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10 Terrible Mistakes You’re Making With Online Ad Campaign

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Online ad campaigns can be tricky. The internet has billions of users every day, so it’s only natural that it seems to be the perfect platform to simply place ads to get great results. Contrary to popular belief, there are several factors that can make or break an online ad campaign.

Consider this situation: You are running pay-per-click campaigns through search and social media platforms for your business. Though your ads are targeted at prospective customers, they aren’t fetching the revenue you had hoped. Or perhaps, your ads are doing alright, but you would like to take them a step further towards greater results.

Here are 10 Terrible Mistakes You’re Making With Online Ad Campaign which when fixed will give you brilliant results.

1) Choosing the wrong platform

Choosing the right platform is often the key to a successful online ad campaign. The biggest mistake you could make is to choose the platform that your audience uses most. Instead, pick the platform that best suits your product. Your aim should be to clearly advertise your product or service in a way that makes the most sense. For example, if you’re offering a service best explained through a video, YouTube ads may be the way to go.

2) Failing to diversify

Make sure you display your ads across multiple channels. Young consumers switch channel numerous times throughout the day. While your present channel may be performing fine, expanding to a multi-channel campaign will undoubtedly boost the potential reach of your advertising.

3) Having no call to action

An effective ad design will lead viewers to a decision on what to do. Always make sure that your online ad campaign has a specific instruction to follow. It could be as simple as “Click to learn more”. It is definitely important to allow people to see your brand across various channels, but having a proper call to action will solidify the purpose of your online ad campaign.

4) Ignoring your data

The advantage to running an online ad campaign is the provision of getting real time feedback. Do not make the mistake of ignoring this valuable information. The feedback gives you the details on engagement metrics, which ads are clicked and which are not and so on. This data will help in further modification of your advertisement so that it fetches the maximum possible revenue.

5) Mismanaging money

Be careful of both under-budgeting as well as wasting money. Advertisers often start with a small budget. While this is a safe option, a disproportionately small investment may undercut the success of your online ad campaign. Make sure your budget is enough to reach a considerable amount of your prospective consumers. However, you should also be careful not to publish ads on websites that do not attract much traffic. Track the effectiveness of your online ad campaign and drop advertisements on the websites that don’t deliver quality leads.

6) Not being viewer-friendly

Your online ad campaign should be able to capture the attention of your potential customers. The wrong way to do this is to use distracting and flashy texts, unexpected and imposing ads and other faux-pas. Instead, make your advertisement easy on the eyes. Let the consumer be drawn to your product or service in clean and elegant ad design. The aim is to simultaneously make your ad appear classy and user-friendly.

7) Poor placements

When you purchase advertising on a website, make sure you know where and how the ad will appear. Poor placement of your ads can undermine your growth and end up being a waste of money. Your advertisement should be visible to your potential consumers. Don’t forget to follow-up on your online ad campaign frequently as it will help you develop and modify your existing advertisements.

8) Spamming

Do not overwhelm your audience. Email marketing is an exceptionally useful tool. Make sure that you only market to people who have opted in to your mailings. Spamming will not reestablish the need for your product or service. Instead, unnecessary mailings will only ultimately hurt your business.

9) Stale advertising

A useful tip that leads to a successful online ad campaign is to change things up. The same old ad will not allow consumers to be intrigued or interested. While you can develop a trademark sign or slogan, try to switch up your usual theme for more fun and creative alternatives. 

10) Having too many specifics

While it is definitely possible to make your online ad campaign seem too general, the opposite is much more common. To avoid either, make sure that your ad falls in a safe in-between zone. Moreover, using too many specifics can discourage potential consumers. Having a slightly large target audience can do wonders for the overall outcome of your advertisements.

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