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Steps To Develop A Winning Brand Positioning Strategy

What is Brand Positioning?

Brand positioning is the process of making the position of your brand in the mind of your customers. It is more than a tagline or a fancy logo. It is a strategy that is used to set your company unique from other companies.

This process allows any company to make itself stand out in the competition. This helps in increment of brand awareness and communicate your value and justify your price to the customers all of which are very important for great conversion rate.

There are several kinds of brand positioning strategies. Some of the strategies are –

  • Customer Service Positioning Strategy
  • Convenience-Based Positioning Strategy
  • Price-Based Positioning Strategy
  • Quality-Based Positioning Strategy

A step-by-step guide to successful brand positioning

Steps to have a great brand positioning

  1. Analyze your current brand positioning

This is very important to initiate developing a better brand Positioning. You will need to know if your current marketing of the product is similar to other items on the market? Are you making any distinction from your competitors?

You can start by considering your target customers and exactly defining who they are. Your current brand positioning provides a crucial inside to where your next target will be. It will also help you understand your competition.

  1. Know competitors of your product

After evaluating yourself it is very important to know about your competition by performing a competitor analysis. You will need to conduct research and understand what can you modify in your strategy to gain that extra edge.

There are various methods to determine your competition. One of the techniques is to conduct market research. You can work with your sales team and to search using a market keyword and know about the top companies which are your competitor. Also, you can ask customers to provide feedback. You can also use social media platforms where consumers can do questions and answers about the products and services of Companies. You can research the position of your competition.

  1. Conduct competition research

After you have determined the competitors of a company then it is time to conduct in-depth research of the competitor companies. You will need to understand how your competition is trying to position their brand. This will help you complete it in a better manner. You can include many points in your research. However, some of the points that you must include are –

  • What products or services your competitors offer
  • Their strengths and weaknesses
  • What marketing strategies they’re using successfully
  • Their position is in the current market
  1. Identify what makes your brand unique.

Building a great Grand is all about the identification of differences between your competitors and what feeds best for your business. As per the suggestions of Chmielewska, “Start by defining what ‘effective’ really means for your brand after this you can start to work on this to create your brand Positioning.”

When you start conducting research you will be able to observe patterns. You know that some businesses have some weaknesses and some strengths and when you compare your products and services you will find that one of their weakness is your strength. This weakness of there’s is something that will make your brand unique. You need to capitalize on this to have the best brand positioning for your company.

  1. Make your positioning statement

Now is the time to take whatever you have learned from your previous sister and make a brand positioning statement. There are four questions that you need to find answers to before you start to build your positioning statement –

  • What’s your product or service category?
  • What’s the greatest benefit of your product or service?
  • Who is your target customer?
  • What’s the proof of that benefit?

According to the statement by the cult branding company, “A positioning statement is a one- or two-sentence declaration that establishes your brand’s uniqueness to your customers in relation to your main competitors.”

It might take a bit of time to position your brand to appeal to some customers list of however once your positioning statement is created you can test on it experiment and gather feedback from your customer base on the fact that if your statement is achieving the goals or not.

  1. Create an emotional bond with prospects and customers

Bonding with your prospects on a physical level before going in for the cell builds a kind of trust and helps your prospect to have a better experience with your company’s brand. For instance, at initial sales processes, the description should take most of the time to understand the prospects and what issues they are looking forward to and trying to solve in using your product.

  1. Strengthen your brand’s differentiating qualities during the sales processes

Along with a strong brand position in differentiating your qualities that made your company stand out is very important. It must be easy to understand and refer two for the common customers. Ensure that the customers must have full knowledge of what makes your brand unique during the sales process.

  1. Create the value

You must focus on helping your customers to solve problems and overcome challenges that they are facing during their experience. Ensure that your company is offering is part of the solution. This way you can create a better position for your company in the minds of users. You can also have customer care service 24/7. This way your customers can connect with you in any situation they face with your product or services.

  1. Make sure that the customer-facing employees of your company have complete knowledge of your company

Customer-facing employees are a pivotal part of your brand positioning strategies. They are the ambassadors of your company. Every customer should receive an experience that focuses on the core values of your company and is in sync with your policies. For instance, if your company takes a light and fun approach to branding you must have integrated this language or behavior in your conversations regarding sales. Having a very serious and stiff tone will not be effective for your brand.


These are the steps that you need to follow to build the best brand positioning strategy for your company. You can modify the steps as per your preferences because every single company needs a customized brand positioning strategy that suits the purposes.