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Landing Page Vs. Home Page – The Correct Way To Bring In The Audience.

While dealing with digital marketing, terms like a landing page and the home page is used more often. And most of the clients try to interrogate about this specific term only. 

And it’s not their fault too, because a landing page is identical to the homepage, but there are some key differences, which many of them ignore.

The main objective of the homepage is to inspire the visitor to be on the website and go through almost all the pages of the site to find the information they were searching for. 

However, a landing page is built to satisfy the informational need of a customer related to a single product or service. 

Building a landing page is much complex, as it has to attract the eye of the viewer at very first glance, and the conversion should happen, or else it just fails!


4 Significant Difference Between Landing Page And An Homepage:

Purpose and Target Audience:

As mentioned previously, the main difference between both of the pages is the target audience. 

As in the name itself, the landing page refers to space where someone lands after clicking on an ad. This ad might be of a shoe a person has seen in any social media. By clicking on that ad, the page on which he has landed is stated as a landing page. 

This mostly happens with paid search apps. And it has been noticed by many of us, by now. Whatever we search on the search engine, at the very next moment, there are lots of ads displayed related to that product itself.

For example, if you are looking for graphic designers near me, then there will be lots of ads displayed on your phone about the graphic designers in your area. 

The only purpose of these digital ads is to target specific demographics, which can help with the conversion rate. 

Hence, the landing page has to be tailored by the type of the audience watching it.  

In landing page designing, organic traffic doesn’t really matter; what just matters is the content that would help to push the conversion rate. 

In short, one can get traffic and boost sales by the landing page itself, whereas the homepage is also essential as it connects the customer to the company. 



As mentioned earlier, the landing page just has a goal to convert the traffic, whereas a home page needs to wear lots of hats. 

The homepage covers a navigation bar, along with some links of social media accounts in the footer, and also links to help the visitor to interact with the website. 

On the other hand, a landing page doesn’t have any navigation. It has just the primary goal to make the conversion, and just not create any distractions. 



The content on both the landing page and home page differs a lot. The information on the homepage might be similar to the landing page, but the landing page just promotes the product and the service. 

Unlike the organic traffic of the homepage, landing page knows what search terms have brought the visitor to visit your page. Hence the landing page should be specific to those searches and ads only.

For example, if a person searches for a graphic design agency near me, and clicks the agency’s ad, then they will be directed towards the landing page of that specific search and not the homepage. This landing page will cover all the essential questions like, Why are your agency is the best choice? What kind of offer do you have for specific graphics? What is the cost of graphic design?

Hence a landing page covers more target audiences than the homepage!


Call To Action:

The landing page is often action-oriented, and this is one of the most substantial differences between a landing page and a homepage page. In simpler words, landing pages always have some type of Call-to-Action (CTA) to encourage the viewers to do some action.

This CTA may cover actionable content like, ‘call us now’ or ‘get started today’ or even ‘buy the subscription!’ 

Moreover, on the landing page, if there is any offer related to the search, it’s displayed there, to boost the conversion. For example, ‘buy the subscription now and get an instant 10% discount’. This makes the customer more special, and they tend to take action instantly.

Whereas a homepage never really have strong CTA, they do have it, but it’s not so healthy for the conversion, and it’s absolutely okay! The website is often used as a resource for the audience as a whole. 



Home Page has lots of information, sources, and links covered in it because the company has to put all the essential information at its site as a resource to their potential customers. 

Also, the landing page covers a specific message, related content; it is highly focused on a customer. The primary purpose is to convert and generate leads by increasing the sign-up, prompting calls, or initiating a chat with the targeted customer. One can even say that it is a simplified yet more concise version of a homepage along with a specific call-to-action.

Hence it requires lots of patience and dedication to built both the pages. Professionally, one can take the help of agencies who have good knowledge about creating landing pages and homepages. Draftss have a team of designers working individually in building unique pages for their customers, and with tremendous success, they can be the best choice!!