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Unlimited Graphic Design Update – May 2021

The graphic designing industry is growing at a very fast pace and Draftss has been playing an essential role in the growth. With unlimited graphic design packages and services, Draftss has created a name and goodwill for itself which has helped the clients to become better. Not just with the outlook and the branding of the clients, Draftss has also helped its clients to convey themselves better to their customers and thus make a long-lasting impression. Let’s have a look at what did Draftss work upon in the month of May for its clients.

Logo Designs

Logos make up for an important part of a brand. One of the first things to consider while making a brand is how will it look. It is also essential as to what will the customers of the brand associate themselves with. Thus, logos become a go-to symbol for the customers to recognize and associate themselves with. Draftss, with its highly specialized designers, has been developing logos for various brands to help them get a better outlook before their clients. From dark and vibrant ones to sophisticated and minimalistic ones, Draftss continues to do it all.

Have a look at this beautiful and sophisticated logo designed for a client. Not just one, but two concepts of the same design were developed to offer the client multiple concepts and make sure that the requirement is met with the most suitable option. With two different color themes, sampling of how the logo would look on the real and actual particulars, as well as what would the basis of the brand while using the logo, here are the two alternatives that Draftss offered.




























For another brand, which proudly associated itself with Draftss as a partner, Prospectss had to have a logo that is attractive as well as which conveys the message of the basic services provided by the brand at the same time. With two amazing color concepts, here are the two alternatives. The design itself showcases, Prospectss lets you communicate and outreach in a better way.


The vibrant and brightly colored designs we just mentioned can easily be seen in the designs below. They are highly attractive and engaging. The logo was designed in a number of concepts to help the client choose the best of the options that work out for the concept of the business and the services. Unlimited graphic design service at Draftss thus helps you get more with less. More of the output value with less of the cost involved.

3D Icons

While depicting a thing, activity, or process, icons play a huge role. They help to convey the information in pictorial form. They resemble information, meaning, and instigate a visual thought for the aspect in conversation or focus. Here are some of the samples that Draftss designed for multiple purposes but with one motto – to have not just good but great designs.








Human illustrations are very helpful to convey the information a human performing an activity. This helps the complete aspect to look less text-oriented. It also at the same time also supports the understanding of the text aligned with the illustration. Thus, it engages the user very much with the information. It also makes the section more informative taking less time and effort.

Winding Up

Just like we did in May, we are going to do in all the coming months for a number of more clients. You can be the one and get to avail of great services. Availing of our great services is not a difficult task but an easy one. Our affordable pricing and flexible models make it even more easy and lucrative. Have a look at our best prices here and subscribe to a package that suits your needs. With a full-fledged team of amazing graphic designers, Draftss equips each of its clients with a dedicated project manager to assist the process too. Let not your brand lag behind.