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Manage Your Startup With These 16 Apps

manage your startup with these 15 productivity apps

Are you a startup founder or maybe a small business owner? Well then, I bet that you are not a fan of accounting and business expense tracking. Nevertheless, you just cannot afford to have an unproductive day. Your ability to make the correct choices, to spend just the right amount of time on the right tasks and to execute the right procedures plays an important role in the success of your startup.

To make your job easier, you can use any or all of the apps/tools listed below which provide you with a wide range of solutions like scanning receipts, clearing bills from the finance department and so on.

1. Fyle

Fyle is an intelligent expense management application that can be used to create expense reports on mobile and website, reconciliation of credit card and it also facilitates convenient processing for your finance team. Employees can create expense reports in one click after they track receipts.

Is Fyle available for free? No, Fyle is available at $8.99 per month. However, there are other plans available for this app.

You can check them out here:

2. Shoeboxed

Shoeboxed is another handy expense management tool. You can use its receipt scanning and expense tracking features to convert a receipt to a data. You can also organize receipts and business cards and even create and track expense reports using Shoeboxed.

At what price is Shoeboxed available? Well, Shoeboxed has three plans, namely – Startup, Professional, and Business.

Go on and compare them here:

3. Basecamp

Basecamp is a web-based project management tool for your business. It is very user-friendly. You can use Basecamp for creating and organizing projects, associating with your team members, clients or partners and tracking your progress until your project is complete.

Is Basecamp available for free? No, you need to purchase Basecamp at $99 per month.

You can compare this against pricing of other similar tools here:

4. Tallie

Tallie is one of the most popular expense tracking apps available out there. It allows you to streamline your entire business expense tracking procedure, i.e., from purchasing to accounting to remuneration. Through its SaaS features, Tallie can also be used to manage expenses and have internal control and visibility.

Now, this popular tool is available at just $9 per month.

You can check out Tallie pricing here:

5. Slack

Slack is a tool that can be used to simplify or clarify communication across the entire team. With Slack, your team’s entire communication is immediate and in one place. All of it is synchronized and hosted in the cloud, therefore, conversations can be retrieved from the web or any smart device.

Is Slack available for free? Well, Slack offers three plans – Free, Standard and Plus.

You can compare the pricing here:

6. LastPass

LastPass is the most used password management app. It is user-friendly and can be used by anyone to store all your passwords in one place, so that next time you don’t have to go through the trouble of remembering your password. LastPass can also autofill passwords for you whenever you visit a site that you have already visited before. I, myself, use this app and I don’t even own a start-up. So, yes, LastPass is THAT easy to use.

For those of you wondering about the pricing of this app, don’t you worry because, besides the Free plan, LastPass offers Premium and Families plans which cost $3 and $4 per month respectively.

You can check them out here:

7. Trello

Trello is a helpful project management app that can be used to get a substantial amount of work done in a quick time. It makes tracking and management of project progress a lot simpler for you and everyone else involved because it is a visual-focused web application.

Is Trello available for free? Yes, it is. Trello also offers Business Class and Enterprise plans which can be purchased at $9.99 and $20.83 per month respectively.

Trello pricing can be compared here:

8. RescueTime

RescueTime is a well-received time tracking app which can be used to track the amount of time you naturally spend on websites and applications. This will give you a precise picture of your day. The app runs securely on the background on a computer or mobile device and gives you detailed records and data based on your activity.

How much does RescueTime cost? RescueTime is more or less cheap because the Lite version is free and the Premium version costs $9 per month.

Check it out here:

9. Evernote Business

Evernote Business is a cooperative hub for your team to apprehend, develop and launch projects with business notebooks. The app can be used to share knowledge and resources across your total company.

Is Evernote Business available for free? Well, it offers you three plans – Basic, Premium, and Business. The Basic plan is Free and Premium and Business plans can be purchased at $2.73 and $4.99 per month respectively.

The detailed pricing of these plans can be found here:

10. Certify

Certify is a good Invoice, Travel and expense management tool. It can be used for managing the expense reports, creating self-regulated expense reports and also booking your travels. You can also use it to approve or refuse business receipts quickly.

At what price can I get this app? Certify is quite cheap as it starts at $8 per month. It offers two more plans – Professional and Enterprise.

You can have a look at them here:

11. Concur

Concur is a web-based expense management tool that you can use to control expenditures around business travels. This app also allows you to book your upcoming business travel and streamline and accelerate the amount payable for the process.

Is Concur available for free? Yes, Concur does have a Free plan. It also offers two more plans – Standard and Professional, which start at $8 per report.

Detailed Concur pricing is given over here:

12. KinHR

Want to manage all your HR tasks and responsibilities efficiently as your startup grows? KinHR is your solution. Your entire team is bound to enjoy using this app because KinHR will be managing on-boarding, employee files and data and time off in an online exchange.

Is KinHR available for free? No, but it is cheap because it can be purchased just at $5 per month.

You can check out KinHR pricing here:

13. Wave

Wave is one of the most popular business expense tracking tools. Wave allows you to keep track of your business expenses easily, send your invoices directly and maintain and balance your account logs.

Is Wave available for free? Yes! Wave is free.

Check it out here:

14. HelloSign

HelloSign is a web-based application that can be used to quickly, easily and securely accrue eSignatures for your Startup. This means users can sign on your site directly with the embedded signing feature.

Is HelloSign available for free? HelloSign offers three planes, namely – Free, Pro and Business. Pro and Business plans can be purchased at $13 and $40 per month respectively.

HelloSign pricing can be compared here:

15. Yesware

Yesware is a popular app that simplifies the process of email management. It can be used to track opened messages, automate the procedure of following up with clients and team members and schedule emails to be sent at the right time.

How much does Yesware cost? Well, Yesware offers three plans – Pro, Premium, and Enterprise which cost $12, $25 and $55 per month respectively.

You can check these plans here:

16. Hunter


Hunter is an online tool for finding and validating work email addresses, based on the company domain. Users can search for people by name and domain within the web interface, or use a Google Chrome extension to find/validate email addresses associated with the company website they’re browsing.

How much does the Hunter cost? The free version allows 50 requests (aka searches) per month; paid versions allow for 1K-50K requests per month, plus the ability to export email addresses in a CSV file.

To conclude, I would say just go and scout the apps/tools which satisfy the specific needs of your startup. And if you have already used a different helpful tool, without any hesitation, tell us about it in the comments section below. We would love to hear how it helped your startup grow better.

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Right Inbox

Right Inbox is a Gmail extension that supercharges your emailing efforts. Spend less time in your inbox and more time on the important parts of your business. More than 250,000+ professionals have added Right Inbox to Gmail for next-level email productivity. Right Inbox allows you to send email follow ups, track email opens and set up email templates.
How much does Right Inbox cost? Right Inbox offers a free plan with limited capabilities. Paid plans start at $5.95 a month.
Check it out here –

Bonus Tool: ContactOut

ContactOut is a powerful Google Chrome extension that finds any LinkedIn users’ email addresses and other contact details, including their phone numbers and social media profiles. What it does is that it adds an overlay to your prospects’ LinkedIn profiles that practically reveals their contact details and provides you with a tool to find their work emails. ContactOut also provides you with access to a dashboard that lets you search for contacts that are not available in LinkedIn.

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You can try ContactOut for free here: