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How to Provide Good Feedback To Your Graphic Designer

provide good feedback to your graphic designer

It is a general thinking that designers do not take orders. It is also suggested that clients should try not to tell the graphic designer how they can do their job. But there is always constructive good feedback to your graphic designer-client relationship. Some designers feel underrated when they do not get a dialogue with clients. There are various methods regarding how to provide good feedback to your graphic designer without hampering the way of their working. These methods will help you have a better conversation with your software designer so we can provide you with better content for your company. These ways are given below –

Both of the individuals needs to be on the same page

Before giving anything back you and your graphic designer must have a clear picture of the thing you are evaluating. There are many questions that you need to ask yourself and you need to have a clear picture when suggesting changes to your designer. These can include if you are looking at the whole design, or just the feel of the design or logo, if your suggestions related to an adjustment of color schemes or font choices, and most important if you have concerns related to message and branding or the images used. Always review the whole work before providing any suggestions. Keep an eye for placeholder images for content and have a clear understanding of the whole project.

Bad impact – “What are your thoughts ?”, “I like it.”

Good effect –  “Firstly, let us look and feel the brochure. Do you think it summaries the message you were trying to give?”

“ Most of the part is great. However, there are some issues with the outer look which is an integral part of our brand. Can you take a look into this matter?”

provide good feedback to your graphic designer

Be direct and honest

Both of you are professionals, and generally, no design has all the components so perfect that you don’t want to change a thing in it. So you need to provide positive and provide good feedback to your graphic designer and not being rude to your designer is not suggested. The designer spent their time working on the design for your company.

Bad way – Yeah, I guess the design will work.”

Good way – “This design is in the accordance with the thought process, and I appreciate how much effort has been put in researching competitors. However, this looks way too similar to our competitors. Differentiation from them is much appreciated?”

Don’t use the word “like”

This is very important to not use the word “like” while providing good feedback to your designer. There is no need for you to like the design if the design achieves the business missions then it is a great design. Try to keep in mind this when you are providing input to your designer.

Bad way – “I like that color!”

Good: “ This font is a great choice for heading, I think it will appeal to the customers the ways the company wants.”

Leave your tastes for your home

provide good feedback to your graphic designer

Try not to have a personal bias while deciding design. Remember that alone the present and is a separate entity with its mission and needs. Try to be in accordance with the goals and needs of the company.

Bad impact – “I don’t like blue color altogether. I hate blueberries.”

Good way – “Although I don’t like this blue, our company stands for trust, loyalty, and security. Does this blue signifies those?”

Ask questions, many of them

If you are not sure then about ask about it. There are no stupid questions. However, try to constrain yourself from asking questions during presentations and provide good feedback to your graphic designer. This should be done in a space where both of you are completely comfortable having a dialogue and not answerable to anybody else.

Bad impact – “….”

Good way – “ What is the difference between RGB and CYMK again?”

Be the problem maker, not the solver

As a client, it is your responsibility to provide clear problems for your designer. The job design is to find solutions to your problems. Try not to provide solutions to them. Just simply, tell your designer about the issue regarding the design and you should trust them to fix it properly.  Try not to give perspective suggestions.

Bad impact – “Can you shift the button up and to the right? And make it smaller? And silver?”

Good: “I’m worried that people will get distracted by big buttons. What are your recommendations for making it more justified?”

Reference the design brief as much as you can.

There is nothing like excellent and provide good feedback to your graphic designer that emphasize your company goals at the same time the need of your customers. Bad feedbacks are those which are subjective and prescriptive.

Bad impact – “These colors and serious photos seem very boring. Like my thinking, bright, colorful images would be appropriate here.

Good way – “As per our brief, we wanted the design that will appeal more to the target audience. Working professionals who are in their 50’s and 60’s, making over $250,000 a year. I’m not sure that these images will work for them.”

Do not try and comp

It is very irritating when they try to design compliments and say that it is exactly what they are looking for. It is very tempting to use. But don’t use this in any case. Try to leave designing to the professionals and try to not interfere in their work. If you must, give some examples, outside designs that will provide some impression that you’d like, and explain what is the better aspect of your example.

Bad way – “I made an example to give you an insight of what I’m looking for!”

Good way – “Since our target market is technologically advanced and know what’s new, we would like the website to be more trendy and ‘airy’ with a lot of white space. The kind of like design how Apple or eBay are doing theirs.”

Wrapping Up

These are some of the tips that you can follow to ensure that you are not over criticizing your designer and the designer still wants to use his creative mind for the betterment of your company. Be humble and try not to interfere in their work and provide good feedback to your graphic designer to ensure that the designers are not feeling left out. Draftss also helps the clients to make the process of providing feedback even easier by offering a number of tools and video recording software programs that make it more efficient and effective.