Web Design Tactics To Build Long Lasting Connections With The Visitors: Best 7 tactics

Have you ever seen catchy web design tactics on your feed and jumped right into that web page to know more about it? After which you went to similar news pages to know more about the same? This is something everyone experiences at least once. It is a great task to make the website attractive and to maintain a consistent bounce rate.

While designing a website, one should be aware of all kinds of optimization that draws back the user to the website repeatedly. Nobody prefers people who stay on the website only for a little period and never come back. A few regulars are always better than a few new people who don’t revert. That being said, these are the seven tactics to build long-lasting connections with the site visitors.

Make the website attractive

Nobody prefers a boring website. Even if the site doesn’t contain plenty of pop content make sure to keep the entire page user friendly and appealing. Everyone has their preferences but nobody dislikes elegance. Classy is never out of style. Create alluring designs on the page to attract users. Images, fonts and colours usually catch the consumers eye as soon as they enter the page.

Fast response website

Everybody despises to wait. The last thing that your website should be is slow. Just like time, users don’t wait for a web page to load. As they always have an option to jump to another page which is substandard but quick. Speed is the key. Make sure your site has it.

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Use multiple platforms to keep in touch

Just think of how many social media networks you use. Instead of thinking about the cons of these social networking sites, think about how you can use the same platforms to keep your users connected to your site. Instead of the contact forms like email address and phone numbers, try keeping in touch with your consumers via these networking sites.

Create a mobile-friendly website

The studies have shown that mobile phone usage has grown 504% higher since 2012. While making your website look trendy for the PC users, make sure you also consider the mobile view and its UI. The percentage of mobile users in today’s world is far more than a laptop or computer users. 

Avoid complicated redirects

First of all, redirects are the main cons of a website. Do not make the user hop from one page to another for your website service. The more intricate your site is, the fewer users tend to return to your website.

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Market using website subscriptions 

While using different platforms to keep your consumers updated, don’t forget the good old subscription method. The joy of receiving newsletters about favourite topics can’t be a bad thing at all. Include coupons, offers and much more to keep charming the users.

Customize the page for your user

What’s more special than feeling special? Value your consumer by using your web design tactics. Make them feel exceptional and happy. Make sure that your web design tactics display the contents concerning the users’ recent searches. Keep the trending contents next to the optimized visuals one of the most important web design tactics. This way the user will be delighted and will surely come back for more personalized input. 

Web design tactics - humritha

Over To You

In a world with quite 654 million websites on the web, it can feel impossible to face bent customers as a particular site with great things to supply. That’s why every website must build a private presence that caters to its specific audience.

Focus on finding a distinct segment industry where your website can thrive, then optimize the location to supply tailor-made content. Get to understand your audience on an emotional level through an internet site that’s designed and made with surveys, user-generated content, easy communication, and individualization.

At the top of the day, customers want websites to supply an experience that works for them. Achieve that, and they’ll keep returning for more.

best drawing tablets

The Best Drawing Tablets of 2020

In today’s tech-savvy world, there is extensive variety of best drawing tablets is available in the market. Before making the proper buy selection you need not to forget the factors which impact the quality and functionality of the best drawing tablets. Screen size, resolution, pen pressure level, the color accuracy of the screen, these are some of the very crucial factors that affect your choice and working experience.

Best drawing tablets can be categorized into three categories namely graphic tablet, pen displays, and tablet computers and each category accumulate its importance which provides great drawing experience to their users.

Either you are a total noob or a professional to the best drawing tablets, here is the list of Best drawing Tablets of 2020 which highlight the features of some very popular drawing tablets and will guide you in making a right choice.

List of Best drawing Tablets of 2020

Wacom Cintiq 22HD touch pen display

best drawing tablets

Wacom Cintiq is one of the most popular drawing tablets of the year. With multi -touch support, all in one display, it is Wacom’s one of the most innovative pen displays and comes in bundled with pen pro 2.

Technical details

  • Active area required: 19.5 x 11.5 inches
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Pen pressure sensitivity: 8,192 levels
  • Computer memory type: DDR3 SDRAM
  • Price: Rs. 1,45,000

This drawing tablet can run either Windows or macOS. To smoothen your work process, it has developed features to customize hotkeys and shortcuts to save time. It has a DVI port and a USB 2 port. Although cheaper alternatives are also available in the market, it is one of the worth buy products of Wacom level of quality at this price. Click here to buy now.

Samsung galaxy tab S4

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 drawing tablet

When it comes to design and looks, Samsung galaxy tab S4 is the best tablet of Samsung to date. It is one of the most expensive one in the Android tablets.

Technical details

  • Active area required: 7.65 x 5.04 inches
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1600
  • Pen pressure sensitivity: 4,096 levels
  • Connections: USB-C, Bluetooth, wi-fi
  • Price: Rs. 48,848

Samsung galaxy tab S4 gives extensive variety of flexibility to the users. It has an operating system Android 8.0, through which you can install many drawing apps on the device. Its dex software is designed to imitate a computer desktop, which means that it is also beneficial for regular working.

Wacom Intuos Pro

Wacom Intuos Pro pen tablet

Wacom Intuos Pro, comes in three sizes. They are small, medium and, large. Pen pressure sensitivity of all drawing tablets is 8,192 levels. It has feature of multi-touch fingertip gestures, so that you can easily zoom around your current document.

Technical details

  • Active area of Wacom Intuos Pro (small): 6.2 x 3.8 inches
  • Area of Wacom Intuos Pro (medium): 8.7 x 5.8 inches
  • Active area of Wacom Intuos Pro (large): 12.1 x 8.4
  • Operating System: Windows or macOS

It provides a great drawing experience. Each drawing tablet of Wacom Intuos Pro has its importance, small drawing tablet is best for beginners to develop their skills, a medium drawing tablet is best for designers and a large drawing tablet is best for artists and illustrators. It can be used wirelessly in addition to with a cord.

Huion H430P

Huion Inspiroy H430P: best drawing tablets

Huion h430P is a low-cost but very usable drawing tablet. It is affordable and provides you all the basics, hence it is a good option for the beginner to start practicing their skills without a big investment.

Technical details

  • Active area: 4.8 x 3 inches
  • Pen pressure sensitivity: 4,096 levels
  • Operating software: windows or macOS
  • Price: Rs. 2,599

Although the working area is small, the pen is sensitive enough to provide a creative user experience at entry-level.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9

Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch): best drawing tablets by Humritha

Apple iPad pro is one of the best drawing tablets for iOS. You need to pay more for an Apple pencil, but the drawing experience is great and artistic. apple pencil is tremendous and just perfect with the pressure sensitivity curve.

Technical details

  • Active area: 10.32 x 7.74 inches
  • Resolution: 2,732 x 2,048
  • Pen pressure sensitivity: not specified on the official website
  • Price: Rs. 1,34,900

The screen of this drawing tablet is LCD liquid retina and the right tone makes it gorgeous to see and work on. It has all screen and no longer have a trademark apple home button. The charging cord is although short, but if you have a budget then the Apple iPad pro is worth to buy and it is a drawing companion like no other.

Microsoft surface book 3

Microsoft Surface Book 3 by Humritha

In current scenario Microsoft surface book 3 is the best window tablet for drawing, but it is quite expensive. It is a premium product and impressively flexible.

Technical details

  • Active area: 11.25 x 7.5 inches
  • Resolution: 3000 x 2000
  • Pen pressure sensitivity: 4,096 levels
  • Operating system: windows 10 pro
  • Connections: wi-fi, Bluetooth, USB, USB-c

You have to pay more to buy the surface pen, but this will be a fantastic drawing tool and improve your productivity. The build quality and look of Microsoft surface book 3 is gorgeous.

Over To You

We tried to put a spotlight on some of the options. If you are new to this market, just be aware of that there are three different categories of a drawing tablets.

  • Graphic tablet, which you draw directly onto with stylus
  • Pressure-sensitive pen display, which is hooked up with computer monitor
  • Tablet computer, this can be adapted for drawing with an app.

You can use any of these drawing tablets to develop your skills and to produce incredible artwork.


Web Design + Psychology = Satisfied users?

Psychological Elements Of Effective Web Design

The Human Element

Users are merely like to be engaging and connecting with the application/web design if the designer empathizes with the user. The human factor is that becoming more and more important in the designing world. Often the designer keeps guessing about the users and hence produces something which doesn’t consider the user’s needs. One trick to ensure that we are designing for humans is to create a user persona. The designer can use fictional identities composed from researching about the users. We are required to create things people want.

The Comfort Of Usage

Here, the ‘feel’ needs to be taken into consideration. For any design to feel right, we have to ensure that it is comfortable to use. The design should be such that it is equally convenient for the user to operate the web page or application across all devices be it a PC, a laptop, or a mobile phone.

Graphic web design

Things To Consider

  1. Typography
  2. Contrast
  3. Colors
  4. Thumb patterns
  5. Real-life like motions

People are more likely to engage and continue using the product created by the web designer when it is comfortable to use and navigate.

Emotional Connect

The majority of designers get caught up in trying to strike multiple emotional chords with one product. A smarter thing is to do is, to focus on one emotional aspect and develop the design around it exceptionally well.

What Does The Web Design Need To Achieve? 

  1. Should create a relationship between users and the product.
  2. Should create relationships between the users.

One of the most popular ways of evoking emotions in the user is by using the color theory. Colors have such a massive effect on our moods.

Web Psychology

Color psychology and its emotional effects

“Color psychology is the study of hues as a determinant of human behavior.”

  1. Red: encourages appetite(hence often used in websites related to fast food), high in energy, and creates a sense of urgency, raises blood pressure, and increase heart rate.
  2. Blue: provides a sense of security and promotes trust in the brand, curbs appetite and stimulates productivity, calms the mind, and provides a sense of tranquility and space, associated with maturity.
  3. Green: stimulates harmony in the brain and encourages the balance between body and emotions leading to decisiveness.
  4. Black: It associated with authority, power, stability, and strength, can often overwhelm people if used too frequently.
  5. White: Associates with feelings of purity, cleanliness, and safety. Can spark the sense of creativity and since it acts as a clean slate.

Color, the one aspect that goes into nurturing an emotional bond. Copywriting and visuals also play an important role.  Emotional connections are established in a variety of creative ways. Brand loyalty, one such example that stems from an emotional connection. The type of emotion determined by the tone, message, and design choices that the designer makes.

 Psychology of web design

Web Design Have Mental Triggers

Few concepts can be correlated to how design has a strong connection with the user’s psychology. Let’s talk about them briefly

  • Do something for other people i.e the users and their communities and they will return the favor.
  • People look at the behavior of others to figure out how to act.
  • Inclusion of a social stream in our design to make users feel like part of a bigger group or community.

Users desire what they can’t have or what is difficult to get. This scarcity principle, the reason behind limited-time deals works so effectively. Users usually tend to confused when it comes to making choices. Most people usually drawn to the option that falls somewhat in the center. According to Hick’s Law, more choices leads to decision paralysis or what is popularly known as the paradox of choices, so the designer must be careful.

People are drawn to what is relevant to them at the moment. For example- beacons, notifications, or check-in tools are the in trends at the moment. People remember the elements which stand out. The use of contrast creates focus.

Over To You

The website and user experience designs need to feel real. Every aspect, from aesthetics to interactions to motion (both perceived and real) to emotional connection needs to have a human touch to it. The humanistic design creates engaging experiences that the users connect with both physically and emotionally. Bottom line is that the designer must always aim to strike the balance between the simplicity of usability and aesthetics of the product to keep the customers engaged and satisfied.


Fonts and Colors Used by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google

Fonts and Colors – Identity of Social Media

Whenever someone says ‘Social Media,’ some may not think about the fonts and colors but they think about Facebook, some of Instagram, some of Twitter yet others. But why is that make a visitor remember the Media as his/her first option? What is it that makes a user think of a particular media infraction of a sec? The answer to this question is quite simple, and as yo

You may have guessed it correctly, it is the color and font of any and every kind of media that makes a place in a person’s memory. 

Every social website wants to look different from the customers. Be it Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or others like WhatsApp. Why is that all of these websites focus so much on color and font? Why do they spend so much on mere features such as the color? We will be answering these questions ahead but first, let’s see how these are different and do they mean!

Fonts and colors

Social media

Let’s begin with the Search engine itself like Google, which uses its own font Sans and colors, namely Red, Green, Blue, and yellow. Facebook and Twitter, on the other hand, are seen in blue. Instagram (Insta) is seen in a purple, pink, blue, orange, red, yellow logo. The font of all of these 3 is Roboto, with the exception of Facebook, which uses the font Helvetica Neue for IOS.

Color Battles

In spite of using a spectrum of colors, Instagram is quickly associated with a mix of purple and red. As soon as we see these colors it’s an easy guess that they stand of Instagram. Only a few of those who are keen observers can notice the orange, yellow, pink in the logo. 

When it comes to Google it is just the four colors of life. The G color as seen by many is the representative of the four colors known to any and everyone. These are colors seen everywhere products, board game pieces even children books etc. and therefore just too quick to be associated with. 

Facebook and Twitter both having the same blue have made a point differentiate themselves well. Let’s see. What would u say for a bluebird and the blue letter? You are right! The blue letter immediately talks about Facebook and the bluebird as well all know takes us to Twitter. 

Colors Within

fonts and colors

Let us see the app colors. For Instagram, it is basically white. However, with recent updates the company has given an option of customizing the app color. It can be turned into a dark background. With varying feature of story colors the Media has done well in coming up with attractive colors. 

While Facebook is very happy with its blue and white palette twitter has gone ahead and given few options. There is always the primary blue and white. But the secondary color palette is the grey-scale from Black to White which you can choose from. 

Google follows its white background with a grey scale for search formats and its basic Quadra-color logo at the top. The company has chosen black for the incognito tabs to differentiate it. 


Except google who developed its own font all the other use the Roboto font. However, the Social Media Apps have gone a step ahead to provide a variety of Fonts for stories, posts, and have included emoji’s as an integral part of Language. Few have also developed their own stickers and fonts and have grabbed the market. 

Another amazing feature the social media has taken forward is the concept of font generation. Now new fonts can be developed using a third part app/website and these can be used in your social media app. 

The Need of Fonts And Colors

Now coming back to our question as to what makes the user remember? I know it is pretty obvious by now. The Fonts and colors are the backbone of Social Media Marketing. These colors and fonts act as major cues in attracting and appealing to the consumers. It is these that the consumer remembers and carries which play a role of immediate micro cues when similar color or font is seen. 

fonts and colors used by facebook

colors and fonts are therefore essential tool of the marketer. A company be is Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter or a smaller company all have invested fortunes on the deciding and continuously improving these cues. These features being visual and repeated available get stuck to the users mind. Thus, similar colors or fonts lead to spreading of word-of-mouth which is today the most essential and most needed form of advertising for any company. 

Overcoming the Competitor With Fonts And Colors

colors are chosen carefully because it represents the Media Company itself. As the color is the identity of the Media itself no company like and individual likes its identity to be mixed with another. Thus when Google chose the primary colors with the rebel green, Facebook came up with only blue. As Twitter dived in with a lighter shade Instagram brought in the whole spectrum in a very subtle purple and red.

While google chose to create a font of its own the others chose to provide variety of Fonts for personalized stories and post and whatever they wanted to share. They chose to bring in third parties for the fonts that they could not provide thus pulling customers very well. 


I believe that each of the players have done well when it comes to Fonts and colors of the websites as well as the app. No matter what the economics status of merger, rise, and fall be the companies have done well when it comes to creativity and have earned loyalty of vast segments from varied walks of life. 

As it would be the case in any field ongoing R&D of Social Media is further making the companies capable of not only providing but also creating better cues to attract anther segments of the market. 


How to Use Color Psychology When Creating a Website

Color psychology majorly contributes to the determining factor on which the success of your website could depend on. Using it in the right way for the right audience at the right place is crucial.
What we find to be triggering a positive or negative response in the mind, impacts our attitude and decision-making almost instantaneously. One such ubiquitous trigger that we come across and really do not think of much is the colors surrounded by. Being able to employ the right color scheme can certainly be an additional feature to make your creation more attractive as well as generate the optimal response.

User Experience In Color Psychology

When it comes to creating the new website that makes the user experience fulfilling. One of the key points to keep in mind is that the website should be simple yet appealing and inviting. Colors have a remarkably close link with emotions and hence have a definite psychological impact. The warmth or coolness of color evokes different feelings in the brain. Hence, in order to achieve the goal, the website puts up for. The user experience and user interface need to be a high priority.
website colors
Color psychology is one tool that’s used to make the website more appealing by engaging with the subconscious emotional system of the user to drive them to the expected results. Obviously, different colors can impact different responses depending on the circumstances, both negative and positive. This property of colors used by designers looking to create a more engaging website that can hook onto the user’s attention.
When choosing the color scheme for a particular crowd, a designer must remember what appeals. The most to the crowd without using too much or too little of the scheme chosen.

According To Recent Studies

Women are more attracted to the colors blue, purple and green as opposed to orange, brown and grey. Knowing when to use these colors to attract more women. To use the website and further even to buy the products offered. By creating a female-oriented and classy website is what the designer should aim for.

Here is a list of colors and the groups of people that find the color most appealing:

color psychology

The Color Psychology Of Blue, Green, Orange, Red And White

Blue-  It is the thought of as the color that builds the user’s trust. This color used in most scenarios as it can be found to build trust and imply transparency. It can seen in the real-time example of Facebook. A social media company having billions of users across the world.
Green- It’s used mostly to promote the outdoors and the environment due to its calming presence as it’s associated most with nature awareness and appreciation. This color also associated with a confirmation.
Orange- Known to be the ‘Impulse’ color, Orange can see the imply in competition and push for a rapid response in case of urgency. It can also used in sports team logos to show physical activity and confidence.  
Red- Used to draw immediate attention in case of a threat or warning. Also associated with a negative response to incorrect input by the user. It’s the warmest color which seen in both extreme positive as well as negative scenarios such as passion and danger.
White- Most often it is a color of purity, virtue and hygiene. It has a sense of cleanliness and honesty which is why it’s often used by several healthcare companies. This color also used to make content stand out of the page.
color psychology

The Color Psychology Of Yellow, Purple, Pink, Brown and Black

Yellow- Another warm color that associated with both positive and negative emotions and used sparingly as it can get overwhelming if used excessively and mostly used to put out a warning as it can grab attention very easily.
Purple- Said to be the color of royalty and wealth. This color also used to invoke calmness and serenity. Also, it can develop creativity, curiosity and mystery.
Pink- Closely related to femininity, sensitivity and romance. Hence, it’s mainly found in female generated online markets.
Brown- It creates a feeling of content and homeliness. It suggests stability and makes you feel down to earth.
Black- Reflecting elegance and glamour, it’s used in advertisements to show power and high contrast. This color used to show high class and standard in a particular product as it can seen in automobile ads.

Over To You

As seen above, different colors hold different impressions in the brain which can lead the user to have their own interpretations of a certain website. This interpretation can formed with the help of the user interface, making it more attractive and appealing. More so, to make the website a success, this color psychology helps capture a lot of attention from the right crowd for the right product at the right time making the effort put in by the designer a lot more credible.

Every Act Of Design Is An Act Of Future Making

The future of graphic design is an integral part of many marketing campaigns. As long as you own a website, that has various social media page for your company or even offers any goods and services – be it online or offline, you would like professional graphics to face out.

What Exactly A Graphic Design Is?

Graphic Design refers to the creation of an informative, attractive and visually appealing for the future of graphic designs. Its goal is to speak together with your audience through various tools like symbols, wordings, and pictures. By forming visual representations, businesses can reach their clients, communicate effectively by promoting their business, and even offer solutions to their problems and eventually make money.

Is Graphic Design an Art?

Some people believe that graphic design is just too commercialized to be an kind. They feel that because it’s a way of designing work for clients, that it’s not an kind. As designers, they are confronted with the argument that the work they do isn’t really art, because the work they design is labeled as “commercial.” Yet the solutions they create, are nearly always supported art and style principles taught everywhere.

future of graphic design by humritha

A Quick Look At The Future Of Graphic Design

It will be still an ever-changing trend which will stay as a well-liked and highly in-demand marketing stunt in a few years to return.

Are you a business owner, and trying to enhance your company? Want to start out a career in graphic design? or even you’ve got plans to start your own graphic design firm? Here’s what to need to expect in graphic design trends within the coming years.

Authentic Stock Images

More often, they make use of stock images for their graphics. While some of it works perfectly in creating the beautiful designs, but some are just too common, too polished and even too good to be true for our audience’s taste. you’ll expect to seek out beautifully crafted designs within the next years made up of authentic and natural images.

Online Graphics Design Courses

With graphic design, being a thriving business, they will expect more individuals to shift careers or maybe add such service to deal with the increasing demand. How can one achieve this? Simple – by taking over readily available Graphic Design Courses Online.

The future of web design

The Future Of Graphic Design With Minimalist Designs

Before, they wish to go all out when it involves our logos, menus, and even infographics. However, within the next few years to return, we will expect minimalist future of graphic design to reign superior. No got to limit your designs to colors black and white. we will expect a pop of color or two on graphic designs even among those with a minimalist vibe.

Digital Design With A Website Feel

Most marketing materials will all be digital. Graphic designers are already looking forward for the future of graphic designs to make during the layering format. This aims to enable the site visitors to click on their design, make them realize they have what you’ve got to supply which can eventually cause conversions without directly making a pitch.

Increased Demand For The Future Of Graphic Design In AR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are different but related. During a sense, computer game can take you to a different place without the necessity for travel. Augmented Reality, on the opposite hand, allows simple objects and makes them into something more significant.

Augmented Reality: Future of graphic design

Take VR headsets for instance. once you use one, it can cause you to feel as if you’re transported to a different world. For Augmented Reality, your ordinary card can become a man-made environment.


Graphic design is a sort of art that uses computer aided images to form designs for commercial and personal markets. Most of the designers design things like labels, packaging, and even clothing graphics. Art may be a process of designing and completing works of art on canvas, mixed media, sculpture, and photography. Both sorts of art can utilize facets of 1 another to include into their final pieces. Art and style are related, both are unique and original, yet they’re both different in some of the ways. Design is an art, though there are in some differences.


6 Best Motion Graphic Software That You should Know

Motion graphic software is used if you are planning to delve into the world of motion graphics. Before you start, you need to get your hands on different softwares. Motion graphics is trending and are here to stay with a great future perspective. Along with an artistic eye, you need to master some of the software. Software is a tool that helps to add value to your creative mind. This post is more focused on giving newbies an insight into some of the trending software for motion graphics.

List Of 6 Best Motion Graphic Software

Here the selected motion graphic software which is going to help you. To start your journey for your passion and professional career.

 Adobe Photoshop (Motion Graphic Software)

Adobe Photoshop CC Reviews: Pricing & Software Features 2020 - Financesonline.com

A multipurpose software, that helps in different fields of designing and animation. It is easy to start and, when you become a pro in it, you can go for other software. The key features of Adobe Photoshop for motion graphics are as follows.
  • Apart from being an editing software. It is an elementary tool for the graphic motion to start in the designing sector.
  • It is a raster graphic dealing in pixel-based editing.
  • Adobe Photoshop is useful to create textures, image manipulation, design boards, etc,. For your motion graphic projects.
  • It is a great tool to jot down quick doodles and compositions.
  • It helps to create matte paintings and layout Cel animations.

Adobe Illustrator

There's a new Gradient tool coming to Adobe Illustrator - News - Digital Arts

Adobe Illustrator, like Adobe Photoshop, is another famous software in the motion graphic sector. It has a lot of variations in its functions. The key features of Adobe Illustrator for motion graphics are as follows.
  • It is a vector-based image editing software. If you do not know about “vector image” then let me tell you that it is a file that can get scaled (without pixelating). Meanwhile a vector image in motion graphics helps in creating logos, vector background, and shape objects
  • It helps to create features like objects, characters, environment, logos, and much more.
  • It can be easily imported into Adobe After Effects and gets automatically updated and that too without losing its quality.

 Adobe After Effects

Motion graphic software

If you want to be a motion graphics artist, then Adobe After Effects is a great platform to learn. It is a flexible and versatile, which makes it the most popular among the designers and animators. The key features of Adobe After Effects for motion graphics are as follows.
  • It gives 2D and 3D space to design, composite, alter, and animate.
  • You can put your created storyboards from Illustrator. Photoshop in Adobe After Effects to further animate and manipulate to give it a motion graphic view.
  • There are hundreds of plugins like Timeline, Effects browsers. They used for compositional panel to turn your imagination into a motion graphic.
  • It helps to edit, color grading, motion tracking, color keying, and particle simulations.

Cinema 4D (Motion Graphic Software)

motion graphic software

It is the most popular software for 3D models among the motion graphic artist. It is convenient and user-friendly due to which it is famous over 3D tools such as Blender, etc. The key features of Cinema 4D for motion graphics given as follows.
  • It has a unique feature which makes it compatible with different GPU accelerated render engine to render out the high-quality 3D models on the screen.
  • It’s used extensively for rendering, animation, simulation effects, and modeling in the motion graphics sector.
  • You can find it in all the studios in Hollywood and other local studios.
  • It has a feature of intuitive non-destructive roadmap where editing and iterating different options done very quickly.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Motion graphic software

It is a timeline-based video editing software. The key features of Adobe Premiere Pro for motion graphics given as follows.
  • After creating a motion graphic project in Adobe After Effects, then you can import it in programs such as Avid Media Composer, and Final Cut Pro to create a complete video project.
  • Adobe has integrated Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro together, making Adobe Premiere Pro more necessary for graphic motion designer.
  • It helps to create simultaneous projects, templates, video editing, audio editing, transitions, and video titling and lumetri support.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro uses regional closed caption standards and labels. It supports a library for design templates.
  • It helps in even cut small pieces of motion graphics to help the design flow and timing of the overall graphic motion video.

 Mocha AE (Motion Graphic Software)

Motion graphic software

It is a planar based tracking app which used in performing screen replacement in the motion graphic world. It is widely used in commercial industries where you can go with your designated portfolio in Mocha AE. The key features of Mocha AE for motion graphics given as follows.
  • It helps to track and accumulate motion beyond tracking pixels in clustered form.
  • Mocha AE is convenient to use and it can be quickly jumped from Adobe After Effects to track a shot in Mocha AE.
  • It consists of insert, lens, remove, stabilize, and 3D solve.
  • Mocha AE helps to export data organizational standards models.
  • It has a feature of GPU accelerated tracking and removal of the object.

Over To You

At last, all the above software is not limited. Meanwhile there is a pool of software to learn for motion graphics in the market. Therefore the only thing to keep in mind is to update yourself with trending and future applications to be ahead of the curve. You can also take part in different motion graphic competitions to test your skills. Simultaneously start now, learn and keep learning to grow further.

The Art Of Storytelling Through Design

Storytelling always plays an important part in our daily lives throughout the history. Witnesses of every event that have ever taken place tell stories a day that are recorded and published for the planet to read. Over time, the way during which stories are narrated have evolved significantly. That is there has been excellent progress in storytelling. The very fact that storytelling can often become too dry if not narrated wisely led to some creative minds. That arising with ideas to form the method exciting. Hence they involved design in it in creating it remarkable!

When we mention design, tons of colors and aesthetics revolves around our minds. The design may be a broad term which is that the neatest thing about it because creative minds can take design to an entirely new level. Designing has been very fashionable in almost every industry for promotion and marketing purposes. Then designers are learning new tools and software to enhance their skills. From among all the several reasons for why designing is so popular, the one we’d like to worry about is that the indisputable fact. That it makes content attractive and interesting. This is why once we combine design with storytelling. It can end up to be something exceptionally interesting and interesting for readers.

Storytelling in Design

How Can a Design be Used to Make Storytelling Remarkable?

Now numerous stories carry a crucial message but aren’t very interesting to concentrate to. Therefore, motivational speakers nearly always use designs to stay the audience engaged with the presentation.

Following are Some Ways to Make Storytelling a Remarkable One!

Animation Effects in Storytelling

one among the foremost popular designing techniques to create storytelling interesting is to feature animation effects within the presentation you show to their very own audience. While the audience cares only about the content of the presentation, animation effects including fade, split, float in, wipe, and various others can make that content engaging.

Using Animated Theme Storytelling

Tons of storytellers use design within the sort of a themed story with one or more made-up characters. The animated pictures change during a slideshow form, and therefore the storyteller narrates the story accordingly. While the animation makes a story highly engaging, it’s also imperative for the narrator to use a spread of tones throughout the story that creates the story interesting. 

Storytelling is a powerful tool

Use of Aesthetic Diagrams and Graphs

 Mathematicians, economists and sociologists even have great stories to share so that they often use exceptional designs to demonstrate statistics. Simple graphs might be boring so that some design could increase the audience engagement and storytelling can become remarkable.

However, arising with a singular design to present a graph or diagram isn’t a simple task. Not all designs will attract the audience attention, so tons of thought process is involved behind aesthetically outstanding graphs. A successful design can surely make storytelling remarkable.

Typography as Design 

Aside from just the visual content that designers use for storytelling, typography is another sort of design which will add a singular essence to the story. Consistent with Stephen Banham, a Norwegian individual spent 24 years in capturing images of butterfly wings that displayed letters.

Video Walk-Throughs

 Some storytellers use video walkthroughs during the story because the audience enjoys video quite a lot. All the consequences, sound, theme and concepts within the video. That make the storytelling process interesting and just in case of a rather boring story. It revives their engagement. However, video is often of several types so you’ve got to decide on which one would be the foremost effective under a selected scenario. Preferably, you can edit the video, and therefore the storytellers must customize the shots, colors, audio, animation and typography by themselves.

Elements of Good Story Telling

Absence of Narration

A number of the best storytellers within the world have used away during which there’s no narration in the least. Instead, designers put within the entire effort of designing themes for every scene of the story. This system usually involves characters, but a highly-skilled designer often doesn’t use words at all! The image itself is self-explanatory then just relevant music within the background, or some sound effects can make the storytelling process extremely interesting.


Before finalizing anything, try applying some design techniques in your storytelling because you’ll not have a transparent idea of how it’s till you see it. The context of the story matters the foremost and will be the main determinant of the designs you include within the storytelling process. Remain prepared to revamp the story again and again because perfection only comes once you edit the planning multiple times. Make the changes as needed and once you finalize the story, get some people to observe it and supply feedback on how the audience would answer it.


Making The Most Out Of Motion Graphics Designing

For creators, they’re specially attractive due to the fact you could narrate an innovative tale unconstrained with the use of live-action video. But, at the same time motion graphics are an exciting medium to test with, not all are created equal. However, there were a lot of with many motion graphic would’ve made the work that appears more amazing.

Even a novice can give you a few sort of graphic, although it is easy and basic. The trick, though, understands the way to use the strategies in order to make it look more professional and fashionable to your graphic designing

There are many factors that cross into motion graphics, from scripting and audio to layout and animation. If any of those are poorly executed, your very last product won’t be as effective. And even in case you understand what you’re doing, simple oversights or errors can cause a heavy headache, particularly in case you’re collaborating with others.

Making your motion graphics from scratch

Motion Graphics

Again, you do not want to come up with a complicated design layout, here. Maybe all you need is a simple watch face, scale, or maybe a straight line, which do not require a lot of efforts to create. Make use of your editor’s tools to make your design, slowly layering shapes till your composition is complete. Then, as soon as all your elements were made and placed in which you need them, parent/link/integrate the layers so that they grow to be a single composition that can be placed to your timeline and manipulated as a single element as you spot it fit.

Use motion tracking with your motion graphics

If you need to make your motion graphics more interesting and professional-looking, one cool factor you could do is track them to something transferring in the frame. Maybe it is a passing car, someone walking, or perhaps it is a body part, like a hand or head—something it is, you could practice a single factor track to it so your motion graphic can observe its path.

Blur out your background to position your motion graphics at centre stage

Blur Photo Background

It’s truly certainly considered one, “why did not I consider that” sorts of matters, however it is but its true—including a little blur for your photos will allow your graphic to stand out in all of its wonderful sharpness, drawing your viewers’ eyes, and making you look like a smart little motion graphic designer.

Take Your Storyboards into Design

As with any visual projects that you create, style and colour communicate simply with the story itself. Even while you’re working together with your very own brand guidelines, simple design choices that can significantly impact the experience.

Once you’ve got the concept of the storyboard with sketches, you can start translating your storyboards into real designs. Note: Everything at this stage is used with in the very last animation stages, so take time to get the right information. It additionally helps, the person who sketched the storyboards can also handle the design.

Some matters to assume about:

 Best Graphic Design Software

  • Animation style: This isn’t pretty much fading inside and outside of scenes; the way you transition from one point to the next impacts how cohesive the story is. Wiping away a scene that communicates finality, while transferring from point A to point B keeps the story moving.
  • Timing: Time pacing can make or break your motion graphic. Too rushed and those people won’t “get” what you need to tell them. Too slow and you’ll lose people’s interest and as well as attention. Pace keeps people interested. Consider strategic versions to feature excitement.
  • Music: Like with all of the different elements, music is some other layer to drive your narrative. It can even set the mood, fill gaps, and have an effect on the tone of the story.
  • Sound effects: This feature can be the hit or miss out relying on who you’re working with. Some animators consider that you need to let the other elements to speak for itself. Others assume they’re a necessity. The key is for most effective values to what we provide to our projects. It doesn’t distract from the story you’re attempting to tell.

If you have successfully done your job well, you need to have a final result that you’re proud of—and discovered a few things by the way. We additionally wish that you’ll have the confidence to attempt developing and creating more advanced motion graphics, including 360-degree storytelling.


Make Your Website More Productive With These 7 Killer Ideas

From a business perspective, a website is an effective advertising and marketing device a business can ever have. Therefore, having an impactful website is crucial for corporations, mainly small business proprietors who need to store actual greenbacks on conventional advertising and marketing. Though traditional advertising and marketing are quite useful, however, it’s high-priced too. So, small corporations or startups which have tight price range need to make investments wisely. But, to make each unmarried penny worthwhile, it’s essential to bear in mind all vital elements to create an excellent and fruitful website on your business.

Though improvement of website is a frightening task, however, it’ essential to understand the matters that could make your business website rather productive.

Here are the guidelines:

Quality over quantity

When it involves designing and growing website, many small-business proprietors chew off extra than they can chew. Often, I speak to small-business proprietors who were listing off function after function and web page after web page that they need to be built. However, they do not have the 5-determine price range that incorporates it. I’m right here to say, it truly is OK! When constructing website on your small business, best trumps quantity. It is lot better to start with a small, fantastic website than it is to spend your sources on constructing a massive site. Why? Beginning a short approach, you store cash, because there may be much less for you or a business to build. Also, it offers you the capacity to cognizance your time, energy, and cash on constructing out the maximum essential elements of the website, such as:

  • Making sure it loads quickly (below 3 seconds)
  • Making the site cellular optimized (responsive)
  • Creating an informative client experience

Know Your Requirements

If you begin without reading your requirements, you’re probably in the way to waste it slow and cash. The motive is pretty easy to understand. Various startups or small business proprietors try to go together with the go with the drift through neglecting the truth that their business is precise from others so that they want only treatment. Do now no longer waste your cash on developing a masterpiece that can’t carry out.

Therefore, it’ inevitable to understand your requirements. It will assist you in explaining matters for your layout and improvement group to get something that could carry out and bring effects on your business. Further, few essential issues which you need to hold in thoughts are to make sure your website loads quicker (under 3 seconds), and it needs to be this is responsive.

Get a Clear & Strong Call to Action (CTAs)

As said in the beginning, website is an advertising and marketing device. So, get it designed in a manner it may generate leads to your business. The way you can generate leads is through making your CTA prominent. CTAs are the inevitable a part of websites, and placement traffic uses those CTAs to cause any action. Strong and seen CTA with the appropriate size, compelling content material, and colour can do wonders on your business.

Now, let’s take a peep on the five maximum essential matters that count concerning CTAs:

  • Placement
  • Size
  • Content
  • Colour
  • Urgency note

However, from website improvement perspective, size, placement, and colour are quite essential to bear in mind. For instance, you may position CTAs for your provider web page, touch web page and most significantly touchdown web page. Placement of CTAs relies upon plenty for your website shape; however, continually location them at rather seen a part of your web page.

Make Your Website Interactive

Website could be nugatory if it fails to draw the net target market and generate potential leads for the business. Today, the net is piled up with unlimited websites. In pursuit of treasured content material, online target market come across numerous websites each day, however, provide interest to only some websites. The motive for any such quick interest span is relatively easy to understand. These websites have interactive content material that propels them to live on a web page. Providing undeniable textual content for your website will now no longer come up with the desired more significant edge.

Therefore, ask your layout and improvement group to make your internet pages interactive so that you may use content material, applicable photographs, and videos, to seize and preserve the eye of web page traffic. Adding supportive visuals assist you in promoting your merchandise in a green manner. For instance, in case you are a web meals portal, you need to upload photographs of ingredients that make traffic crave for that.

Make Your Website as Per User’s Intent

While designing your website, the first actual query you need to ask your self is what facts you need to offer for your traffic? Well, no want to scratch your head too hard. It is easy; offer content material that grants price for your traffic due to the fact they’re your prospects.

However, the maximum essential element which you need to now no longer forget about is including comments button for your website. Once your website is ready, ask your cutting-edge client to go to your website to indicate improvements. Doing so will allow you to understand what traffic search for and the way you may want to you preserve their hobby to your website. Be a creative business owner, assume innovatively and provide them with a motive to engage together along with your business.

Go Responsive to Boost Outreach; however, Respect the Speed

Ever because cellular outnumbered computer systems and laptops, each corporation desires to leverage equal for reinforcing their business. Therefore, dismissing cellular may be the worst business idea.

Responsive Website Stat

Today, while lifestyles are transferring at a quicker pace, no person has sufficient time to open his or her pc or computer to discover an answer. People need a brief explanation as they have got the energy to get right of entry to the glut of facts at their fingertips. Therefore, it’ important to make your web page cellular-pleasant so you may want to goal cellular target market. Further, every other essential element to bear in mind is speed. So, get your site load quicker. Slow website kills business, and it’s  a signal of awful consumer experience due to which on-line customers can completely abandon your site.

Over to You

Designing and improvement of website is undoubtedly a frightening task. However, it’s all approximately your business, so that you should pay complete interest to it. Follow the factors defined above to make your website fruitful on your business. Designing and growing a website on your small business would not be a headache. Remember the five essential guidelines above, and you may have website that now no longer handiest appears fantastic; however, it additionally brings in extra customers!