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15 Promising Startups from the UK

15 promising startups from UK

“To start a company, any time is a good time.”

-Ron Conway, Noted Startup Investor

The modern world is totally influenced by technology and the UK has been recognized as one of Europe’s top hubs for tech startups. According to an estimate by Atomico’s State of European Tech Report, almost 30,000 tech start-ups have been funded and over 2,300 tech meetups have taken place in the UK in the past 5 years. The estimate also states that the UK homes 37% of Europe’s total unicorn companies.

Have a look at these 15 promising startups from the UK.

1. has been a consistent tech startup in the market since 2016. It is an AI-based company and it creates AI-powered bots and system for numerous industries. It also creates autonomous learning decision-making systems. The solutions created by Prowler has proved to be efficient and productive within finance, driverless vehicles and city infrastructures.


2. Cortexica

Cortexica is a London-based startup which provides AI solutions for businesses. The company offers one of the best image research solutions in the market. It also offers Computer Vision, which is hot-in-demand right now. Cortexica continues to develop its algorithms and supporting architecture to provide the latest responsive vision AI software and this is what makes the company a spearhead in the AI world.


3. Diffblue

The experts in AI and Machine learning from Oxford University founded Diffblue in 2016. Their products make use of AI correlation to automate all conventional coding tasks. The company has kept growing ever since its birth and now it builds other useful products using AI and machine learning to make the lives of software engineers easier.


4. is the first company to use AI solutions in the field of data analytics as a service. GP Bullhound has named Peak as one of the twenty-five fastest-growing tech companies. The proficient engineering team of the company creates data management services using technologies like AI, machine learning, and Big Data. Data analyzing ability is one of the key assets in business and Peak is working to provide companies with advanced analytical tools to help them stay competitive.


5. Attest

Attest is an expanding data analytics research platform which connects businesses to a network of a hundred million consumers in eighty countries globally. The company provides solutions which a brand can use to study the consumers’ behavior and build its marketing strategy on the basis of real-time market data which is interpreted by the advanced algorithms.


6. AimBrain

AimBrain is a popular startup in the field of biometric authentication. It operates through the application of voice, facial and behavior recognition to create authentication modules using extensive learning technology. AimBrain’s authentication solutions are mainly intended for prevention of fraud in the banking sector.


7. Wandera

Wandera is a startup founded in London. It is a cloud SaaS platform which enforces real-life mobile security to detect threats. It offers an unique solution for corporate devices which safeguards the users’ privacy. Therefore, enterprise IT can manage mobile threats including concession and unrestricted data usage. Wandera solutions also give them control with the help of machine learning tools and deep app insights for any mobile device.


8. Panaseer

Panaseer is another promising cybersecurity startup which makes use of Big Data technology for the development of custom enterprise security solutions. The Panaseer platform provides a comprehensive assessment of threats, risks and vulnerabilities by applying advanced analytics to security and organization’s business data. Panaseer’s position in the market of cybersecurity is rather stable.


9. Akoni

Akoni started as a small company developing cash management systems for mediocre businesses. The company now offers solutions based on data science and machine learning and provides the best currency rates by constantly monitoring and analyzing the market.


10. Aire

Aire explores Artificial Intelligence when it is applied to credit scoring. The company’s AI-based platform exploits algorithms to act as underwriters for people searching for various financial products like bank loans. The solution offered by Aire is beneficial for both the provider and the customer. Aire received its capital financing to pursue its research and development of AI-based products in 2017.


11. Automata

Automata is a London-based start up, founded in 2015, which aims to make robotics affordable and usable. The company employs RaaS, i.e., robotics-as-a-service, business model by consolidating robotics in everyday processes and workflows.


12. Oxbotica

Headquatered in Cowley, Oxford, Oxbotica is a promising autonomous vehicle software company. The company deals with the hot issue of technology enabling machines to navigate, comprehend and act in their specific environments. Using machine learning techniques and computer vision, the engineers of Oxbotica build autonomous vehicle control systems, self-driving vehicles and fleet management solutions.


13. Senseye

Senseye offers predictive maintenance solutions by the application of IoT and machine learning technologies. The company’s innovative software is used to collect and analyze data of industrial machinery which predicts eventual failure, thereby enabling maintenance cost savings and better operational processes.


14. Oxford VR

Oxford VR is a startup from the University of Oxford which concentrates on therapy issues by creating psychological treatments with the help of virtual reality technology. Since its birth in 2016, the company has made great progress with VR and a cognitive-behavioral therapy approach. Using the company’s solutions, the patients can find new ways of thinking and behavior with the help of self-regulated treatments by a virtual coach adapted to each condition.


15. Improbable

Improbable is a popular London-based startup which offers a comprehensive platform for creating virtual and alternative reality applications. One of their products, SpatialOS enables producing rich, feature-heavy virtual spaces for games and simulators. The company’s platform uses cloud computing to run its services, and this enables easy and cost-effective scaling and resource provisioning.


To conclude, I would like to say that startups are convulsing every industry vertical all over the globe and the UK homes an impressive number of them which makes a real impact on the economy revolutionizing the tech world. So, go out there and make your next great idea worth something.