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Where to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities on Indiehacker

If you own a blog then you must know how hectic it must be to direct traffic into your blog website. With Google’s new and dynamic algorithms, making use of SEO is not easy. You need to constantly take care of your quality over the number of articles you post.

One of the chief ways to direct traffic into your website is to indulge in the guest blogging. It gives you the thrust you need directing traffic towards yourself which is very much required for the promotion and marketing of your products or services.

Wait, but what exactly is guest blogging?

This is a question that many viewers are probably wondering. In case you do not know, don’t be ashamed! After all, learning something new has no age limit or time limit. To answer your question, let us take an example. Suppose you find out that another company blog often shares similar content or are looking for something that you probably have an expertise in. Now, you may write as a guest writer for them, and include your company website in a link below the content. Now what you need to understand is that this works both ways. While your content is fetching more viewers to the blog you are guest blogging for, some of that traffic is also getting directed towards your blog or website!

Guest blogging allows you to create links to your own blogs and websites which directs the traffic from other established company websites into your own, such that your blogs can grow. But make sure you don’t put too many links in your guest article!

But how do I know where to guest blog?

Another important thing to be kept in mind is that you have to find out relevant blogs for which you may apply as a guest blogger. Normally, try to opt for those websites which are growing steadily, allows you to enter your name or introduction along with the content, this is important for marketing on your side.

It is best to adhere to the guest blogging rules the websites provide you with. Reach them out through social media with your content. In case they don’t respond you may send a follow up mail after 2 weeks. However, please don’t spam and look for other websites in case they don’t respond even after the follow-up.

Also, make sure the website you want to guest blog for allows guest blogging, and if they do, it’s best to adhere to their guest blogging guidelines. You may then share the blog as a promotional content into your website as well, once it gets approved and published!

Are there opportunities on Indiehacker?

Indie hacker is a great platform for startups and companies with struggling backgrounds who have made it despite all odds they faced. It is meant to inspire newbies and young company entrepreneurs who that they don’t give up despite the challenges thrown at them.

They have blogs where they allow you to comment and write guest blogs in order to promote digital marketing and it also enables you to create ads for yourself. So buckle up and start working on your blog writing, and start applying to an indie hacker website. Even if they are unable to post it, other websites often comment and give opportunities to guest bloggers!

Writing a guest blog does not entail you immediately get featured on another website or the traffic on your website shoots overnight. You have to provide quality content and the link you provide to your website will be visited. Therefore, you necessarily have to work on and improve the UX and UI to enable easy and smooth navigation. Draftss is a company who can provide you with solutions to these along with graphic design services for your website. So give them a visit as well!