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Time To Redesign Your Website

unlimited designing your website with latest trends and technology advancements

In the era of digitalization and internet traffic, there lies no reason for a business to disagree with the importance of digital presence. Whichever segment your products and services lie in or from whichever place you operate your business, the first place your customer visits you is at your digital office, i.e. your website.

To flaunt your products and services, to let your customers know about your business, to persuade them into and make them use your products and services, you need a strong showcase. Businesses with better showcasing have better chances to get more customers for themselves. Is your website showcasing a strong business proposition? Let’s find out.

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Entering into the world may be difficult initially but maintaining the presence in this world well maybe more than the previous difficult every time. Redesigning your website may become a hectic task for you without having a graphic designer by your side. Lack of proper guidance and poor designing may make your business lag behind in the overhaul and therefore, below are the reasons why you need a redesign locked up into your priority list.

Landing Page Design

Your website may become the first thing your customers would come across. Would you still keep that digital office below anything else on your priority list? Your website may convey a lot about you and the visitor may go without even letting you persuade the visitor towards your services. Optimize your website better with keeping the content to the minimal, the graphics apt and relevant to your proposition & your CTAs at easily accessible places for the customers to buy your products and services when they are confident about buying on your website.

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Excellent User Experience & User Interface

Old and out-dated graphics interface may become one of the top reasons to make your website lose the interest of your potential customers and visitors. If the visitors don’t like your site, they won’t use your site. Good graphics and attractive features may add up to your credibility and influence the visitors in browsing your website and converting them into prospective customers. With a great UX/UI your customers can even refer your website within their circle which may lead to a word of mouth marketing.

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Fast & Light Website Loading

Slow and steady does not always win the race and in the world of technological advances, the one never wins the race. The overloaded graphic designs may hook your website speed back and won’t let your visitors access the content smoothly. Including sufficient designs is necessary but overloading may hit the strategy back upon you and would cause a great failure. Your website needs to be quick in loading on all platforms and devices in the shortest time possible. The quicker, the better, so besides using fewer graphics on your website, you can also optimize the content and code, add expires headers and enable cache.

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Responsive Design: Desktop vs Mobile

Have you ever thought about how different your website may look on the two screens? Desktop oriented web pages may render the growth of the website to the large target audience waiting for your web pages to load on their mobile screens. At present you will find that internet accessibility worldwide has led to more mobile devices compared to desktop devices. If your website isn’t responsive for mobile phones, it’s like living in the old-age. Most of the e-commerce purchase takes place via phones. So if you are not present on mobile in responsive modes, you are missing out on a chunk of customers who can be prospective customers or referrers to more traffic.

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Next time when you visit your website, make sure it’s updated and well-enforced with the latest technological advancements and better designs. A great website comprises of fast loading speed, eye-catching designs, mobile responsive & a fantastic user experience. For achieving any of the above, Draftss.com is there to help you with all your website needs.