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12 Reasons to Invest in your Landing Page Design in 2020

Landing pages have become an indispensable part of a business website. Just as the name suggests, landing pages drive a visitor to land on a particular one-stop website of sorts. They drive in web visits from various sources and can generate leads for businesses by beckoning interested users by providing a call to action.

Your landing page can be extremely useful in directing and accommodating a specific action. This is what sets it apart from business websites, which usually offers a lot of different routes for users to take. The specificity of a landing page reaps many benefits. This post will discuss 12 reasons why landing pages are so important, and why you should consider investing in its design. 

1) Landing Pages Generate Leads

The most defining part of a landing page is that it is simple and effective. Any website has two major roles to play; the first is to drive traffic and the second is to convert. Using a landing page can contribute heavily to these. Owing to its focused and efficient design, your landing page can generate leads and turn them into prospective customers. Moreover, studies show that more leads are generated when visitors are sent to dedicated landing pages as opposed to the home page.

2) Landing Pages Can Collect Information About Prospective Demographics

A major advantage of having a landing page is the contribution it makes in helping you improve your understanding of your consumers. On your landing page, visitors are expected to fill a form. This targeted information will give you valuable details on the demographics. It will undoubtedly help you in catering to the needs of the significant parties, and aim at their needs and desires. A great landing page design can draw in greater leads; additionally, understanding this audience will ultimately improve sales.

3) Landing Pages Eliminate Distractions

Landing pages have gathered much importance due to the fact that they are very singular in nature. They aim to achieve a specific purpose. This becomes a very necessary factor as driving traffic to home pages may cause distractions for visitors. Instead of focusing on what you want your audience to focus on, their attention will be strayed by the various sunsets of your webpage. Designing an apt landing page completely eliminates this problem.

4) Landing Pages Can Improve Brand Awareness

Your landing page represents your brand. When designing it, make sure that it’s style look and the overall vibe is consistent with that of your branding. This is useful because it shows the uniformity you maintain across multiple forms of media. You can eventually present a recognizable vision of your brand, giving users more opportunities and options to engage with your business. Visitors are more likely to identify your brand the second time around. Building a corresponding landing page shows this continuous consistency and will improve your brand awareness through its design.

5) Landing Pages Help To Test and Optimize

Editing is an immeasurable gift. Especially when it comes to your landing page design, experimentation is always an option. You can switch up the colors, themes, fonts, images, headlines, content and so much more. These changes, coupled with demographics, will help you determine what truly works best. Updating your landing page design can sometimes enable a notable change in the flow of your business. It is thus very versatile and a platform open to all of your design tests.

6) Landing Pages Offer Clarity And Purpose

Landing pages, as mentioned before, is stops for a single purpose. This means that a visitor is only obligated to supply you with the information asked directly. The landing page serves a purpose, and what the visitors should do is outlined clearly. As a result, you can eliminate any chance of confusion.

7) Landing Pages Can Force Visitors To Make A Decision

Making an effective landing page involves having a crystal clear call to action. With minimal distractions and one primary focal point, your page should be designed in such a way that visitors don’t have any room for indecisiveness. Your business will undoubtedly grow once you’re able to grab and sustain your consumers’ interest. A simply designed landing page can definitely help with this goal.

8) Landing Pages Allow Users To Access Other Marketing Channels

Along with the targeted information, you can also provide links to other social media accounts. The advantage of this is that costumer may find other offers, links or marketing campaigns that they might be interested in. In our exponentially growing digital world, every platform is interlinked. Using a landing page to subtly direct audiences to other prospects can also drive up your leads.

9) Landing Pages Increase Credibility 

Using a landing page can boost the overall credibility and supportiveness of your brand. When your landing page caters exactly to what the visitors are looking for, they feel understood. It comes off as your brand caring about its customers and taking significant action to meet their demands and interests. Another great tip is to include testimonials on your landing page. When prospective consumers see how much a particular action has helped others, they’re more likely to proceed with it. 

10) Landing Pages Improve Paid Search Campaigns

The success of a paid search campaign depends on its click-through rates. For high click-through rates, however, landing pages are extremely important. If you direct a keyword search to your business website, consumers are more likely to get distracted by the plethora of links and tabs. However, if your search leads to a specific landing page designed solely for a particular purpose, visitors are more likely to click on it. This generates a new lead and makes the consumer more interested in trying to contact your business and branch out.

11) Landing Pages Zero-In On The Offer

Do not try to defeat the purpose of your landing page. It has been created for prospective customers to provide information that will eventually provide to be essential. All visitors come by your page expecting something very particular. Do not use space on this page to give a detailed company history or other comparatively insignificant information. Keep these pages clear and concise and make sure that the focus never wavers from the actual offer itself.

12) Landing Pages Can Directly Support Your Business Goals

A major advantage is how your landing page can help you support numerous business goals. These may include finding a new niche market, closing more sales, finding more consumers, or just developing the business. Landing pages dissect these goals into achievable feats. With every page you create, you can steadily start achieving each of your targets, and measure your success accordingly. These webpages urge visitors to take action and in the process, aid in the growth of your business.

For further reading, you can check out some of the best landing page design templates we have curated for you. And if you would like to get the best landing page designed for your company, check out some of the great landing pages we have designed with unlimited graphic design.


Payment Gateway Options When Stripe Doesn’t Support Your Country

Payment gateways are services provided by an eCommerce application service provider. It authorizes payments for e-businesses and online retailers, acting as an intermediary between the online store and the payment processor. They accomplish several important tasks in online purchasing and transaction management.

Stripe is one such payment gateway, that has amassed much fame and many users. It offers customized checkout experience, multiple payment options, secure payment processing and optimized reports and insights.

However, if Stripe isn’t available in your country, here are ten alternatives that will make sure your customers have a seamless, secure and streamlined payment experience.

1) PayPal Payments Pro



PayPal Payments Pro is a safe and secure payment processing service, ideal for eCommerce users that may not have a PayPal account. It offers several unique features such as a positive custom checkout experience, quick mobile payments and access to your money within minutes. PayPal Payments Pro is a truly integrated payment gateway as it works flawlessly with all leading eCommerce solutions, accounting systems, and CRM and sales management tools. It is also the most international payment gateway at the moment. It accepts 26 leading currencies and is available to use on over 200 markets.

2) Amazon Payments


Amazon Payments is known for its secure and streamlined service. It entails a wide array of features, including a streamlined purchasing processing an A-to-Z guarantee and a protection plan. It is designed specifically for online retailers and sellers who want to provide a seamless shopping experience. Additionally, Amazon Payments does not have monthly subscriptions and licenses; all fees are transaction-based. Amazon Payments also operates in several different languages and supports all leading currencies.

3) Braintree



Braintree, backed by PayPal, is an all-in-one payment processing partner that supports business across all industries and varying scales. It is best known for the seamless checkout experience that it provides. This payment gateway also equips you with tools that help you manage the risk of fraud. It also provides a friendly drop-in UI, customizable checkout flows, and hosted fields. Braintree allows users to access a global market with over 40 countries covered and more than 130 currencies supported. Moreover, no foreign exchange or cross-border fees are involved.

4) Authorize.Net



Authorize.Net is ideal for retail and service environments that are in need of a flexible gateway solution. It has a robust online payment system that saves time and money for small to medium scale businesses. Authorize.Net can be used as a virtual point of sale (VPOS) and has a virtual terminal for manual transactions. This platform also offers round-the-clock free support by knowledgeable professionals who can extend their aid in building connections.

5) WePay



WePay is an integrated payment gateway that is designed to support web-based requirements of software platforms. It also ensures quick, efficient and secures onboarding and processing. WePay provides software businesses with the flexibility it requires to optimize their operations. Its features include complete payment risk coverage, partner support that can handle any customer inquiry and POS solution to boost sales.

6) BlueSnap

custom-human- illustrations-


Through the incorporation of a robust payment management suite that includes a payment processor, gateway and merchant all in one, BlueSnap emerges as a dedicated platform for merchants and retailers. It supports multiple payment options. BlueSnap also has a built-in virtual terminal in every console which enabled users to accept payments over the phone. Moreover, it has an international eCommerce friendly system, owing to its integration with banks all across the globe. BlueSnap supports 110 payment types, 100 currencies and 29 languages.

7) SecurionPay



SecurionPay is a very reliable payment solution, highly recommended for users who are looking to improve their conversions. It allows fast transactions and one-click payments and can save card details for subsequent transactions. SecurionPay has a fast checkout flow, high customizability, very secure payments, and thus provides improved cross-sales through pop-ups and post-checkout promotions.

8) Skrill

skrill- brand-identity-design-


Skrill is a new UK-based payment gateway. It is designed for both business and individual purposes. This platform can be used to make international transactions to pay for products or services regardless of where you are in the world. Skrill is easy to link to any bank across the globe and it takes excellent care of the security of your payment information. Skrill supports over 30 different currencies and makes it possible to target buyers for your products and services anywhere in the world.

9) PayU



PayU, developed by an Indian processing corporation, is a simple payment solution. It is infamous for its acclaimed 12% conversion rate as well as its acceptance of over 45 payment methods. It is a single integration solution for all local payments and it provides a direct connection to local acquirers. The platform became one of the very few providers that allow OneTap payments and made a major technological breakthrough by allowing second-time users to skip entering their CVV again.

10) Zoho Checkout

Zoho-designpickle vs-


Zoo Checkout is a recurring payment processing system that helps users streamline the purchasing experience of their customers. Everything on your check-out page can be customized to fit your tastes to make sure that the message is conveyed. Zoo Checkout can process credit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, and Amex. It is also capable of resolving failed recurring transactions by cards that were declined.

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Design & Code services and their turn around time
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10 Quick Tips on How to Manage your Remote Designer



The skill of designing graphics by computer software requires great information, dedication and is not an easy task. Hence requires lots of tips and solutions to do it in a better way for a better result.


Remote designing requires a structure and a strict process through which it can focus on efficiency. Various planning and processing methods can help the remote designer getting the best outcome. Also, sticking to the plan is necessary for “efficient outcome”.


Remote design is not for every company. To build the Company, its culture and the team are the two most important pillars and this, the company should first focus on constructing the two. After the initial settlement, the foundation of remote work can be established.


In the era of transition and technology, people are more interested in remote designer work and they prefer the same, as it tends to be more efficient, flexible and does not affect life, maintaining an equilibrium between career growth and personal happiness.


So, below are some tips on how to manage the remote designer work in order to deliver and attain some important qualities and how those qualities can significantly help the remote designer to serve their clients well and provide the services that would be satisfactory enough.


1) Preparation


A lot of planning is required for effective remote collaboration. It includes breaking of exercises into small steps and time frame for each of the boxes, give detailed instructions that how, who, where, and when the work has to be done.
Example:- If you need to add a sketch to a folder, then communication must be done that when and how should it be named.


2) Technology


New technology must be taken into account, the techniques used offline might not work well online. As breakout groups do not perform well in real-time because of the single audio feed and the main reason is communication, and for this particular problem, everyone should be asked to participate so that they get a chance to speak, which will eventually improve their speaking by putting them into a remote conversation. Discussing the designs to keep things running without facing awkwardness can be really helpful, and one should be clear about other’s work and notes. Now, this can be done by taking notes and timekeeping.


3) Create a working plan


While working remotely remote groups are not under any surveillance which means that the motivation and pressure to work are reduced. Consequently, this does not allow them to put their full ability into the task. To get over this problem one can capture a photo or point a webcam to a whiteboard that would remind them of the work. There are also applications and software that can be used to create a work plan. Once the work plan is created it is very easy to know work progress.


4) Communicating with the coworkers


Coworkers fail to communicate frequently which may result in downfall.  Research of the 1970s says that communication decreases as distance increases; if the person is out of sight then they become out of mind. So it’s better to communicate with the coworker.


5) Being smart with the strategy


The Strategy is very important for a remote graphic designer. Being strategic and focused on the project goal helps to provide quality work to the clients. There must be weekly reviews via google hangouts or Skype to compensate for the lack of spontaneous hallway conversation. The Design should be frequently posted and shared on a wiki, blog, and social platforms.


6) Assembling tools


A graphic designer can rely on a wide assortment of the tools and setup but only a few selected tools help the designers working remotely. Adobe, Suite, Slack, can offer alternatives to the graphic designer. Amazon S3, Dropbox, Procreate, Basecamp, Google fonts, Wordmark It, Adobe Kuler, can be helpful to the designers. Making a list of tools that are necessary for a particular work can save time and keep one focused on the job assigned.


7) Setting and Managing Expectations


Not each and every project goes as planned and as a remote graphic designer, it is essential to establish expectations and control over them. Unforeseen events can occur anytime and precautious strategy to handle them can really help in the long run. Projects do not always go smoothly to completion, it is essential to be prepared for all kinds of outcomes.


8) Budgeting


Transparency of the work and the cost is essential on moral and economic grounds. Many times the quality of work is undervalued and for this, a graphic designer must set a budget. This helps the client and also helps the designer to grow, motivate, and compensate for the work.


9) Flexibility


Many times additional work comes in the project and as for the client and the remote graphic designer it is important to be flexible with the terms but one should be sure about being paid for the additional work.


10) Review


Posting all designed work on a shared space on a regular basis make others comment, criticize or give review about the work. Autodesk is a platform which creates an instant portal that links to all specification and design assets and after exploring one can give a review which turns out as personal as well as organizational growth.

This blooming career option can stretch furthermore and it looks hectic, follow these simple tips and enjoy being a designer within your own workspace.