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One Stop Guide to “Business Card Design” – Your First Impression

If you are thinking that physical business cards have gone out of vogue and now is the age of only digital connection, you might not be familiar with what the new age designs and colours have brought to the business card designing industry. To say it short a good business card design can start a conversation. What a conversation means is that a small piece of paper or cardboard can take your brand and business to fame and glory.

You might be wondering how that can be achieved. Well, my friend today’s your lucky day and you are herein for a treat to your eyes. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the coolest ideas available in the market that can help you design your business card and in turn bring you success.

Minimalist designs:

75 Minimal Business Cards Designs for Inspiration | Business card ...

100+ Beautiful, Creative and Minimal Business Cards

If you are looking for a minimalist design with a limited creativity, the above designs will give you an idea how it can be achieved. The font used in these designs have been kept simple and clear. The logo of the company is shown on one side of the card and the name and contact information on the other side. The graphic creativity has been kept limited to the company’s logo placement and design.

Laser-cut designs:

Custom Die cut business card / cut out business card / Die cutting ...

30+ Business Card Design Ideas That Will Get Everyone Talking

Getting your business cards laser-cut offers a great piece of design. This new feature is a great conversation starter. Such eye catching designs can take the name of your brand a lot further. Being a piece of art in itself with such bespoke designs, they are highly unlikely to end up in the bin with other business cards.

Unique shape designs:

Business Card Design: Lady Bon Bon | High End Graphic Design

Bonafide >> Food Truck Branding and graphic design | Custom food ...

Pin auf Business Card Design

Changing the shape of your cards can greatly impact the way people receiving it will feel for your brand. By going the unconventional way of changing the shape of the business cards, a small piece of paper can become a thing of beauty. It can also communicate to your clients the uniqueness your business can bring on the table. The above designs of a cupcake, a truck and a leaf can work as a natural definition of your business, in this case a bakery, a food truck and an environmentally sensitive construction respectively.

Geometrical shapes designs:

Corporate business card with colorful geometric shapes psd file ...

Geometric shapes business cards free vector download (35,747 Free ...

Abstract colorful business card template | Free Vector

Geometrical shapes adds a great feature to the design of the business cards. With colours imbued in it they look simple yet attractive. They give the card an elegant look. The colours used in the design can be the same as what is used in the logo design of your company.

Black card designs:

My personal business card design. Front side - Black in color ...

The World's Best Photos of namecard and white - Flickr Hive Mind

Black coloured business cards are much in vogue these days are are quite versatile. Just the thought of not taking the common base colour ‘white’ gives the client an impression that the way you do your business is unique. It packs with itself a sense of class, aristocracy and boldness. With the use of black base colour, the designer can draw up for you a range of stylish cards.

Golden colour designs:

1507-black-760gsm-business-card - CREATIVE PROJECTS AUS

Luxury Gold Foil Black Card Business Card Customized Name Card ...

The use of Golden colour can give your clients an impression and evoke feeling of royalty, exclusivity and strength. This bold design choice can make your card stand out among your competitors. Graphic design services available in the market can offer you multiple templates and even unique designs in this category.

Witty business card designs:

25 Creative and Funny Business Cards

30 Of The Most Creative Business Cards Ever | Bored Panda


Nowadays witty and humorous designs can offer a great eye catching feature on your business cards. This is a bold move that has been born from ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and is a great way of telling a story. The client who receives such cards will definitely show them to other people of their business circle and “Voila!”, you have got an automatic publicity tool in the palm of your hands. The designer designing such cards uses a range of different tools like unique cutting, colour choices, icons, clip art, quirky one liners and even origami.

Line drawings cards:

business cards Wallnuts by Esther on Dribbble

LOVE the line drawing on this card. = serious + organic nature ...

Business Card Design by Morgan Brewer (Parsons) on Dribbble

A simple line drawn by an artist is capable of saying a lot of things. Line drawing designs on business cards offered by graphic design services are a piece of art in itself. The above images of business cards speaks for themselves. The mural designing firm’s business card has various icons made from lines which symbolizes the murals made by an artist. The architect’s card here is another great piece of design which shows a building’s line drawing and beautifully emerging lines running to the edge of the card. The last example of a bridal makeup artist’s card shows a single line that emerges from the edge of the card and turns into an image of lips in the middle and then again moving to the edge of the card.

What we learned so far:

A good business card design can start a conversation and starting a conversation is considered to be a great marketing strategy. The choice of colour, font, shape, cut, imagery, icons and design of the card, all play a major role in making your card stand out among your business competitors. Unlimited graphic design services offered by design companies is a great investment for your business. They can help you find and select the most suitable and stylish design for your business cards. A great idea could be to hire such services in making unique cards for you and all your employees which can narrate your business story.