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Launching Your Next Affiliate Marketing Campaign

What is an Affiliate Marketing Program?

Affiliate marketing can be defined as that advertising model or activity that can be done to promote the services or the products of someone else’s company, through a particular affiliate link, and a commission too can be earned with it. In short, it is the online tactic in which, the compensation by the company is provided to a third party publisher who, through these affiliate links generates traffic or leads to the particular product or service that the company has for its targeted group of customers.

Who is an Affiliate Marketer?

An affiliate marketer can be described as a salesperson of the company. To make the product of a particular company sell and earn the rewards through it, can be the main motive of the affiliate marketer. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that an affiliate marketer can be more profitable than a salesperson because a typical salesperson has limited companies under him. While for the affiliate marketer, the scope becomes wider, in terms of services, products, and targeted customers, which in turn increase the range of rewards, revenues, and commission. In this situation, a person as an affiliate marketer can earn in various ways. It includes Pay-per-click, Pay-per-lead, Pay-per-scale. Here, it is the relationship of the sellers or the producers/manufacturers, the advertisers, i.e the affiliate marketers, and the final consumer.

How does an Affiliate Marketing Campaign Work?

  1. Researching and finding a company or a product that you think according to you can be promoted. Then choose a product or service in such a way that it becomes easier for you to exhibit your marketing skills. Perfect knowledge regarding the product is also a must for any affiliate marketing campaign.
  2. Then joining the affiliate marketing program to partner with the company serves an important function here.
  3. Then initiate the gaining of the unique affiliate ID from the merchant or the company.
  4. Generation of leads from the two sets of customers takes place.
  5. Then consider the best channels for lead generation for further buying and selling of the product or service.
  6. Generation of leads can come into effect more sustainably in order to initiate the growth of the business. Can you scale an affiliate marketing in terms of quality as well as cost? Or you need to do certain more actions? Here, the payouts are according to the KPIs and then start at a lower cost. Once, the partners or affiliate marketers are able to satisfy the targeted consumer group, payouts increase themselves.

Ways to Launch an Affiliate Marketing Program/Campaign

  1. It is time to make some critical decisions regarding the platforms. In this case, first of all, provide a real-time dashboard to the affiliates or the partners. It helps them to monitor and lead the status of earnings, that is can be displayed on the dashboard.
  2. Choose a particular niche. Choose it very specifically! This is because the marketer has to acquire each and every knowledge regarding the product, niche, or service, to resolve the queries of the customer.
  3. You need to find a great and absolutely correct affiliate program. Do it to ensure the convenience of the marketer.
  4. The creation of an affiliate website then takes place. Website here acquires certain steps that include the following: First of all, the Domain name or address of the website is created. secondly, Website hosting is done.   
  5. The creation of great content that will help in attracting the consumer group is helpful here in this case.
  6. Driving traffic to the website, attracting the customer group attracts more and more revenue or commission.
  7. Affiliate links must get clicks. The main objective here at this step is the promotion of the affiliate links through an affiliate generation program. Firstly create third-party affiliate dashboards. Secondly, furnish all the tax and information regarding the payment. Thirdly, after making 3 sales, for example, amazon reviews the account. As they approve the account the work becomes simpler.
  8. Conversion of these links to sales. The promotion of the links is a must to get and attract more and more customers. It increases the over-all commission or revenue.
  9. Last but not the least, you need to monitor the KPIs closely. They provide a glimpse of Cost per lead comparisons, Conversion rates for affiliate channels, segments, and individual affiliates, Cost and time of conversions, and a lot more.

Example Campaign Set-up:

Useful Affiliate marketing tools are Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Tool, Keyword Spy, Buzzsumo, Adcomparator, Buffer, CoSchedule Headline Analyzer, Bit.Ly, Google Campaign URL Builder, MailChimp, etc

  1. Sign-up for the amazon affiliate program.
  2. Go to amazon.
  3. Click through to become an affiliate link.
  4. Click on the learn more link to see get a glimpse of the program and thumb rules.
  5. Make sure that you read each and every piece of information well.
  6. Then sign up. 

Here you go with the launch of your next affiliate marketing program! Draftss launched its affiliate marketing program too inline with the campaigns in the industry and is accepting applications from the people interested in becoming an affiliate marketer for its services. It allows you to access the application form through the footer of its website and has some exciting benefits to be offered to people who successfully manage to become great affiliates with resourceful collaborations for Draftss.