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Your Startup needs better Colours

colours for startups by draftss

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Competitive Landscape

Startups are trying to get through the competition and stand out at the top. Playing hard over the strategies, adjusting to the staggering market, and every other service they can, they have been working over to gain the market base and conquer the target market. But, during all this while, market has gone through some of the key transitions that have lead the marketing industry and business as a whole, to explore the new trends and aspects towards the goals and the heights beyond the predetermined boundaries every business aspires for.


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Colour Psychology

One of the many key transitions the corporate sector has been through in the past few decades and has evolved through is the process of digitalization with it comes to the incapable growth of the graphic design industry. All the new trends and opportunities which design industry has brought in the past decades have been exceptional and of great use for the world of small businesses and startups especially. But with the evolving graphic industry and the growing demand and need for good designs, it becomes more important for the clients a well to activate their basic knowledge and enhance the understanding of the customer psychology towards the kind of design preference and colors for sure. Human psychology tends to vary hugely upon the appealing effect of colors and may become one of the key factors in boosting the market scenario for the businesses. There is certainly more research to be completed regarding color patterns and the effect that they have on our minds. However, there is no doubt that colors do have some influence on the way we perceive certain things. When it comes to branding, a color scheme could potentially mean the difference between a sale, or a customer looking elsewhere. In fact, research has indicated that there is a 90% chance, that snap judgments about a product or business will be based on the colors that are being used.

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Men vs Women

But color selection isn’t going to be easy either. The preference surprisingly varies on the basis of different aspects of human beings. As per the findings by Joe Hallock, there lies a significant difference between the preference among genders when coming to the color selection. According to a study, there has been a significant favor for the blue color of both men and women while the brown color was the most disliked color by both men and women. Also it was observed that while the men liked the colors bold and bright, women on the other hand were more inclined towards soft colors.

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Colors have been also seen to depict the personality of the product or the service. For a powerful and strong featured product, bold and dark colors go a long way of combinations while soft colors rarely get into preference.

Therefore when you sell your next product or service, make sure your colors are appealing and logical enough to sell out your stock quickly while for making it happen.