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How to Design for a particular Target Audience

People unconsciously form their opinion about a brand they come in contact with every day through search or marketing. Winning over the target audience should be the main priority for any brand as they are the sole contributors to reaching your dreams. One must use common techniques that always work like using the right font, typography, style, and imagery utilized and placed at locations that help users to easily navigate through your platform.


Knowing your target audience from the start is beneficial as you already know where and how to concentrate about. If you fail to set up a target audience then your productivity will always be in decline. Every businessman wants his product to be seen by everyone but not everyone is interested. Narrowing your circle to a small group of people will increase your sales and help you become a prominent aspect of that particular sector. Depending upon your product your target audience might be more or less. For instance, if you sell clothes then you will have a huge target audience as men, women and children all buy clothes but if you were to sell clothes for just women then you will have a much smaller target audience comparatively.

If you are starting from scratch then an extra audience doesn’t mean more revenue for you as there is huge competition in products that have high sales. On the other hand, if you sell for a particular audience you might earn more as you can focus on these people rather than the whole market. Knowing your target audience is the most crucial part of success.

During designing, the designer should question himself, “Who am I designing for? “. Once you get your target audience research about, What is their age? What location are they from? What kind of design will suit them the most? If you achieve to answer all of these questions perfectly then you’ve won over your target audience.

7 Ways to design as the Target Audiences view :

Discovering your target audience can be an easy task if you analyze and understand them. One should try to think like their target audience if you want to make an enormous impression. Here are 7 ways to help you design for a particular target audience.

1: Visual appeal will never be enough :

Typography is the art of providing human language in a durable visual form. People can use or design custom typography for their brands as it is a great way to show their brand identity. Font size and Layout also play a crucial role in finding your true font. The type of Typography used should be constant as this would help in creating brand identity. Don’t use many fonts as it may look unprofessional and affect the aesthetic look of your page.

To get Corporate feel use serif fonts while sans-serif fonts can be used for a modern look. If you’re designing for kids go with a font that is easy on the eye.



2: Choice of Colours :

Colours make your design more pleasant and increase your chance of success. The best choice of colours can make a long-lasting effect on the viewers. So take your time before choosing your colours. Learn about the type of colours your target audience finds most interesting. If implemented properly this will help in easy navigation and create make your brand more recognizable to your target audience.


COlour pallete


The key to choose the best color is by experimenting with them. Let all your creativity out and don’t settle unless you feel satisfied with your choice.

3: Optimize for small screens :

In this day and age, the use of smartphone is increasing daily. People have access to a smartphone rather than a computer as it is easily available, compact and cheap. Keeping this in mind you should optimize your design for smartphones if you want more people to know about your brand. Some website features look and work great on computers but fail on smartphones.

Note that it is better to go for a professional designer to design your website instead of yourself. The optimizing website can be a difficult task and expert help is required to solve them. Hire a designer for your designing needs if you face difficulty in making your design.

4: Learn from your competitors :

Every successful businessman has at least once tried to copy their competitors. Observing your competitor can give you insights into how to mould your design to get a better output.

Don’t copy them but instead analyze their design, typography, layout, colour use and navigation. Doing this will also help you in avoiding the mistakes they made with their design. Learn, adapt and change to stay one step ahead of your competitors.


target audience problems

5: Content is KING :

A good design with poor content will never be an audience favourite. If you implement all the points mentioned above and still don’t work on your content, your efforts will be vain. Depending upon the type of your target audience try and to maintain a friendly tone in your content. Lame content can make your viewer jump to a different website and lead to a loss of interest in them for your brand. Make them feel that this text was written just for them. Make a relationship with your audience.

crucial target audience

6: Get in the buyer’s shoe :

Design according to different types of buyers persona. Imagine how they would feel if they land at your website Consider the options about how they would find you and your Master Plan to break the ice. Knowing the user preferences would help you in designing your website accordingly. Ask your friends or anyone who can visit your website/app and give you honest feedback. A great design is always from a user’s perspective and not yours.

What exactly do you want your customer to see when he lands on your website?

7: Change your personal preferences :

If something works for you it doesn’t need to work for them. You may find an element interesting and flashy but if it’s not used in the market and people don’t like it then it’s not good for your brand. While designing your focus should be on the customer’s end and not yours. The target audience should be able to connect and relate to your brand. If your design is appealing then it will make your brand more likeable.

Now that you know how to design for your target audience you can set your goals and plans to make the most of your viewers. Create designs that will have a long-lasting impression on the viewer and make them familiar with your brand. Create exceptional designs that both you and your target audience will love.

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