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Visualization Of User Experience (UX) Results


When considering visualization of UX Design studies outcomes, many human beings will routinely have a picture of a graph in mind. Many studies’ outcomes benefit from a graph-like visualization, displaying developments and anomalies. But this is especially proper for outcomes from quantitative person studies. Graphs are frequently now no longer the first-class manner to talk the outcomes from qualitative person studies strategies inclusive of interviews or observations. Frequently, the variety of members in those sorts of studies is just too low to create significant graphs.

Moreover, the insights that may need to talk about from time to time don’t translate to an easy variety. Let’s display the ways to visualize UX Design greater subjective and fuzzy information from qualitative person studies strategies, in a manner that communicates the crucial insights to other stakeholders, so that they don’t ought to battle through voluminous studies reports.

User Research components

User Research Attempts Overview

When sharing consequences from qualitative user research attempts, the maximum focus is on specializing and developing knowledge for the lives humans lead, the responsibilities that they want to fulfill, and the interactions they ought to impact with a purpose to obtain what they want or need to do.

This holds whether or not the use of the studies with inside the starting stages of a design process, or the use of it with inside the final stages (knowledge of how properly a design is assembling its targets). Depending on the humans around, (the design members or a client) and the kind of knowledge, deep empathy for the user needs, or a worldwide feeling for the information wherein a product can be used, deciding what kind of visualization fits consequences determine the best.

UX Design Definition

User experience (UX) refers to any conversation a person has with a product or service. UX design considers every detail that shapes this experience, the way it makes the person feel, and how clean it’s far for the person to perform their preferred tasks.

Types of User Experience

  • Qualitative UX studies affect descriptive information which seems extra at how human beings suppose and feel. It facilitates locating users’ critiques, problems, reasons, and motivations.
  • Quantitative UX studies, on the alternative hand, typically produces numerical information that may be measured and analyzed by searching extra on the statistics. Quantitative information is used to quantify the critiques and behaviors of users.

UX Design-A real thing

Impact of Visualization with User experience (UX) Design

Imagine numerous interviews carried out with people out of the goal team. overworked and concerned casual caregivers of seniors with early symptoms and dementia. They have shared a few vital facts, concerning the fears with a brand new product that’s speculated to be extra unbiased with inside the care for their cherished ones.

Facts Concerning New Product

A thematic analysis method with plenty of Post-it notes is applicable whilst the branding new product. The Post-it notes ended us storing the feel of the data, and also observed 4 classes of fears. These are applicable to recall. These facts include while designing the brand new product:

  • modifications with inside the relationship,
  • a consistent feeling of worrying,
  • lack of competencies, and lack of private time.

It is essential to share the insights along with the design team—so that everybody is at the identical web page and maintains the design technique with an equal degree of empathy for this fragile goal group. Here, by displaying 3 levels of approaches in visualizing UX Design the consequences which are lots extra effective.

Affinity Diagram With UX Design

The management team or goal team’s four important fears have come to conclusion by the use of Post-it notes. The Post-it notes are based on the thematic evaluation technique. A recommendable visualization technique is an affinity diagram in UX Design.

How Post-it Notes works

A separate Post-it has been created from the notes taken during the interviews and again written on Post-it notesBased on the similarities between the post-it notes, they are reorganized and themes are created. There’s an awesome quantity of data gift inside the diagram of UX Design, an evaluation tool. However, to give higher displays to the insights that need to communicate, these diagram has to be clean up.

Discover quickly determining the kinds that need to replicate the 4 important fears. To invite self what pieces of data will assist fellow designers and clients apprehend what those fears entail. The pieces of information that helped normal designers to understand what these fears entail in users’ lives will come to light. The frequent occurrence of fear and the trigger for the fear and the insights to reduce the fear will also be considered. All this data will already be a gift inside the Post-it notes accumulated inside a theme.

Visualize With diagram

Simply clear out the maximum essential ones, and gift them in a clean and visually attractive manner to house the humans who are reachable or contactable. Also, sometimes to make a few observations well illustrate them with pics or drawings or use quotes or keywords. The photo below suggests what an affinity diagram of UX Design for this motive may want to appear like.

Affinity diagram - UX Design

In addition, an affinity diagram depicts the costs from person studies across the 4 maximum, not unusual place fears. A picture inside the historical past of this affinity diagram could assist enliven the review and inspire empathy. This picture displays the details of the person in context.

Empathy Map UX Design

An empathy map is a tremendous manner to create a clean review of four fundamental fears.  The designers ought to cognizant of a good way to benefit empathy for our goal group. It is about what people said, did think, and felt.

Similarly, this is applicable for our patron inside the case of casual caregivers—the management team of a healthcare organization. They may have a few preconceptions primarily based totally on the same old interactions they have got with the goal group.

The empathy map can cause discussion inside that control crew and pressure them to confess that they regularly have to alter their perspective. However, in healthcare, specialists sense that they could talk for the affected person or their family, as their important process is to attend to them. Generally, they tend to forget that they simplest have a limited view of their lives. Consequently won’t recognize all their desires in addition to what they might want for a design process.

What is empathy mapping?

Express With A Diagram

The qualitative User Research helps to create an empathy map primarily based totally on the findings from interviews,  undergoing notes, and different substances. For every quadrant or every cognizance area, synthesize the proper insights primarily based totally on them.  Inside the picture below, the ensuing empathy map attracts identical information because the created affinity diagram communicates exclusive insights. Both visualizations may be applicable in our design case.

User Journey Map In UX Design

The design case that we used to demonstrate the way to visualize qualitative user study outcomes is the User Journey Map. 


To assist casual caregivers of seniors with moderate dementia signs found the results are greater unbiased with a brand new product.  In addition, the patron is the control group of the healthcare organization who worries about those seniors. The casual caregivers offer their care in a way that its context has more likelihood. What is applicable for outcomes isn’t always the honest solutions to those questions, however, additionally the drift that they invent at some point of the lives of those casual caregivers. 

For example, realizing the caregivers take care of their patients properly in advance or disrupting humans is critical (through sports). Besides, a very effective manner to talk this gently through the years entails creating a person’s journey map.

Exploring User Journey map

The purchaser journey map turned into observed in the image below indicates 1 day. Select this era in line with what makes the experience on the project. In fact, from time to time per week or a month could be greater appropriate. Also, map out the stairs worried about looking after a senior on a regular day. By developing separate paths for emotional factors, utilized extensively on the empathy map.

User Journey Map Improving UX.


Furthermore, the modern-day providers imply any touchpoints. Moreover, they supply by means of the healthcare organization, or any other entity worried.

Focus on displaying the motion of a consumer through exceptional touchpoints throughout the day. Besides, the way the consumer feels approximately every interplay on that adventure. Finally, one ought to be capable of talk to the group and the customer. It should be about interactions that ought to change or disappear or be introduced.


Information Visualization is a powerful way to deal with impart the impacts of subjective individual examinations on kindred creators or the customer. There are 3 kinds of visualizations one may utilize. Affinity diagram outlines look like records examination impacts most, notwithstanding, the impacts have to be changed and brought to the table more prominent coherence to the individuals who need to perceive the experiences. Empathy maps convey objective market an extraordinary survey of 4 relevant places of individual agreement: what people say, do, think, and feel. At long last, User journey maps present individual float after some time. Utilize those 3 perceptions perspective with the guide of utilizing viewpoint to evoke the profound sensation of compassion. Thereby, it will convey the design task to the ensuing level.