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Key Elements Of Magazine Design Layout – Let’s Find It

The worth of the global magazine publishing industry is around 100 billion dollars and it is ever-growing. This directly reflects the popularity of these magazine design layouts. These read by a huge population of the world. This fact alone is enough to understand the need for effective magazine layout design. Designing the layout of different magazines regularly is a very difficult task. Here are the most important elements of a magazine page design. If you are planning to publish a magazine design layout for you or your client’s business then you will need to understand the contents of this article.


It is one of the most important elements of a magazine design layout. it can be of a variety of sizes but the size should be bigger than that of the Other text components of the page. the headline needs to be very interesting meaningful and it must be attractive enough to attract more users. Having an attractive heading of your article increases your chance to be read by common users greatly. A good headline is very critical for the growth of your business.

An introductory paragraph

It is also known as intro, deck, or stand first. An introductory paragraph is the main matter of the content that introduces a common reader to your article. It carries the attention gained by the headline to make users read the whole article. It is connecting links to the main article ensuring that the reader’s transition into the main article is very smooth. It is also used to set the tone of the article and sometimes even summarizes the entire article. As for the font size, it is smaller than the font size of the headline. In some cases, it can be a little bit bolder and slightly bigger than the main article.

Body / Body Text / Body Copy

This is the longest and detailed part of the magazine design layout. It should be containing information about whatever summarized in the heading and first introductory paragraph. A well-written body text must contain information about every aspect mentioned in the headline and the introductory paragraph. An excellent body can keep the reader engage in the article for a longer period and mostly until the end of the article.
magazine design layout
When somebody starts to design the magazine layout designing must start with the designing of the body copy. It is necessary to initiate from here because it takes most of the space in the article and you must have the right margins in the terms of columns and rows to improve the readability of your article. It should also note that the length of the body copy should be almost constant in all the articles of a magazine.


You must be acknowledging the individuals and the teams that are working on an article. Generally, the author’s name mentioned under the article headline and is also known as a byline. It has to write in the same font size as the body copy font size.

Subheadline / subheading

These are very useful in Breaking any article into several sections and compartments. This provides better navigation to the article for the new readers. It can also write in the same font used for body copy. However, it must stand out from the body copy as well so you can make it gold so it looks like a mini reading or headline full staff also keep in mind that you must not place and subheading below and image for a quote in an article.

Pull Quotes

They can generally offer a different dimension to your article in a magazine. These can make your article look more interesting. It helps in converting your message to The Reader and if they integrated with the images then they become very useful. You can have them in your body portion or you can also summarise a few points in your body in different words and do this by using different quotes. In practical situations, the font size and the type of font used for these are different from the font of the body so that they can stand out from the rest of your body.

Captions for Images

This needs to be written in a way that is in sync with the image that’s used in the article. A caption used to describe the image and generally, they are placed below the image. The font size of the image captions can be the same as the body however the size sometimes can use a bit smaller than the normal body font size.

Section head or running head

All the magazine articles do not need running head but some of the articles might need it. They are present at the top of the page of the magazine and helps the users in easy navigation of the article. Running head needs to design very creatively so that it looks good and because they are present on every page of the magazine so the readers can see them more frequently. Hence they need to be very attractive to increase your user base.


Designed in a way that does not enjoy leaders who looked on every page of the magazine. It is the way to arrange sheets of paper in your magazine by holding them in a certain manner. This should handle with cautiousness especially when your magazine has articles containing images. This could be very annoying for any reader to have folios present on these pages.

Box copy

This box contains some important facts and information related to the topic of the article that a reader must keep in mind while reading a magazine article. They could contain statics, dates, or anything factual in nature that is important for the article. These small pieces of information present in a box to catch the attention of a reader is a good way to increase the popularity of your magazine.
These are some of the key elements of a magazine article designing that you need to keep in mind to create a better version of your magazine.