Graphic Design Course Can Help You Become Better At What You Are Good

UI/UX or package or pamphlets, graphic design has a vital role to play in marketing. Graphic designing is a lucrative career only when you are ready to expand your skillset. This implies you should continuously gain knowledge in the field and be germane. With the world on your mobile, you need not spend on an expensive Graphic Design Course offered by various institutions. Rather, there are cheap alternative online courses that help you up skill at the comfort of your abode.

If you are confused about which course to choose, here’s our top 10 graphic design courses list. The list is hand-picked for aspiring graphic designers.

  1. Graphic Design Course Bootcamp: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

About: A complete course which teaches on how to work on the both print medium and web medium. By learning this course you attain an employable status with an ample skillset at your fingertips. Learn logos, icons, masks, typography, etc. Additionally, you’ll also be taught to build a portfolio and create files in CC.

Platform: Udemy

Duration: 15.5 Hours


  1. Coursera’s Graphic Design Specialization

About: An amalgamation of 5 courses, this course enables students to get in touch with sophisticated graphic designing. Learn the fundamentals of graphic designing, typography, image-making, editorial design, and motion graphics. Apart, students will also do a capstone project to apply their learning. This is the right to enter the industry with a bang!

Platform: Coursera

Duration: 6 Months (3 hrs. a week)


3. Graphic Design Basics: Core Principles for Visual Design

About: This is a small course by veterans Ellen and Cooper. You’ll learn 5 basic principles- symmetry, scale, framing, hierarchy, and grids. You’ll also do a project that completes your learning. Take up this course if you desire to self-learn by applying the key points taught.

Platform: Skillshare

Duration: 35 min+ 3 Hrs. of project


  1. Graphic Design Course by Colorado Boulder University 

About: This is a basic course which is part of a specialization called Effective Communication. The specialty of this course is it starts from level 0. We suggest you take up this course if you are an absolute fresher or one who wants to go back to the drawing board to improvise your technique. The course discusses basics in an elaborated fashion.

Platform: Coursera

Duration: 27 Hours


  1. Computer Graphics by EdX

About: A one of its kind course from UC San Diego, this course is ideal if you want to learn about 3D graphics. This is surely worth to be in the Top Graphic Design Courses list for its rarity. You’ll be learning graphic programming with languages like OpenGL and GLSL.

Platform: EdX

Duration: 6 Weeks(6-12 Hours a week)


  1. Learning Adobe Creative Cloud on LinkedIn

About: Adobe Creative Cloud is a must for graphic designers. Tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects are daily staples of the industry. Take up this course to learn about functionalities of the CC, Creative Cloud Libraries, and to explore services. Also, it teaches A-Z of installing and combining CC with other applications and mobile apps.

Platform: LinkedIn

Duration: 6 Hours


  1. Graphic Design Mastery: The FULL Branding & Design Process

About: The course renders an in-depth analysis of the graphic side of branding: branding standards, embracing formats and mediums, package design, layout design, etc. It also includes t-shirt design, working with 3D objects, stationery designs, and custom brush textures along with Adobe Xd and Dimension tutorials

Platform: Udemy

Duration: 6.5 Hours


  1. Intro To Graphic Illustration by Kadzene

About: Illustrations have opened up to be a whole new sector with a lot of promises. This course intends to translate your visual ideas. There is a total of 5 sessions and each session has 5-9 lessons. The sessions include topics like achieving originality, compositional study, project flow, and typography. Apart, it also includes a demo using digital tools (Illustrator).

Basic drawing and tool skills are a prerequisite to taking up this course.

Platform: Kazene

Duration: 50 Hours(10 hours per session)


  1. Interactive Computer Graphics Tokyo University

About: Computer graphics is essential to solving visual problems faced by users. This course has 7 units that discuss everything from GUI interface to 2D/3D modeling to animation to computer-aided design.

Platform: Coursera

Duration: 7 Weeks(5-8 hours per week)


  1. Canva Design School

About: Canva has become an important label amongst Graphic Designers within a short span of time. Also, known for its simplicity in usage, it is surely bound to grow bigger and better. Canva also has a design school where you can find a lot of courses on using Canva for various platforms. The online design school also organizes events with experts on various topics.

Platform: Canva


Hence, online courses are a great way to begin your professional graphic design journey at an affordable cost. Even better, if you don’t want certificates you need not pay for some courses.  Above all, you can take up these courses at your own pace. Thus, we hope this list will help you choose the best amongst the plethora of courses available out there!



How To Create A Website Design That Converts: Guide for Small Business

Having a strong online presence has become a quintessential thing for small businesses. Whether you are a marketing freelancer or a fashion designer or a local manufacturer, you need to focus on online marketing to attract customers and establish your brand. Your website is the zest of your online presence. Hence, you should design a website that converts: boost your sales.

Here is a quick guide to creating a website design that converts!

The Misconception

The word “Website Design” is shallowly associated with a visual appeal: font styles, background color, supreme images, and other decorations. Anyways, in actuality, it is not so! You need to create a functional website that is user-friendly and instigates them to take action. Apart from users, you should consider Google; design a website that ranks you high in relevant searches. 

Answer W/H questions

Now that we have busted the myth of website design, let’s head to the prep.

Before you start seriously designing your website, ask yourself:

  • Who will use this website?
  • Why does a user choose you?
  • What attracts the user?
  • How will the website handle it?

Think from a customer point of view and answer as many questions as possible. Note down the key points. These exercises will give you clarity on what you need to do.

Fostering the Brand

The very purpose of creating a website is to display you as a brand. For that, you have embraced and reflected your brand in every element of the website. Be it the style, tone of the content, or action provisions, make sure that it embosses your brand. Rather than a website, it should be an experience. The customer should have a feel like walking into your store or meeting you.

The Design 

When it comes to the basic design, 100% no comprise. Mistakes in website design are expensive. So, be proactive.

The Must Do’s

  • Use high-end images
  • Choose an appealing color palette and stick to it
  • Deploy readable fonts
  • Call for simple as well as interactive actions
  • Use understandable layout
  • Guide the customer with navigation

  Never attempt to

  • Overwhelm with way too fancy design
  • Supply blunt and irrelevant content or image
  • Misuse the space by too much or too little
  • Kerning, leading, Tracking mistakes
  • Keep the website shut to queries or slow in response
  • Use excessive pop-ups, carousels, etc.

Ergonomic Layout

The availability of so many trendy options in terms of layout design is delectable. Still, you have to choose the one that is best for you and your audience.


  • Identify what your audience expects at each segment of your website.
  • Keep it simple with navigation and don’t confuse them.
  • Create an effective layout.Flat web development concept cms Free Vector

Apart, the most important thing for a website design is that double-check if it mobile-friendly. All the features that work on a pc should be able to work fine in mobile as well.


Set of buttons with frame for website. Premium Vector

Calls-to-action is essential if you want your visitors to become customers. CTAs are strategic links, buttons, or graphics that encourage users to do a specific action. 

The expert cues:

  • Highlight the CTAs by surrounding them with blank space
  • Choose words wisely
  • Create the FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out) vibe and urgency to take actions
  • Keep choices


Content is crucial. Quality content is the essence of the website. It enables visitors to get a sense of your business presence. Also, it clarifies the basic questions of the visitors.

 QVA mantra

Quality: Your content should have a warm and professional tone. Choose your words wisely; use words that are understood by everyone. At the same time, be original and valuable. Content is not just about writing the landing page, it takes many forms. It can be like videos, infographics, whitepapers, privacy policy, etc. Corroborate with high-quality content and design to the root level. 

Volume: Creating bulk content helps you with SEO. But relevancy is the key. Don’t add content just for the sake of it. 

Capacity: Your content should have the ability to put in the SEO strategies like backlinking, blog posts, likability. Persist to keep the site active by regular updates. Design content that allows search engines to crawl and distinguish your main-content.

Pro Tip: Use indexation and information architecture to ease of crawling.

Ability: Your content should have the potential to make conversions. Use the write engaging and attractive headlines, sub-headlines, descriptions, videos, etc. Urge visitors to make actions by placing innovative CTAs wherever possible. Design the content and typography in a hierarchy based on what you want to make them see first.

Tip: Highlight your Unique Selling Propositions/ your role in the market at the top of your landing page in a bigger font.

Alert: You have only 15 seconds to grab your novel visitor’s attention.

On a final note, a website that converts for small commercial businesses doesn’t happen overnight. Nor you can wait for a perfect website to go online for it will take years. All you can do is continually update the design of your website by making subtle tweaks, customizing, optimizing, and testing. With consistency and exertion, you’ll end with a site that can be commercially viable.



A Critical Analysis of Growth Hacks: Are They Still a Success?

What are growth Hacks? 

Are you struggling to grow the viewership of your website? Or you are a new entrepreneur in the business world and want to increase traffic? Well, growing and expanding is a quintessential part of every business or new endeavor. Especially when it comes to the latest formed start-ups who have their key target set as ” growth”. This can be in terms of clients, customers, readers, etc. Growth hacking is a relatively new trend, yet it can do wonders. But still, some people are apprehensive about it. They don’t feel it’s much productive. In fact, some people say that growth hacking has lost its charm. Well, there can’t really be an accurate answer to this doubt. So all we can do is analyze some growth Hacks and see if they give good results / are success strategies or not!  

So do read further to know more! 

Analyzing some growth Hacks and their success! 



  • Having a subtle home page 

ui-ux-design-new zealand


The home page of your website is the foremost place where everyone lands. It is also the place that will cast a basic impression of your site.  Most of the time, startups make fancy and glittery pages that literally carry every minute of information. But just make sure your page is just subtle and simple. It shouldn’t contain everything that your business deals with. Rather it just needs to have a simple picture of your product or service and few details. Go and check Twitter’s and Facebook’s home pages. It is a brilliant example of how a minimal home page can grow your product so much! 

Analysis: So yes, we do realize that growth Hacks are a success! 



  • Monitoring your clients


How do you choose one among the million websites that cater to designing? Or any Instagram page dealing with fashion? As a customer, you will see its number of followers or users. The more followers, the more you will go for it. That’s exactly where you have to improve. Even if a business is in its primary stage, it should focus on flaunting its customer statistics. You can show the number of signups that people have done for your site. You can even showcase your Twitter or other social media followers. For example, SEOmoz clearly shows a tab with its followers on Facebook and Twitter. And that’s the reason it’s so famous. 


Analysis: So our this growth hack passes this test as well!  



  • Using logos 


Who doesn’t love the logo of “Apple”? Or the twittering bird of “Twitter“? These are some iconic logos that have garnered universal attention. One can apply the same logo hack on their own website as well. Firstly, try to design a logo for your own company that will arrest attention. If not that, then you can use logos of famous sites that are your clients too. In other words, you can show on your home page that YouTube, Spotify, etc. are your customers to whom you sell your services. This way you are bound to grow as a business. These are classified under the heading of design hacks and can be availed from any designer whom you hire! They will offer unlimited graphic designing services! 

Analysis:  But logos in itself can’t do the other jobs. While it’s true that they help to garner attention, yet only logos can’t guarantee success. 


•   Merging with other portals

If you know what guest posting is, you will surely know this growth hack. Merging or integrating your product with other already famous sites is a good option. Sometimes trying to grow from ground level is difficult. In that case, you can employ the usage of collaborating with other established Portals. Now let’s take up an illustration to see if this growth hack actually works. When Spotify came into the market, it integrated itself with Facebook. So one could know about Spotify through the FB news feed. That’s how you can integrate yourself too. But just make the platform choice wisely. There happen to be situations in which coming out of the merging becomes tough. 


Analysis: Thus, this growth hack doesn’t guarantee 100% success! 



  • Fastening site loading speed 


How many times has it happened to you that the loading circle keeps rotating? Or the page is too slow to load? This is a key factor in deciding your growth and output. No user would prefer a site that takes time as long as 4-5 seconds to load. In fact in a blog by Neil Patel, it is mentioned that a 1% delay in page loading can cut conversions by 7%. This clearly shows how users prefer a faster site. And why won’t they? Since they will be paying for the services. Thus, your site speed is a major factor in deciding growth. 


Analysis: Again, this growth hack can’t really speed up your sales/ business drastically. Yet only minor conversion rates can increase.  

This after analyzing all the hacks, we realize that there isn’t really a hard and fast rule as to : 


” This hack is a success”

“This hack isn’t a success”

Most of the time, it’s always luck or sheer coincidence that helps a startup to grow. While growth hacking is very prevalent among young entrepreneurs, success can come through other means too. This doesn’t render growth Hacks as completely redundant. So you can carefully choose a mix of them. Also, they don’t really cost much/ are expensive, so no harm in trying them! 


How To Create Stunning Social Media Graphic Design

Social media has become a matter of integrity for businesses over the past few years. Your presence across multiple social media websites is a key digital marketing strategy to promote your brand. And that doesn’t end there! Your followers are exposed to a lot of creative content and hence expect you to be as competitive, unique, innovative, and have the best graphic designs. Gone are the days where just a Shutterstock image with a contrasting font on it looked stunning!

Here are the tips to make impressive graphic designs for your social media community.

Template Your Brand with Uniqueness

Be true and ethnic to your brand. Spectacular graphic designs are made to put your brand name into the customer’s mind. There is no point if you have top-notch graphics and yet not recognized. That’s why to choose a template that reflects your brand. Limit yourselves to the set of colors, graphics, and fonts used. Most of the brand’s top brands have templates inspired by their logo. This is an easy way to inscribe your name amongst the viewers. If you want to take up the challenge of being eccentric and quirky in design, go ahead and do that. Amul, one such brand which was backed by exceptional generations of artists who rendered their uber-creative minds to create witty graphic content. Off late, Paperboat, an Indian beverage has also attained reasonable success with its unique art illustrations on its social media pages.

Amul's new ad on coronavirus outbreak divides Twitter - Creativity or insensitivity? | The Economic Times

Amul Cartoons

Monsoons meant cups of hot chai and samosas magically appearing every time it rained! | Childhood memories 90s, Childhood memories quotes, Childhood memories

An Instagram Post by Paperboat

Go Bright to Captivate

Customize your color palette with bold colors. By bold what we mean is the quality of colors used. It should capture the user’s attention with fresh brightness. Messing up with a color palette can make things worst. This is because social media users are habituated to the top-notch color palette. Graphic designs with bland and appalling color schemes don’t even get a second glance. Therefore choose each color wisely with purpose. Ensure that fonts, background, and other graphic elements sync to give the best visual appeal.


Content is still the king

Content is king whatsoever, period. No matter how good your graphic designing creativity is; sans compelling content, it will be ineffective. Good content is something that urges people to read, share, and come back for more. Content is the best marketing tool.  It can be witty, funny, thought-provoking, or something related to current affairs but stay within your niche. Additionally, ensure your content is positive. Write words that inspire and excite people. Avoid content that criticizes or vehemently opposes anyone.

Use Data Visualizations

There is way too much information to be told. Morphing them into infographics, maps, diagrams, etc. is the best way to change complicated stats to understandable pieces of information. They are persuasive, memorable, and intriguing. It is an august way to interact with your followers and disseminate the stats with your watermark on it.


boAt's Inforgraphic Post


Prioritize Legibility

Your content must be short and to the point. At the same time, it should have a voice that reiterates the personality of your brand. This will allow people to connect with your brand emotionally. Another important tip to improve readability is that allow content to take the spotlight. So, design graphics that are unassuming yet tasteful.

Customize You Graphics

Customization is the best way to create your identity. Create exclusive GIFs emojis, stickers, filters, etc. Sit down with your graphic designers and discuss the ways in which you can be a part of users’ day-to-day lives via social media. Social media is not a traditional advertising medium that needs a lot of money. Your creativity is the limit. Therefore, go ahead and try to customize graphics as much as possible.

Amazon GIF - Amazon Corgi Dog - Discover & Share GIFs | Corgi drawing, Corgi art, Animated gift


Graphic Design: A Great Way To Earn A Living As A Graphic Artist

Graphic designs are an integral part of society. From billboards on malls to landing pages of apps, visual communication is a part of modern life. It is also an essential tool for businesses to go attract their customers. If you are a creative amateur graphic designer who can convey stories to the common people in a visually engaging manner, then you can take it up as a career.

An average graphic designer earns around $45000-47000 during the initial phases. The figures can go up with experience and portfolio. With passion, adaptability, and persistence this can be a lucrative path.

As a graphic designer, you can work on projects as a freelancer, join the firm as a specialist designer, or be an entrepreneur. But that is not all, there are abundant other opportunities to earn. We are presenting you with the many ways to earn as a graphic designer.

Turn your knowledge into income

Tutoring free stock photos - StockFreeImages

Creativity or expertise in a field is not gifted to all. Therefore, many would be interested in taking up courses. Especially in recent times, online learning has skyrocketed and people of all ages will learn new things. There are several platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, etc. where you can teach your curated courses and earn. With the right marketing and sustained efforts, you can easily make thousands of dollars per month. Online teaching is the best way too. This is because your talent is a priority over your qualifications.

Another way to share your knowledge is to conduct workshops. There are several exclusive places where you can organize workshops. You can conduct workshops in colleges, schools, companies, and malls during their cultural and corporate events. Although workshops need investment, it is a great way to earn quick money and gain habitués. 


Leverage on Passive Income

9 Ways to Earn Passive Income With Cryptocurrency - Crypto Pro

As a creative professional you the internet is a big boon. Even when you are asleep, your designs make bucks. Passive income is the most reliable and predictable form of earning income chiefly for graphic designers.

Tips for passive income

  • Build a loyal audience: There are many ways to attract an audience for the work you do. But to retain them for the long-term is difficult. Do your best across social media platforms and content websites to create a name for yourself.
  • Leverage the power of social media and content marketing: Post often on social media platforms and engage with your audience regularly. By doing so, you’ll get a lot of ideas and understand what consumers look for. Consistency is the key. If you can devote time to create expert content for social media and interact more, it can wonder for you. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are business-friendly as you add the link to your website and peddle your illustrations, printables, cards, etc. to customers globally. After gaining a respectable number of followers, you can make use of ads to fuel your reach.
  • Upcycle your artwork: Well if you are a designer who loves to create arts on a routine basis or if you have designs that were rejected by your clients, modify them, and sell them online. Ideally, upcycling graphic design is also the best to earn passive income as a beginner.
  • Be an Affiliate: Recommend your favorite tools, templates, products to fellow designers or your network by adding affiliate links on Instagram, LinkedIn, or WhatsApp groups, etc.

 Find ways and sites to sell your design on the internet

Transparency Image Vector Graphics Clip Art, PNG, 1269x340px, Logo, Area, Attention, Bestseller, Book Download Free

Selling your graphic designs online is also a method to earn passively. But we want to discuss this in a separate section because being a seller is a gigantic task by itself. 

If you are selling real products: t-shirts, phone cases, stationeries, etc., then make use of platforms like Amazon Handmade, Etsy, and Wix. In case if you want graphics to make money on your templates, we recommend Freepik, Graphic River, Canva, and Design hill.


  • Be clear on what you want to sell 
  • Set goals and targets
  • Track the updates and orders regularly
  • Compare and contrast the websites to the best prices and offers
  • Devise marketing strategies to attract an audience.
  • Be present on social media and have a website with a lot of content to boost your credibility
  • Optimize your sites often
  • Separate business accounts from personal ones
  • Respond to your customers quickly, be friendly and patient
  • Get
  • Create affiliate and collaborate with influencers programs to get better reach

Final thoughts

Successful Free Vector Art - (90,959 Free Downloads)

Clearly, graphic designers have a plethora of options to make money. But you have been realistic while scaling your career. Don’t try to do two things at once. Be responsible and accountable. Have plans, deadlines, goals, and stick to them. Ensure you are conforming to legal procedures; be it income tax filing or legal contracts.

Most importantly, stay relevant to popular trends and never stop learning new things. A door of opportunities awaits you!


Why Make Your Feature Logo With Professional Help?

A logo is the first thing that a person encounters and looks at when choosing any company. Be it the red arrow in YouTube or the blue “F” on Facebook. Logos themselves speak volumes about how a company is or may look like. Very beautiful logos instantly tap our attention and people are more likely to remember a brand from its logo than its name. The most iconic brands and their logos are quite inseparable. Anyone will recognize brands like KFC and McDonald’s from their logo alone.  It is possible to create such memorable and iconic logos for your own business if you hire the right logo designer. All you need is a good professional designer to carry out that job! 

 A professional designer will do his/her job well after discussing the nuances of logo designing with you in detail. 


Now, look at these few reasons that will justify why you should hire a professional designer to design your brand’s logo! 


Reasons to get a logo designed! 

  • If someone asks you what strikes you in a logo? Your answer will surely be the serendipity of the colors you will use in them. Getting a good color combination in place is important for reasons quite apparent. A professional logo designer will be able to choose the best shades for you. He/she will do it keeping in mind your choice, preference for the product, etc. Be it the peachy pastel shades or bold crimson ones. 

  •  Besides that, you need a good font design and size too to be put on your logo. A logo in itself can’t do anything. It should certainly contain your company’s name on it. Thus, hiring a good designer can ease your job. Professional logo designers can choose a font that is perfect for your design. 

  • Now, professional logo designers can’t just put in place things like colors for you. But they can perform other wonders too for you. Just think about the famous logos of cars that have nearly canonized themselves. This includes brands like Volkswagen, Mercedes, etc. Why have they become single famous? Obviously, the feature of cars is one thing. But another thing is their logo. Designers have the power to tell you which logo design will make your brand successful and which cannot. Thus, predictions of success are something that designers can certainly do for you. 

  • Now sometimes the concept behind your product or campaign may be very vague. In that situation, you certainly need a good designer who can eliminate that vagueness for you and bring in concreteness. Besides that, you may come across situations when the designer can actually put your mind in the logo. Sometimes the idea is brilliant, yet execution lacks momentum. It can all get solved with a good graphic designer. You can even negotiate with him/her to provide you with unlimited graphic designing services. 

  • We have been told a number of times that the impression is the last impression. That’s the same when it comes to logos. That’s why it’s important to get the help of a professional. They are all people who have worked in this industry for a long time. They know it well what may crash your business and what may uplift it. They will note all the details you will be telling them in a meeting. Only after careful deliberation, they will design a visual for you. 


  • How do you associate a multinational company with its brand identity? You do it through the kind of services they provide. But adding to that list, logos would also come. Most of the time people or customers superficially attach brand loyalty to the company with the logo too. Designing a good logo is essential for any business because it can in indirect ways boost brand loyalty too. A logo plays a huge part in giving a brand its identity. 


 Logo designers are thus crucial when it comes to designing. A professional doing a job is obviously better than an amateur indulging in doing it. A well well-designed gives your brand credibility. If your logo represents your business effectively, you will attract the clients which you want to reach.

If your logo looks unprofessional, you may end up disappointing customers. 

So don’t overthink and hire a good logo designer today itself! 


Why Hire Professionals For Your Landing Page?

As an entrepreneur, you must be aware of the impact your web page makes on your potential clients. In this digitized world, it is not surprising to have people who would check your company out on search engines before opting to make any purchase.
Your landing page might be the first thing they see, and that constitutes the make or break point for your customers.
In case you are of the opinion that a decent landing page design is sufficient and you do not require a professional designer then you cannot be further from reality.
Web graphic design services require an in-depth understanding of what can work in a specific environment and what will not. There are variations in different landing page layouts that can either attract more viewers or drive away your potential customers.
So, what are the things that distinguish between a landing page designed by professionals and something designed by amateurs? Let us find out.

Structural layout

One of the first things to catch the attention of viewers would be the layout of your landing page. The page should be easy to navigate and information easy to find. Even a layman who has no understanding of graphic design would prefer an accessible layout better.
Apart from this, your structural layout should speak volumes about the type of product or service you are providing to your customers. In case your website is meant to provide medical services, make sure you keep a minimalist outlook.
The minimalist outlook is applicable for those products and services which require professionalism and to create a sense of urgency and importance. Products such as wheelchairs or oxygen tanks do not need a cluttered website. This enables the viewers to search for their requirements in a smoother and faster manner.

A minimalist landing page is essential for having a spacious and professional outlook.

On the other hand, if you are selling products like home decor or paintings, it is advisable to engage in a more aesthetic outlook for your website. After all, these products are targeted towards a special group of the audience so you can afford to make them classier and tasteful.
There are certain landing pages that require attention from various age groups and targeted towards a wider set of audience. Vacation spots, for example. Hotel advertisements, tour packages, or car rental services are some services that use creative and bright landing pages.

It helps when you keep in mind the purpose of your web landing page while designing.

Color contrast

Do you have a company logo? It is recommendable to use the same colors used in logos to be incorporated into your landing page. This enables branding your business.
However, in case you have not yet decided on a company logo yet, try to use contrasting colors for your landing page. It is preferable to have a maximum of two to three colors. However, your color combination should look appropriate and modest to the eyes.
Extremely bright colors, especially at the corners of your page can misdirect the viewer’s attention towards that particular area and not make a good impression.

A lot depends on the colors you choose and the textures you use!

Relative information with necessary links

Your page is most likely to be viewed by those who need your products and services, or those who are looking up information on a similar substance. Make sure your landing page can satisfy both of these purposes.
In case your viewer is a potential customer, you need to have the landing page modified such that payment options or procedures are subtly highlighted or made easier to spot. The items you are selling should be clearly visible and there should be no space for doubt on the product category you are selling.
The landing page should also make use of related content. Provide links to your blogs or articles on the landing page itself with the topic name. It will promote engagement within your website and viewers.

Creating a landing page may sound easy, but it requires an understanding of different designing concepts to have the best web landing page. For some unlimited graphic design services, you can consult Draftss. They are a team of creative designers and artists who can give you the best consultancy and services regarding your web landing page.


Looking for Business Tips for Indiehackers and Developers? Get Them Here!


Who are these Indiehackers? 


In the business domain, there are all kinds of people. While some have built an empire out of their ventures, others are still in the process. On similar lines, while some entrepreneurs are having enough funds and dollars to invest in anything. Others are still in the operational stage. 

Ever heard of how Indiehackers make money? Or even before that, what do you understand by this term? Funnily enough, some of you may feel it’s about some hackers from India. However, that’s an absolutely misleading understanding of the nomenclature. 

Indiehackers as a term stemmed from a community by the same name where independent successful businesses share advice and experiences. It was created in 2016 and is today very successful. 

Now the term’s usage has entirely changed. Indiehackers are those entrepreneurs who are working independently, without any external funding, or through investors. This means that they just produce any product/service, sell it, and make money. They are not bound to any employee or investor to return the money. 


Best Business Tips for Indiehackers and Developers 



  • Stay independent

This may look like a piece of weird advice, but it needs to be a pioneering one! Indiehackers should try and stay independent. Be it in terms of the means through which they are making money or the product they are working on. Why that should be done? The reason is simple: To avoid Subjugation and complications while working. Whenever you are under someone, you are bound to stick to their dictates and rules. This may hinder innovation on your part. So try to make money independently through channels like developing an app, creating a product, etc. Don’t seek investment from others at all. 



  • Make something you are good at 


Indie Hackers who decided their product ideas by scratching their own itch probably don’t face this issue that much as they end up working on a problem they themselves faced. If you decide product ideas like you did, then it’s more likely that the thing you end up working on isn’t as motivating to spend time on.”


This was one piece of advice that was shared by an Indiehacker on the platform. This clearly depicts that if developers are willing to device any application or product, they need to do something they are good at. Or make something which they felt wasn’t there before. When you do so, there is a high probability that your product will be liked by a lot of people and you will raise sufficient money. 



  • Use penny stocks 

Funding and money is something that Indiehackers always face a problem to cope up with. They can’t ask someone to give them money. This is because that would cease them from being Indiehackers. Another reason is that: The borrowed money will become an additional burden to deal with. 


“Taking money needed for another part of your business in order to multiply your holdings isn’t smart. If the investment turns sour, you’ve lost money on both the investment and your business, which will make it difficult to recover, particularly if cash flow is low.”


Here’s where the penny stock will come into use! Penny stock is basically a common stock sold for less than a dollar on the market. It’s a highly volatile investment. However, it can be worth it as it makes a great place to start for new investors. 



  • Invest more in design and other services 

If you are working on developing an online app, you wouldn’t need much money at all. It would only require your skills and expertise, good pitching, and obviously a few design services. So it’s advisable that Indiehackers develop products that are feasible and at low cost. Money crunch won’t be an impediment at all in doing so. 

Also, it’s statistically proven that apps with catchy slogans and designs attract more people to use them. So investing a little bit in designing isn’t bad at all. There are many sites that provide unlimited graphic designing services. So hire them and get going! 



And the last bit of advice for any independent entrepreneur would be to join communities that are involved in giving advice. The very first community for the same would be as it contains many people from independent backgrounds who are now running successful businesses. Try and get in touch with them through the common platform. Ask them what they did to expand their business and become rich. You can ape them, learn ways to improve, and try to maximize your reach too. 

There are many forums too devised for the same purpose. This includes Reddit, Quora,  Warrior Forums, etc. 

Altogether, Indiehackers have a lot of resources to know more about business expansion. They can use the above tips to successfully go ahead with their ventures. 



A Miraculous Guide To Choosing a Freelance Graphic Designer in the USA

From the ordinary logo of any website to the ultimate advertisement on a big banner. It’s all a matter of choosing a good graphic designer. Most often people tend to underestimate the creativity of designers and the wonders they can do. Choosing the right graphic designer is a matter that needs to be dealt with carefully. Because most often the entire traffic of any website may come out as a result of amazing web designs. 


The point of difference 

Now there are certain graphic designers who have a permanent job profile and they do their work too throughout the year. That is usually with a permanent firm or client. But freelance graphic designers usually get employed on an hourly or contractual basis. That usually applies to companies who want a minimal task done or some changes done to already present designs. 

Also while a full-time designer would provide you with unlimited graphic designing services, a freelance wouldn’t do that! 


How to find a freelance in the USA? 

In the USA’s California, which marks the Silicon Valley region, one can easily find a large number of freelance graphic designers. Now some of you may be wondering as to how to do that? For finding an absolutely amazing freelance designer who does exactly what you want him/her to do, follow these simple steps: 



  • See your project’s scope


This is the utmost important step to hire a designer. You need to be completely clear in your mind as to what type of work you want your designer to do. For example, if you want him/her to animate a video, you need to specify the role later on. Also, be clear regarding the time for which you will be hiring the designer. Decide if you need the designer for 1-2 hours or around 1-5 days or months. Because if it is a job for a month, hiring a full-time designer would be beneficial.



  • Decide the medium to choose

How are you going to find a suitable designer in the USA? Also, if you are an outsider, wouldn’t finding the designer be difficult? These are the kind of thoughts that you will go through. So it’s better that you decide beforehand if you want to find the designer offline/online. Finding the designer offline can take place through a mode of creating a vacant situation in the newspaper/ meeting some placement agencies. 

And through offline mode, hiring would be easier, for there are many sites like, Fiverr, etc. They easily give a medium to advertise your role requirement. 



  • Mention the skills required

After choosing the medium to advertise the situation, the main task lies in mentioning what skills you need. Keeping in mind what output you want from the designer, you need to put the details of the role in the situation. There are a number of online sites in the USA, and worldwide on which you can post that situation. The USA is itself a hub of technology and innovations, so finding a freelance designer wouldn’t be really tough. 

The main websites to use for online hiring are: 

  • Upwork: Upwork is the world’s most popular freelancing platform. It has around 300,000 graphic and web designers available. 
  • Fiverr: It is a popular platform used by small businesses to hire graphic and web designers. It has a user-friendly interface and a plethora of visual designs.

           These websites have various filters 

           which will help you to narrow down a large number of applicants to a lesser number. 



  • Check portfolios and pricing

Now once you have advertised, wait, and relax. In the USA, a lot of people search for employment and thus you will get a lot of applications too. So out of all, just choose the one that suits the best as per your project’s scope. Go carefully through the portfolios of the designers. Choose exoticism and something different. Out of 100 applicants, choose the one whose portfolio has something out of the box. 


Apart from this, check at what price the designer is willing to work. The rates can vary a lot. Some may skyrocket while others may be subtle and sober. For instance,  in Upwork most rates usually are in this, category

  • Basic (Free) : 3 freelancers per job post + safe payment options + transaction reporting
  • Plus ($49.99/month): 15 freelancers per posting + dedicated account management + advanced collaboration features
  • Business ($499/month): unlimited invites to freelancers + premium customer support + advanced job post and talent sourcing tools

So that’s how you can work and find your freelance graphic designer. These are just a few simple steps and don’t require a lot of hassle and time. 

So get started! 




From Around the Web: Fabulous Infographics And Startup

In this busy and fast-paced world, most of the time it becomes difficult for people to go through every written word in any document or blog, or website. Whether it is an important office meeting or some content in your weblink to promote your sales, you must have noticed how attaching digital graphs or relevant graphics captures the attention of people more than just written paragraphs? Well, this is the power of infographics!

If you happen to own a start-up company, then you should be well aware of how graphic representation can alter the concentration level of individuals! Let’s take a look at some of the fabulous designs used by Startups for their graphic design of websites!

Landing Page of Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is a website that is used for the purpose of booking hotel rooms. One of the major attractions of their landing page is the “global parallax” of its layout. This webpage has a smooth UI that allows users to understand and navigate smoothly. This benefits the company as more people start using it and sends links as a recommendation to friends and family members. Therefore, it is the infographics of the landing page of this startup company that helped out to maximize profits!

Blockscore scoring with their website

The sole purpose of this website is to investigate in case someone’s identity gets stolen. They have a uniquely textured style that also provides a “birds-eye view” of cities with black and white icons and text, which makes the graphic design colors pop out! All these can readily capture the attention of the viewers.

Expose yourself to storytelling with Exposure

We all know how much everyone loves to hear stories. Even more when they are told with the help of visual aids! Exposure gives you the platform for storytelling with the help of images and an amazing UI that invites the readers to read. This startup company definitely knows how to keep its readers and storytellers engaged with the help of infographics!

Virb giving you the right vibes!

This website is designed to help you with learning more about photography and photo editing. The webpage has a unique elegance in its design that keeps the viewer’s concentration as well as allow them to stay motivated!

The variation in design is what often keeps your viewers intrigued and come back to your website or your landing page more often! Therefore, it also becomes necessary to often update your encouraged designs and user interface to keep it up to date and user friendly. In case you don’t know how to have good infographics on your startup’s landing page, there are graphic design service providers as well! Draftss is a company that will provide you with graphic design for websites at a reasonable price package. So you may check them out as well!


Promote Your Business Through Social Media

Social media is one of the largest growing platforms in the contemporary world. Despite its use for communicating from one part of the world to another, social media is also an excellent place for business marketing!
If you take a look at most of the consumers in the world, you can see that they are more likely to visit Facebook pages or Instagram pages of different companies before buying their products or hiring them for services. If your social media presence is compelling enough, it will turn your viewers into potential clients!

What does social media marketing consist of?

Marketing through social media means that you create your own account or page on various top-tier platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. About 80% of users worldwide follow business accounts which make about 200 million views every day. Can you imagine the amount of exposure you are likely to get?
However, merely creating a page is not enough to boost your business! There are specific ways in which you may engage your target viewers for a successful promotion. Much of it lies in your presentation and the quality of content you can provide.
Styling and editing your product photos, using the perfect filters, bringing in the right aesthetic to your posts can get you the boost that you require!

It becomes essential to build your page that will appeal to your target customers. A well-structured page will ensure smooth navigation.

Brand yourself with social media

It becomes essential that you brand your company. It is advisable to optimize your social media pages before using them. An incomplete page might look like forgery and the last thing you need from your potential customers is mistrust!
Therefore, it is recommendable to have your company logo or related pictures as your display picture, along with a short bio to describe your company motto. For a mind capturing logo, it is advisable to consult graphic designs for custom logo design services.
Your company name and logo should be visible on your page, with your agendas (if any). This will enable you to build brand value among your competitiveness.

logo designs have the potential to capture a lot of customers. Make sure you make it attractive and mind-capturing!

Engaging content

Have you seen Facebook ads? Do you find yourself skipping them often? However, you tend to view a few of them, don’t you? Well, that explains the engagement part. Promotion through content is something that you should opt for.
If your content is engaging enough, whether a picture or a short video, viewers are likely to view your page for more. That will give you a number of potential customers!
In the case of Instagram and Twitter, keywords are encoded in hashtags. It is advisable to follow different pages, like, and comment on other profiles to get more followers for yourself!

Hashtags will help you in gaining more followers.

Website linking

It doesn’t matter whether you are opting for Facebook or Instagram marketing; make sure to link your official website to your wall. At the same time, it is recommendable to develop your web page as well as your social media page.
If your webpage is lacking in a proper user interface and is not easy to navigate, your clients are likely to get turned off. Therefore, having a good social media page entails a better webpage.
You may contact companies to get a graphic design for websites, to ensure a smooth and attractive user interface. You may visit the official page of Draftss to get a price packaging for their graphic design services at a reasonable price.

Perfect opportunity for startups!

Social media marketing provides a perfect platform for startups and small businesses. It is understandable that smaller companies do not have the resources to invest in newspaper ads or cable operators. Hence, creating a free Facebook or Instagram page and creating relevant content is an option many would take up!
Of course, there are user paid tools to make more viewers see your advertisements, but that is quite reasonable and a better growth hack option for startup companies.

Promoting your business through social media ensures you get a massive coverage. It also allows you to take feedback from customers, speak on different contemporary issues, and conduct surveys for your target audience. Overall, it is a worthwhile investment for your business!

Pixel True

Pixel True vs Draftss: A Comparative Analysis


The graphic designing industry has seen a continuous increase in the number of graphic designing service providers and web development agencies in the past few years. It’s been a competitive time for all of them and most of them have decided to compete upon unlimited graphic designing services. An increasing number of service providers means an increase in the number of options for the clients to choose from among many and hence another comparative analysis of the two highly competing graphic design agencies in the industry – Draftss & Pixel True.

While pixel True comes with a different type of designs, similar in the range and options, Draftss has been acknowledged as an ultimate choice for businesses in the past many years. For the entrepreneurs, startups, founders, and business owners looking forward to having some of the best design & development solutions over a single platform, Draftss is one of the rarest options in the whole graphic designing industry. Let’s research more about the two options and their services and go ahead with making a better choice.

The best thing about unlimited graphic designing for its client base is no hiring, no HR, no interviews, & absolutely no managing on clients’ part. Clients are required to just submit the design tasks required to be worked upon & the service provider will find the best designer, the complete designing team in case of Draftss, for you & take care of the rest.

The promise is simple at Draftss – you pay a flat rate & get unlimited design projects for the month. While with Pixel True, it is more about lifetime membership of the existing packages and designs. Among hundreds in the industry for you to choose from, here’s a comparison between another set of the two graphic design service providers – Draftss & Pixeltrue.

Read the previous article review about Draftss & ManyPixels here.

In this piece of the guide, we have tried to explore the dimensions of the services provided by Draftss as well as Pixeltrue and thus, aim to conclude a better option for the type of requirements a client may have. 

Draftss – Overview

Draftss is known for its unlimited graphic designing services as well as the flexibility it possesses in its highly affordable subscription packages. It offers you to have a complete designing team at your service without you hiring any graphic designer on the basis of subscription packages. Further, the subscription package for graphic designing services starts at just $89 per week. In addition, Draftss is backed by a number of reviews, for its flexibility, consistency, & speedy services. The service provider is a one-stop-shop for all the designing and development needs for startups, founders, freelancer, developers, and design & development agencies to get their tasks worked out with an expert and skilled team of professionals.

The package at Draftss starts at just $89 per week. In just a price as little as this, Draftss delivers quality and speed and hence becomes a win-win deal for everyone. Draftss has been a one-stop-shop for all the graphic designing and development solutions. This makes Draftss a very good option for the clients and caters to a very wide range of services. Draftss allocates highly specialized designers for each of the specific requirements of the clients.

Pixel True – Overview

Pixeltrue comes in the market with a little unique set of offerings. While all the major competitors are competing over the unlimited graphic designing services, Pixel True has tried itself over the lifetime membership plan which offers its clients to avail and access all the illustrations and designs Pixeltrue has worked upon to date.

With these unique services, Pixel True also tries to offer better service and value for money. The package named “Pixel True illustrations and vector pack” is a deal to access 230+ illustrations and design styles for a lifetime for any project, blog, newsletter, etc. Although the packs are limited in concept, the service provider promises its clients to offer 2 new packs every month.

Pricing – Draftss vs Pixel True

Cloud-based services have been gaining popularity and increased usage in recent time for the scalability and flexibility they actually have to offer. Service providers recently have come up with a subscription-based pricing model – a model that is completely based on the subscription which lets the service provider, as well as the client, enjoy the freedom to work with the service provider. The subscription model also lets the clients enjoy the flexibility to downgrade, upgrade, or cancel the package at any moment.

Draftss Subscription Cost

It offers a range of plans that is fairly justifiable and highly affordable. Draftss has a great pricing model. It offers its clients to subscribe for Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly & specially customized Annual Plans.

To be noted is the weekly plan offered which is very rare to come across a service provider in the industry. It is best suited for clients and businesses looking for smaller tasks to be worked upon.

Draftss is very lucrative as well as an easy to go service provider. In comparison with all the other services, the subscription prices are fairly low and affordable which makes it easy for the clients to subscribe and thus get the projects worked out swiftly with a highly skilled team.

Pixel True Subscription Cost

Pixel True has a bit different model of pricing when it comes to its packages. The pricing is divided into two types: Lifetime Membership & Monthly Plans. Monthly packages are divided into Hero Plan, priced at $849 per month, Superhero Plan, priced at $1499 per month, & Webflow development Plan, priced at $1699 per month.

Pixel True offers its clients to have access to all the illustrations and designs pixel true has worked upon for a lifetime at a particular fee. Although, pixel true allows the use of the illustrations without any royalty for the use of the designs personally as well as commercially they state to reserve the right to change prices, conditions, and revise the resources usage policy at any moment. Also, for any resalable web applications, software programs, web templates, app templates, merchandise, etc. clients are not allowed to include the graphics resources by the service provider.

Services Offered by Draftss & Pixel True

Need designs? Firstly, you need to get on a portal. Secondly, put in your time, efforts & in some cases, subscription costs of the portal too. Thirdly, you might hire a freelancer, put in your time, effort, money, & finally, you might get a good design.

But with a service provider holding your back, you can get even better designs by doing not much. Both the service providers have a lot as well as different they can offer their customers but definitely, not everything – especially Pixeltrue has its range of limitations.

Offering by Draftss

Draftss comes with a team of expert and brilliant designers who do not only cater to the graphic designing needs but also to the web development and coding needs of the clients. With a very compact and smooth structure of workflow, Draftss can quickly work out the submitted tasks by the clients with a team of expert designers and a dedicated project manager. Collaboration over a number of platforms and software programs makes the complete process effortless for clients & assures nothing less than great designs! The on-boarding process at Draftss makes it, even more, easier for the clients to quickly get on-board with the platform.

The effectiveness & efficiency of the service provider helps to decrease the turnaround time for each design task and hence helps the clients in getting more number requirements fulfilled and thus more value for money.

Offerings by Pixel True

Pixel True offers different and unique services but the quality, services, and other necessary factors of the graphic designing industry get left away. It delivers its services with an average time of around 2 days, which can even extend further, and a few limitations on the type of requests too like complex UX designs, 3D illustrations, etc.

Pixel True for its lifetime pack also offers 2 new design packs every month to keep its pack updated and on-going. Unfortunately, as the provider states to provide a digital product, once the product has been purchased, clients should not expect refund.

Let’s have a sneak peek into the services offered by the two available in a wide range:
Services OfferedDraftssPixel True
Letterheads ✔️
Branding With Brand Guide✔️✔️
Human Illustrations✔️✔️
T-Shirt Design✔️✔️
Book/E-book Cover Design✔️✔️
Banner Ads✔️
Social Media✔️✔️
Pitch Deck✔️
Podcast Cover✔️✔️
Photo Retouching✔️✔️
Web UI/UX Design✔️✔️
App UI/UX Design✔️✔️
WordPress Development✔️
White Labeling Services✔️
Album Covers✔️
Amazon Graphics✔️
Background Removal✔️✔️
Label Designs✔️
Business Cards✔️✔️
Menu Cards✔️✔️
Post Cards✔️
Powerpoint Templates✔️✔️
Promotional Items✔️✔️
Hero Images✔️
Gutenberg Builder✔️
Beaver Builder✔️
Divi Builder✔️
WP Bakery✔️
Visual Composer✔️
Oxygen Builder✔️
Landing Pages✔️
Trade Show Graphics✔️
Email Designs✔️✔️
Wireframe Template✔️
Billboard Designs✔️✔️
Sticker Design✔️
Google Display Ads✔️✔️
Blog Design✔️✔️
Photo Manipulation✔️✔️
Disk Cover✔️

As claimed by the online platform of Pixeltrue, they have a few limitations upon the complexity of whatever they work and hence may not be referred to as experts. This may make clients a bit apprehensive of making Pixeltrue a choice for their tasks.

On the other hand, Draftss acts as a one-stop solution for all the designing as well as coding needs for its clients with a vast range of services & offerings. Draftss also serves all the technological needs of the clients by supporting a wide variety of software programs like CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, Powerpoint, Keynote, WordPress & Page builders.

In other terms, Draftss can get anything done for you if it is possible to design it in the supported software programs.

In addition, Draftss has been in the industry for the last 10 years and has successfully served a number of leading businesses. The best quality of Draftss is:

  • It is highly responsive.
  • It’s Fast & highly responsive services.
  • Equipped with a very strong team of designers and coders.

Putting the long story in short, Draftss has to offer a service that is highly responsive, quick, and efficient.

Portfolio – Draftss vs Pixel True

An impressive portfolio plays a key role in helping a service provider in landing its next big client. In order to stand out, it’s very important to put some real good designs before the visitors. Hence, when choosing between Draftss & Penji, clients instantly check each of the service’s portfolio. Checking the portfolio is crucial as it gives a great idea to the clients of what is being offered to them by the service provider and what can they expect out of the subscription. Also, this lets them see if the designs put forward by the service provider are what they’re looking for from a graphic design company.

Portfolio of Draftss

Draftss, because of its highly diverse and long list of services, seems to be highly versatile, diversified, and and extensive while talking about its range of services.

The portfolio of Draftss comprises of the particulars like logo, t-shirt designs, packaging designs, web and app UI/UX, and other designs among many. Thus, the portfolio at Draftss comprises of everything a client might be looking forward to avail. For the parameters of quality, customer experience, and attention to the sharpness of the designs, a number of testimonials and feedback show Draftss to be a very positive add-on for all its clients and customers.

Portfolio of Pixel True

Pixeltrue has a limited set of operational structure and designing. Its portfolio shows the same. A client may not be able to see a lot of diversity and variety of designs upon the portfolio of Pixeltrue which might make the portfolio a little less useful. The quality of the designs, however is fair enough to consider Pixeltrue as the service provider but may not be able to compete with a competitor as experienced as Draftss with an extensive protfolio.


Quality at Draftss

Draftss, for all these years in the industry, has delivered not just good designs but great designs. Therefore, Draftss equips the clients and their tasks with highly specialized designers of the domain which makes the design come out as a masterpiece.

Draftss collaborates with the clients over a number of platforms which makes it easier for clients to collaborate unlike other platforms. Keeping the clients updated and completely in the loop of the designing process makes it easy & reliable for clients to have the designers at their service. Draftss also let the clients avail the facility to talk to the designer over the voice call for better understanding and to deliver the best experience for the customer support throughout the process.What brings out the best in the services of Draftss is that the service provider allocates highly specialized designers for the tasks. This makes each of the tasks become a masterpiece and deliver the maximum value to the clients.

Quality at Pixel True

Graphic designing at Pixeltrue is qualitative enough and beautiful. The designs are grouped into packages as well as clients are allowed to request custom illustrations as well. Although the concepts of the pre-designed designs are almost the same, and can be put to basic use, the custom requests comes with a few limitations upon the range as well as the services. The service provider uses a software tool to have all the management as well as the conversational arrangements in one place. The web platform of the service provider seems to be a bit less informative and lacks the info about the quality and skills of the designers or the support team.

Design – Draftss vs Pixel True

Both the service providers claim to offer a highly skilled and expert design team with different clauses and terms. Designing teams at both the service providers are however experienced and skilled enough to create masterpieces easily but the output of the team differs with the services of the agency and subscription of their respective packages. Let’s have a look at the design aspects of the two service providers.

Design at Draftss

Designing at Draftss is all about the client and the team equipped with the client for assistance and designing. As soon as a client signs up for a subscription package upon the website of Draftss, it equips the client with a team of designers and a dedicated project manager. With a full-fledged team of expert designers and developers, Draftss also at times equips a designer who specializes in a specific domain if the design is very specific in nature making the output even better. Sharp designs and an attentive approach towards the designs are two of the major skills all of the designers at Draftss possess.

Design at Pixeltrue

Pixeltrue helps the designers get access to the already designed illustrations that can be used in the blogs, newsletters, promotional particulars, as well as client work as well. Although, the designs come with a few limitations in variety & range as well. The web platform talks about the quality of the designs only upon its core value section. There is a blank upon the quality of the designs as well as the support services provided by the service provider and hence clients may not be able to judge Pixeltrue just by visiting their website at least.

Development – Draftss vs Pixel True

Draftss understands the importance of great web development with respect to great designing as well. Development is another major aspect of comparison for the two leading service providers. Draftss makes it easy for its clients to do more upon the same platform.

Developmemt at Draftss

Draftss not only designs apps & web UI/UX for startups, founders, entrepreneurs, & businesses, but also helps in the development of the designed particulars. This feature is very unique to Draftss and can be found rarely with any competitor agency. Draftss works well on the critical factors of designing, speed, mobile responsiveness, & overall health of the digital platforms of its clients.

Further, the list of service of Draftss helps the clients build upon the software programs like HTML/CSS, WordPress, Page Builders, & Elementor, among many others. Thus, providing the solution for the development of the designs & web platforms, Draftss has a big edge here over other similar service providers in the industry. A business may avail both the facilities from Draftss and may not have to look for two different options to get a design from one and get the development done from another. 

Development at Pixel True

Pixeltrue comes with a number of limitations and development is another one on the list. Graphic designing by Pixeltrue has received a fair response in the market and its clients. The service provider may not be able to cater to the complex requests of the clients but works well upon the regular designs. Pixeltrue also does not work upon the complex web development aspects and hence works only upon webflow. Expecting development on any other platform other than webflowwith Pixeltrue may not be of any benefit.

Process – Draftss vs Pixel True


Businesses and the owners stay on tightly packed up schedules. It is thus always a good idea to offer them with the easy and quick onboarding process for any service being offered to them.

The on-boarding process at draftss is quick and simple.

  • Visit the website and choose a plan.
  • Fill out the form for on-boarding and done!

The team gets back to you and gets you going!

The on-boarding process at Pixeltrue however also seems to be very short, crisp, and time efficient. Although the limitation of the plans being only monthly stays, the client can submit a request through their website and can start working with them.

Task Submission

For the clients on board with Draftss, the service provider follows a simple & very smooth process. To cater to the ease of communication, Draftss has a channel for all. Therefore, you can use E-mail, Trello, Slack, Whatsapp, Telegram, and just about every other project management tool that you have been using OR the submission form by Draftss to submit your design tasks. This makes the submission process very handy & easy for the clients of Draftss.

On the other hand, Pixeltrue operates through its own software program to accept the new task submissions. This however makes it a little less resourceful and accessible, but is not a very great parameter to be judged upon.


Draftss gives you revisions until & unless you’re satisfied with the design upon your screen. You don’t like it? No problem! Draftss will revise it. Draftss understands the importance of revisions and hence allows the clients to ask for as many revisions as required. Therefore, it’s not a problem if the first output does not fit the best! The clients at Draftss always have got a second chance.

Similarly, with the monthly subscription package, Pixeltrue also offers unlimited revisions of the designs.


At Draftss, clients finalize the design only when it is exactly what is needed. Therefore, until and unless it is perfect, it is not finalized. The client is also offered a number of options of format to get the designs.

Pixeltrue also offers the same service. They do offer their clients to finalize the designs and download when satisfied.

Communication – Draftss vs Pixel True

Poor communication only delays the process and degrades the quality of the final output.

Especially in the unlimited designing packages, the number of requests is dependent upon the turnaround time of the service provider. Thus, to put in maximum requests and get more tasks designed, the communication needs to be efficient, handy, crisp, quick, and hassle-free.

Communication at Draftss

Draftss offers all its clients the flexibility to communicate over a number of channels depending upon the clients’ comfort and thus becomes way more approachable and handy to converse with in comparison to any of its competitors.

To provide ease and not confine the clients with limited options, Draftss offers its clients to communicate with the design team over a single chain of E-mails, Slack, WhatsApp, & a number of other project management tools. The design team is highly responsive & quick to provide the required assistance.

Communication at Pixel True

Pixeltrue uses its own collaborative software to help the clients converse with the designing team. Usage of a single platform is thus a disadvantage against a competitor like Draftss which is highly flexible and diverse in this aspect. A single platform, which is not even a universal one, makes it difficult for the clients at times to get comfortable with the tool. The software may not even feel handy at times making it even more difficult to make a better understanding between the client and the team of designers. This further leads to miscommunications, more revisions, corrections, and thus consumption of more time.

Turnaround Time Per Task

One of the most important factors to analyze & judge a service upon is the turn-around time it takes for the service provider to complete the task and get back to the client. Turnaround time is inversely proportional to the number of designs worked.

Turnaround at Draftss

Draftss provides a realistic turnaround time for the most common design tasks and for other specific tasks, it depends on the complexity of the design. Simpler tasks take lesser time, complex tasks take more time. You can check out the turnaround time for all types of tasks here. Draftss efficiently works on illustrations, labels, stickers, logos, and many more particulars.

The client is told about the turnaround time of a project while subscribing for a plan for a shorter duration or the projects for a long term plan. Draftss also saves time by making a great design at one go and thus prevents the revisions and the time consumed in the process.

Turnaround at Pixel True

Pixeltrue usually takes about 2-3 days to complete one regular task as per their web platform. It additionally takes 1 more business day to work upon the revisions. Pixeltrue works upon just one of its collaboration software. This might make clients uncomfortable in the conversational process making it difficult for the clients to keep their requirements before the design team and further delaying the process of designing.

Whitelabel – Draftss vs Pixel True

White Labeling Services at Draftss

From clients to businesses looking forward to extending similar services in the market, Draftss is open for all. Draftss lets the partner firms use its design & development services with the partners’ mark upon the services. The services to the partners are offered at a very affordable subscription price. A number of businesses in their initial phase may not possess the same standard of quality and resources. Draftss offers them its white labeling services and lets them become the partner and hence equips them with the Draftss team for providing the services to the partner’s clients with the mark of a partner.

It thus helps to avoid the resources of the firm to get diluted by spending huge on the designers who possess absolute brilliance to design and work out the tasks without compromising on the quality of services like Draftss. Thus, the team of professionals and experts at Draftss acts as an extended team for the partner and works for the partner’s clients with the same level of dedication and quality assurance.

White Labeling Services at Pixel True

Pixeltrue sadly does not have this service to offer and can be counted as another limitation at the service provider’s end.

What To Choose?

Draftss vs Pixeltrue – This review was not much of tough competition between the two service providers. Draftss easily has come out to be a platform for all with a very diverse and varied pool of services while on the other hand, Pixeltrue seems to be very limited in its offerings and services.

In terms of the quality of designs and services, the two have performed well. Although, it is very important to note the difference in the pricing of their packages is too wide as well as their range of services is very different. Thus, Draftss in this case has a very important advantage of offering very affordable packages as well as the flexibility of weekly packages as well. Pixeltrue clearly fails to provide the necessary flexibility as well as the pricing seems to be on a higher side.

Range of services offered by Pixeltrue is very small & the number of limitations that come with it are numerous.

Some of them are white labeling services, the number of days taken to complete the project, as well as the quality of services. These are definitely considerable measures to analyze the two competitors and their performance. Hence, for this set of reviews, Draftss has a great advantage to offer to its clients than Pixeltrue can offer to its clients.

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