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Learn To Break The Rules Of Graphic Design

Graphic design has been gaining worldwide popularity wherever designs and promotion are concerned. You might be wondering why. This is mainly due to two reasons. First of all, Internet access is extremely popular nowadays and most of the people can access a large amount of data anytime. Your designs would reach out to a larger audience and persuade a larger set of potential clients. The second point is that since graphic design colours are brighter and there is no loss in quality due to printing, it appeals to the masses a great deal.

While it is true that for providing quality draining styles, you need to learn the essentials of graphic designing techniques, however, sometimes it is also worthwhile in taking a break out of the normal stereotype of designs and try something out of the box. Here are certain tips that will help you in breaking the stereotypical rules of graphic designing and what’s more? You might create more unique and creative designs by yourself!

Have some preset goals in mind

It is always better to have a preset goal in your mind regarding any design. Even though it may not always be possible to get the same exact design that you had planned, but sometimes checking out other designs and taking ideas from them is not exactly cheating, albeit just make sure that you do not copy it entirely. You are only allowed to take an idea.

Having a preset goal helps you to stay focused and sort out the design you can create.

You may check out works of professionals to get an idea of what works best and what doesn’t.

Lettering skills

Who said it always has to be the images that are designing styles? No honestly, your font style and lettering designs, in other words, your typography play an important role as well. Sometimes your letters can create an entire mood in itself. If you use the comical font style then readers often get the impression at a glance that you might be writing about something humorous. On the other hand, when you use a chilly font it often means you are going to talk about something scary.

Compare this font with the next image.
Do you notice the shift in the mood the two fonts create?

Other than mood you may also use different words to create unique designs by manipulating the dimensions or the shape of writing.

Sometimes the best designs are nothing but words manipulated in structures and form.

Explore contrasts and bright colors

Sometimes breaking out of the box entails you do something you normally would not do. You can always experiment and push the limits towards what can you do further. If you are normally using monochrome then maybe you can try to recreate that same design with colours as well. Try and add contrasts in your graphic design colours in your designing styles.

You can always start with small steps towards adding some contest in your colours.
Sometimes experimentation can lead you to heights never reached before.

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