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Why Are Your Favorite GIFs And Web Animation Important?

Watching the trajectory of Web Animation 

Don’t you get attracted to the lovely GIFs( Graphics Interchange Format )you see on any website? Well, they have a beauty of their own. All that moves or twinkles or appears as animated in pictures comes under the head of the web animation. In old times, only the one-dimensional pictures were used. Yet times are changing and web designers are experimenting with designs today. That’s how web animation came into being. 


Technology has nurtured to a point where a designer can create multiple animated pictures out of his/her imagination and creativity. These animations are not just limited to the cute little pictures but can be any animated illustration too.  However, the fact that one can make a lot of fancy web animation today, doesn’t mean that one should go ahead without thinking. Because while creating good animations, one should also take into account the bandwidth, compatibility with other devices etc. 

During the initial days of the World Wide Web, webpages were based on graphic design that was printed. However, some designers made an effort to include web animation to make them more attractive. One of the first additions of a GIF animation to a website was on Jeffrey Zeldman’s Batman Forever in 1995. 

The Batman Forever promo site was one of the most popular sites at the time. It inspired other web designers and developers to incorporate GIF web animation.

But now GIFs are everywhere.

Yet amidst all this, one needs to look at the benefits and advantages of using web animation in designing: 


Why is web animation crucial? 

  • Web animation on the face of it looks very moving and interesting. It holds the potential of capturing people’s attention longer than a static graphic. Web animations are also good at conveying an idea or concept more clearly and effectively. For say if a graph’s arrow moves from high to low, you will easily come to know that it’s decreasing. Excellent web animation also conveys a background story. This animation truly brings a lifeless thing to life. 


  • Web Animations are also proven to increase conversion rates. This happens owing to the 3-D nature of the designs. For example, the famous Web animation of Google is its mainstay. It was because of it that Google’s rates expanded. For this, you need to hire a good web designer who provides unlimited and best graphic designing services. Web animation should be smooth and meaningful. The web designer also needs to be aware of how the animation fits into the user experience and try to predict the conversion rates via it.

  • Animations are an interaction between the animated graphics and the customer/user. The animation also helps to explain simple processes since users can easily understand what to do via an animation. Animations also serve as navigation and provide useful information. While designing the animations, the web designers shouldn’t look at web animation from just a technical outlook. Rather, they need to look at it from the customer’s eyes. That’s how a true animation will be successful. 

  • There are basically 2 types of web animations. These are as follows:
  1. A static web animation, for example, a GIF animation.
  2. A dynamic web animation with user involvement.

Dynamic web animation is often used to present animated infographics on a website. This makes things easy for people to pay more attention to specific areas while scrolling the page. Besides that, it’s a very exotic medium to highlight the information. The best example of dynamic animation is a game that one plays. Or the cartoon that one watches. The usage of web animations can be not just in advertising but in animated movies too. This only means that the market for web animation is expanding. 

  • Today are the times, where everyone wants to do something exceptional to expand their business. Nowadays, we are trying to create eye-catching websites to create better conversions and click rates through users. This has created a competition in the graphic designing world. Animations play a fundamental role in these conversions. Animations are very useful in improving the UX/UI of a website or web app. Besides that, users not only feel attracted to these animated designs, but they appreciate the efforts that have been put in by the company in it. 


Altogether, animations are the most underrated type of graphic design. It’s usually thought that animation brings with itself a lot of hassle. Yet if you choose the right designing service, your animation can do wonders.