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Six Steps To Design Unique Infographics For Your Business


There is a lot of content available out there, and with so much content, the number of engagements is seemingly declining. Although the engagement is decreasing, the company needs to keep up the engagement level, anyhow. They have to increase the quality of their content, be it a blog post, or an infographic, or a podcast too. Relevant and valuable content is in high demand, along with its uniqueness. Infographics are also a type of content, and it can do a lot to any business, if worked on properly. But before that, it is essential to know why infographics are so important?

As compared to other contents, Infographics are more clear, compelling, and it is represented artistically!

Usually, it becomes impossible for a viewer to navigate all the countless lines and statistics, both in written form or in an excel sheet.

Hence to catch the attention, it is important to work on the content, and that can be done by creating high-quality content. Most of the businesses don’t create an infographic; instead, they copy and paste random text, and just shed out the information. 

Below given step will not only help you to design a valuable and great infographic, but also it will stand out and will get the expected attention: 

Jot up a plan to create an unforgettable infographic

This is the very first stage, where the creator has to think about what the infographic will be all about. Over here, it is essential to understand all the business processes and a way to communicate it to the audience. 

One can also keep an eye on competitors’ approach over content development. And at this stage, it is important to learn and consider your audience’s perspective and how they will understand or evaluate your infographic. 

There are also different aesthetics to look after, before creating an infographic, like elements, color, fonts, etc. 

Address all the essential questions while planning an unforgettable infographic.


Collect all the essential data

After jotting up all your plans to create an infographic, it is essential to research and collect all the requisites. Track all your sources and list it down, so that you can use it while building your infographic. 


Try to add up as many stats as you can, because numbers are quite compelling to read. 

Try to make sure that all the data in the infographic will be interesting to read or view from every perspective. 


Decide your Infographic conversation piece 

Once all the information is gathered, summarized, and synthesized, the very next step is to move forward to create an impressive infographic piece. 

One can tweak letters and pictures in their infographic to make it better, or else it will be another garbage in the sea of garbage. Later, identify a hook, and develop a piece of information that can grab the viewer’s attention at a single glance.

Identify all the factors that can make your infographic unique and try to address all the problems at this stage itself.


Decide your infographic layout

After all the research, now you are all set to go for deciding your infographics layout. Only the layout will determine the goal of your infographic. 

There are few standard layouts to choose from like a graph which will help to show data, heavy image infographic, which will help to display great stories with different characters. One can even make use of timelines and flowcharts to show changes occurring and processes too. 

Yet another best layout for an infographic can be side by side comparisons and sample lists to give the audience options about your product or service.


Whatever layout you choose, just make sure the content displayed is factual, and it should be delivered clearly to the audience.

The audience should not face any struggle while reading or analyzing your data and try to use a symmetrical grid for your design.


Finalize your infographic and start designing!

YOU’RE NOW ALL SET TO DESIGN YOUR INFOGRAPHIC! After all the groundwork, at this stage, you are required to choose a color scheme and elements relevant to your data. 


While the general rule is to use just three main colors and two accent colors, but one can do it either way too!

Keep your infographic vibrant and engaging with the help of the colors, but play safely while choosing a combination. Learn the visual hierarchy and try to represent all the data along with it.


You are now all set to share the amazing infographic!

Being a shareable content, infographics can be shared with a broad number of audiences. One can even make most out of their infographic by embedding social sharing buttons, but it should be visual by the viewer. 

Share it on Pinterest, as the repin feature of this app works well for sharing. As you have put a good time in making this infographic, it should be reached to a better audience.


One can make their infographic on their own or can hire a designer. It’s suggested to build an infographic at first on your own, but if you have a business purpose behind building an infographic, then surely hiring a designer can bring out best for you. There are many designers out there with abundant professional experience in creating infographics, Draftss is also an agency that can work well as they have a team of professionals, and the pricing is also decent.