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Socialize your Startup

social media designs for your startup


In the era of digitalization, we are surrounded by information. It comes from anywhere and everywhere to a single screen. The traffic internet is observing stands at an all-time high and shows no sign to fall down in the near future. It, in turn, has provided a good base for the businesses and startups to reach out to a broader base of their customers with an influential concept and ease, businesses from their sideshow no less effort to attract the target base.

Social Media

Believe it or not, one of the fastest-growing media platforms has surpassed every other to stand out. The rise and reach social media has provided and continues to provide has left no stone unturned to attract the advertising industry from traditional marketing towards itself. The growth in a number of platforms and the network it has developed has been exceptional. But to the concern for businesses revolving around these networks and social media platforms to reach out to their customer base, it’s all about influence and what the customer base wants.


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Design Industry

The design industry has been surpassing all heights to discover the new horizons of the technology as well as visual aids. Since the era of traditional and now digital marketing, the constant stands tall. The customer base is observed to have been lured and attracted to the diverse colors of the industry. With all the services put forward towards them around a small canvas, designing has added flavors to social media marketing and has made its great contribution in the decisive part of the marketing strategies. Also to our astonishment, an overall of 90% is observed to enter our brains through visual sensory and this clearly marks the importance of marketing and designing put together.


People want to do business with you because you help them get what they want and this is what designing has done for the industry, to showcase the best and appropriate. The race towards the best is long and consistent and the journey to achieve it is longer. While social media has created a good reach for the businesses to the target base, designing has pulled over the base tight and quick. Designing itself has become a phenomenon in marketing and letting the customer base know and recognize you.


Types of Visual Contents


Original graphics and attractive illustrations can make a huge difference when it comes to attracting customers and standing out of the ordinary.

Here’s a unique example for a snacks business:

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Videos & GIFs

The reach and involvement videos and GIFs have provided have stood unbeatable and continues to increase. Social media algorithms and the engagement possibilities have been creating the utmost platform for the video content and have made a great contribution.


Attractive and well-framed pictures with appropriate composition and effects help catch the eyes of the targeted customer base and increase the reach and engagement factor.

And therefore it has become one of the most essential parts of a business to grow and expand. Reaching a larger customer base is no rocket science in the world where almost everyone has a digital presence over a platform of social media providing a platform for small businesses to grow with no boundaries but at the same time won’t be so easy while going without a proper graphic design and fighting over the algorithms of these social platforms.