesthetically heightened. It is wise to incorporate the same colors as your logo into the landing page!

On the other hand, if you provide teaching or medical services, it is advisable to keep a minimalistic yet informative landing page.

In other words, let the design and outlook of the page describe your company—your services or products!
However, it is mandatory to maintain a similar style for all your pages. It helps in establishing a corporate identity that is unique to your company!

Your landing page is the first ground to attract potential clients.

Perfect growth hack for startups!

A corporate identity is an ideal growth hack when your firm is taking baby steps towards your goal. Including graphic designs as a form of marketing and advertisement enables you to gain much exposure.

While engaging in business cards or brochures, it is recommendable to use a similar mood and texture as you used on your landing page, albeit with some layout variation. However, a look at your business card should be sufficient to place you with your logo and landing page.

Secondary elements of corporate identity also act as an immense boost for your business growth! Designing of notebooks, pens, or T-shirts can help you expand your business, while at the same time and advertise your company name in other sectors as well.

It is recommendable to get hold of graphic designing firms that provide unlimited digital services to ensure an economically suitable growth investment.

For creating a successful corporate identity, it is essential to contact those service providers who would provide you packages for small businesses. It helps you grow more like a startup as you can avail of services at very reasonable prices.

For graphic designing services, you can always contact Draftss – a team of hard-working professionals who want their clients to climb the ladder to success! Make a visit at for some of the quality designing services.


Branding In Budget – A Solution For All

Nearly every goods and service in this modern-day world is a part of the monopolistic market or oligopolistic market. Since we can safely say that perfect competition markets do not exist, except in textbooks, for the simple reason that in practicality, it is not possible to have many sellers selling the same product under the same conditions, and having the same profit amount. Thus, what we normally have instead is a monopolistic competition (where the products are similar and can be used as perfect substitutes for each other, but the sellers have a monopoly or complete control over their brand name and they may say their product is somewhat different or better.

This difference may be in packaging or a claim that their quality is way better than other companies. For example, washing powders, mobiles, etc. Oligopolistic markets on the other hand are also very much dependent on brand value and each company has to distinguish itself.
So in these extremely competitive markets where each has to establish its company name to succeed and maximize their sales and profits, branding becomes very important. So, what exactly is branding? Merely adopting a brand name for an enterprise is not branding. That is merely a name at first, albeit it has to be meaningful and stand out among others. Branding occurs when you can advertise properly and make your brand name stand out among others through various methods. A company name becomes a brand when it develops an identity of its own.

To create this unique identity for your company, your company must transcend from being a mere company to a brand. It should strive to become popular and the goods or services provided should be known to the masses. However, while doing this, you must also remember your budget and should not expend too much that would lead to losses. That is very much undesirable.
So how do you do branding in the budget? Here are some top tips:

What’s in a name? Everything.

Since you do not have huge funds to spend over marketing, you must act wisely upon selecting a name. The name should be eye-catching, memorable even to the layman, and should set you apart from other sellers who might be trying to sell similar products. Think very minutely about what your company’s message is to the world, what are you manufacturing, what are the services you will be providing, and what emotions do you want your customers to evoke? After analyzing all of these, it is recommended that you select a name that can be remembered easily as well. If you want your business to expand, you need to make it easy for nearly everyone to be able to at least remember the name while doing a quick Google search or recommending to a friend who might need a similar service.

Try and give shorter names, but you may manipulate spellings and other things to make it quirky and stand out from the rest.

Your logo defines you too

Once you know what to call your brand, now you need to settle for a logo. This is important because a design often leaves an imprint in the minds of people far more than words can do. Now, the creation of a logo requires skill and dexterity over graphic design. There are plenty of companies that have experts in this such as Draftss, and they are there solely to provide graphic designing services. You can get your custom logo design services from them, at very reasonable prices. Of course, you should have some idea in your mind about what the logo should be, and it should have some significance to your company name or some other agenda you might be pursuing. Remember, custom logo design services are only there to give you technical skills and advice.

Also, remember that you will have a trademark to protect it. You don’t want fake companies to utilize your brand name or logo to tarnish your image. So the trademark is really important. You may also want to check out if other companies have already used your logo before and so you may avoid using them. Otherwise, if you are fixated on any one logo design which you think defines you the most but is already taken, then you need experts providing custom logo design services to create something more stunning by using a similar design structure.

This is an example of a simple and elegant design. Your logo should be easy to identify, and remembered. It should be simple and powerful.

You may create unique designs from basic shapes as well. Take the help of experts to guide you.

Build websites and blogs to promote

Internet is very popular and its widespread use can bring you an umpteenth advantage. You can just have a web page at first when your company is just taking off. Get hold of some good firms such as Draftss to provide you with graphic designing services by expert designers to create good website designs that will intrigue the readers into reading your content and take in your company essentials. Once your website starts attracting viewers and customers, you may take a step forward and then update it to provide e-commerce services as well.

You may also take the help of social media and blogs to help you promote. This is an effective branding method as when your advertisements or blog posts pop up to the viewers they might become biased towards your company due to the content you are providing them with. You may consult firms to help you with graphic design services so that your blog posts look more attractive.

Your web page designs should have good color combinations that are pleasant to the eyes.

These are just some basic tips on how you may do branding at a reasonable budget. In the world of designing as well as packages like unlimited graphic design services, it is easy to help your business and maximize your sales and thus create a unique identity or a brand for your business!

To learn more about promoting your business on twitter, learn more about it here.

improve your startup sales and grow with unlimited graphic design layouts

How to Improve Sales & Engagement with Graphic Design Layouts

Graphics have a profound impact on us because we are all visual creatures. Creating compelling visuals is one of the most effective ways to generate buzz around your brand. There are so many businesses in every industry, so you must stand out in a crowd. Think of your business as a shop in the mall. The first thing potential customers will see is your storefront. Then they will decide to enter your shop based on what they see in the storefront.

Graphics are the storefront for your digital platform. It’s what draws your customers in and convinces them that you are worth their attention.


With that said, let’s look at some of the best ways that businesses can improve sales with graphic design.

Graphics Demand Attention

Images are going to grab peoples’ attention because we are attracted to visuals. They are just naturally going to stand out and communicate a specific message. Your job is to make sure that it’s delivering the right message. The key is that the text can be boring. Everyone uses it, so it’s not going to stand out. You might get someone to read a single line before they move on. Images are much more hypnotic.

Graphics Hold Attention

Graphics will not only grab an audience’s attention, but they will hold it for much longer than text. The key is to communicate the right message, so here are the essential factors. For starters, every image has a specific goal. Look at Amazon’s logo as an example. The purpose of that image is to show viewers that they sell everything from A to Z.

Every graphic you create must have a defined goal. Then everything else will be designed around that goal.

Create a Better Understanding of Your Brand

Customers are going to have a much easier time understanding images, so they will be able to connect with your brand better than they would with text. Humans were communicating using hieroglyphs before we ever started using letters. Our brains are biologically wired to connect with visuals. So it’s safe to say that your business will improve sales with graphic design. This is also the reason why infographics have become the most popular method of presenting metrics to consumers.

Consumers will Remember your Message

Brands that become memorable tend to use multiple forms of visual media to ensure that their products and services can be easily memorized. We all tend to remember images much more profoundly than text. College students use visual cue cards to study for important tests because the images stick better than text alone. Brands should use pictures to create a message that radiates and stays with its target market. Of course, an image alone is not enough. The overall message must also be memorable.

Graphics Create an Emotional Response

People buy based on emotion, so any form of marketing that can generate an emotional response is going to increase sales. Colors are the main driving force behind the emotion portrayed by an image. We react to colors differently. For instance, blue is usually seen as more professional and gives us a sense of security. Red is generally associated with danger. Make sure that the image expresses your message on an emotional level.

How to Improve Sales with Graphic Design

By now I’m sure you are itching at the chance to research graphic design services to get the ball rolling but before you move on, let’s dive a little deeper into graphic design. This section is going to look at some of the best ways that you can use graphics to boost your sales.

  • Always start with a logo. This will become your signature and will foster a sense of recognition. Even if you have a logo, review it to ensure that it effectively portrays the overall message for your brand.
  • Make sure you use graphic design services or bring a designer on-board because you need to make sure that your images are impressive.
  • Design business cards, websites, and brochures that use images to capture the attention of your audience.
  • Use graphics when possible to communicate critical information with your audience. You’ll find that infographics work better than text alone. Designers will understand how to communicate messages through compelling graphics.

Graphic Design Plays a Vital Role in Business

We’ve already seen how graphic design will boost sales but let’s dive even deeper into this powerful marketing tool.

#1: It Establishes your Company Name

In its most basic form, branding is just the process of getting people to remember your company name and link it to a specific mindset. We use a logo to brand our message into the minds of an audience. This logo is placed everywhere and used in everything, from our website to business cards. Small businesses do not have a large budget for marketing, so they need to make the most of everything. Graphics are the most affordable way to generate name recognition.

#2: Build Trust With your Target Market

Graphics require a lot of thought and work to put together, so people are going to trust businesses that are linked to compelling visuals. The truth is that anyone can put together text on a page but it takes extra effort to design an infographic. Businesses can also use powerful images to highlight their products or services, showcasing them uniquely. These are all ways to earn a measure of initial trust.

#3: Conveys a Powerful Message

Graphic design is used to convey powerful messages to your target audience. This is one of the reasons why I highly encourage small businesses to seek professional help with looking to improve sales with graphic design. Professionals understand how to use colors and fonts to express certain emotions. The ability to evoke emotion is what defines exceptional marketing.

The Bottom Line

Graphic design in the future is going to become an even more significant part of marketing. We’re moving into an age where text advertisements are becoming obsolete. The text delivers valuable content to your target market, but if you want to grab their attention, then you need to turn to graphic design.