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From Around The Web: 20 Fabulous Infographics About Startup

creative infographic design for founders and startups to communicate complex data in a simple manner

Are you the founder of a brand new startup? Do you think you have an idea that will turn into the next Snapchat or Facebook? Well, thousands of other founders are in the same boat. Just having an incredible idea does not make you a successful entrepreneur. You have to get the most out of yourself and your employees to be a successful entrepreneur. For that, you need to keep yourself innovative, motivated and determined all the time. We have shortlisted some infographics which will motivate you and place you on the right track to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Here is a list of 20 handpicked fabulous infographics about startups and entrepreneurship that will have picked across hundreds of infographics across the internet. These infographic designs will help you become a successful entrepreneur.

1. Adioma

Credits: Adioma

The bloggers at Adioma created this infographic to help you estimate how much it will cost you to start your business. Most of the time, all you need to spend on are the basic needs of your startup, i.e, people and places.

2. VideoHive

Credits: VideoHive

The infographic above was created by VideoHive. In case you want to spread the word about your startup, this picture will help you understand how to do it. It will help you introduce your business to potential customers.

3. Successories

Credits: Successories

According to bloggers at Successories, it is really essential that you keep all your customers engaged in your business all the time. Hence, they created this infographic, telling you how you can increase engagement.

4. Get Healthy U

Credits: Get Healthy U

In his book, Elon Musk has said that most of the successful executives find some time in their busy schedule to stay active. Get Healthy U has created this infographic, stating how staying fit provides a spark and helps brighten the rest of the day.

5. IBM

Credits: IBM

This infographic has been created by IBM. Experts at IBM say that to be a successful entrepreneur in this digital age, you must understand the essential role data plays in building a successful company.

6. Clarity

Credits: Clarity

Many entrepreneurs struggle during the initial stage after starting their businesses. They tend to focus on valuation instead of sales or customer service. So, Clarity has created this infographic to make you understand that although shooting for the best is admirable, the point of a business is to make a profit.

7. Lifehack

Credits: Lifehack

Lifehack has created this catchy infographic, stating the importance of breaks at work. Taking just a couple of minutes to gather yourself and daydream can lead to a very productive day.

8. Visage

Credits: Visage

Any plot for world domination – of purely entrepreneurial variety – is not complete without a solid business plan. That’s why, Visage has created this infographic, explaining how you should plan your business.

9. Digital Splash Media

Caption: Digital Splash Media

The above infographic has been created by Digital Splash Media. This is a simple infographic which illustrates what goes on during a Startup Weekend event.

10. RFclipart

Credits: RFclipart

To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to understand the concept of a startup carefully. Designers at RFclipart have made this amazing infographic, describing the various aspects involved in a startup.

11. Pinterest

Credits: Pinterest

This infographic has been created by a Pinterest user, whose page is called Visualistan. The picture clearly shows all the important statistics you need to know for a successful startup in Los Angeles.

12. Visual.ly

Credits: Visual.ly

Before laying foundations of your startup, you need to research on various aspects like capital requirement, profitability, your targets and the location. Through this infographic, created by Visual.ly, you get to know about all of them at once.

13. SlideShare

Credits: SlideShare

The above infographic has been created by designers at SlideShare. It is quite an useful infographic for all the rookie entrepreneurs out there as it warns them about some of the mistakes they are bound to make during the early stages of their startups.

14. AB Dev Labs

Credits: AB Dev Labs

This infographic has been created by Funders and Founders and shared with AB Dev Labs. On close observation, you can see all the things you need to do and endure during the initial phase of your startup.

15. Serious Startups

Credits: Serious Startups

This is a very simple and easy-to-understand infographic, created by the designers at Serious Startups. The picture lists all the advantages and disadvantages of a startup.

16. Adioma

Credits: Adioma

Here, we have another infographic by Funders and Founders, this time shared with Adioma. As the picture states, it shows you how to make money the startup way, i.e, it shows all the processes you have to go through so that your startup brings enough profit.

17. Synapse Marketing Solutions

Credits: Synapse Marketing Solutions

This is a self-analytical infographic by Synapse Marketing Solutions, describing the basic anatomy of their company when they first started. Through this, aspiring entrepreneurs can get some clues about how to get their startup right on the track.

18. Follow My Vote

Credits: Follow My Vote

The above infographic has been created by the designers at Follow My Vote. It simply explains three key points to a successful startup, according to the experts.

19. Visual.ly

Credits: Visual.ly

Here’s another significant infographic, made by the innovative designers at Visual.ly. It is very useful because it states all the possible reasons why a startup might fail. Hence, the picture helps both the novice and expert entrepreneurs to avoid such situations.

20. Serious Startups

Credits: Serious Startups

This catchy startup has been designed by Serious Startups. In case you are having trouble engaging investors for your startup, you should definitely have a look at this infographic.

So, these were the top infographics which we think will help you on your mission to become a successful entrepreneur. If you have come across other ones which will be helpful for your fellow entrepreneurs, do not hesitate to share them in the comments section below!